Heavy battle between government forces in Baidoa leaves 4 dead, including deputy chief of police of Bay region.


A battle that ensued between Somali government forces in Baidoa has left at least four people dead including the deputy police chief of the Bay region.

Eyewitnesses at the scene reported that the battle took place just outside Baidoa’s police headquarters, where forces belonging to the Somali military clashed with those belonging to the police force in a fierce gunfight that lasted for almost half an hour.

The exact causes for the battle remain unknown yet, however various sources report that today’s battle was linked with recent ongoing conferences held by two opposing parties, both which desire to create autonomous states but differ on the number of regions to include.

It was two days ago when a conference held in Baido led by elders announced the creation of a “six region” autonomous state, which according to them includes Bay, Bakol, Gedo, Lower & Middle Jubbas and the Lower Shabelle provinces. The attendees elected former minister and well known politician Madobe Nuno as their president. However another opposing group backed by the Somali government denounced this announcement and deemed it “illegitimate”.

Today’s unfortunate battle led to the deaths of four people and left a number of people injured, amongst those who were declared dead was the deputy chief of police in the Bay region, Col. Nishow “Kurtun” Aden.

This event has escalated the already fragile situation in Baidoa further, with many residents now fearing that other battles could erupt.