THE SAUDI CABLES“Somalia will be divided between Kenya and Ethiopia”

This cable isn’t dated but it originated from the Saudi embassy in Djibouti as the letter head clearly states. I imagine it is part of a bigger document/letter, so if you come across it, send it my way. The authenticity of these cables have been confirmed by a number of journalists.

Here, I provide a translation of a single page. I have also provided the Arabic original. I have only translated the really juicy bits (as I don’t have all the time in the world). Shout out to @AbdihakimAinte for bringing my attention to this.



And he didn’t hide his annoyance regarding what was going on between the Prime Minister Abdi-Weli Muhammed and the regional President Abdul-Rahman Muhammed Faroole and Ambassador Augustine Mahiga, the UN’s man in Somalia. And he described him as being the merchant of the Somali conflict, who was aiming to institute power-sharing in the incoming government by dissolving the current parliament and calling for a re-election of 225 members who would be chosen (so as) to ensure that the AbdiWeli is elected President and Faroole as a Prime Minister.

Regarding external meddling/s: that it is complicated matter and that Somalia has become a fertile ground for the interest of a lot of countries.  At the current moment in time, there are a number of countries in Somalia, some of whom have noticeable pull. Their roles are as such:

The Kenyan role: They’ve been active in the country for a long time, they’ve trained a group of young men from the areas surrounding Kismayo in Kenya. They saw this as a means of winning themselves allies in the region. In recent months, it has entered Somalia and advanced 100 miles into Somali lands with the excuse that it is helping Somalia Federal Government fight terrorism. It is rumoured that Italy stands with Kenya on this. There are plans to divide Somalia into four regions: two belonging to Kenya and two to Ethiopia [could also be read as under the influence of].

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