Ethiopia Top Military Officers Land In Kismayu Amid Plans To Deploy Forces In Jubbaland


Ethiopia’s Defence Ministry is in final preparations of deploying part of its forces in Jubbaland to fight alongside their AMISOM counterparts.

Senior Ethiopian Military officials from the country’s Defence ministry arrived in Kismayu on Sunday 20th September 2015 ahead of an anticipated Ethiopian forces deployment in the area and held diplomatic talks with Jubbaland’s interior minister Mohamed Faarah Warsame and his Social affairs colleague Maalim Mohamed Ibrahim.

Up to 950 Ethiopian soldiers will join AMISOM’s sector II in Jubbaland territories. The troops will arrive in Kismayu starting next week.

Al Shabaab has staged a serious of attacks on several territories within Southern Somalia. The latest attack which occurred early Friday  18th September 2015 at a military base in the Yaq-Bariweyne area about 100 kilometres south of the capital Mogadishu claimed a number of soldiers in the Somali National Army.

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