The Nairobi Embassy & former Ambassador Mohamed Ali Nur “Americo”


The Nairobi Embassy 70. Previous reports have detailed misappropriation within Somalia’s foreign embassies (see, for example, S/2012/544, paras. 18-21 and S/2013/413, paras. 72-73). The Monitoring Group is concerned by evidence of serious irregularities occurring at the Somali Embassy in Nairobi, under former Ambassador Mohamed Ali Nur “Americo”.41 Between January 2014 and April 2015, the Embassy collected $960,836 in fees for over 7,500 Somali passports and emergency travel documents.42 During the same period, only $486,258 was remitted to the Ministry of the Interior account at the Central Bank in Mogadishu, leaving $474,578 unaccounted for.43 The Group is also concerned about a donation of $1 million from the Government of China in 2013, of which $479,314 was remitted to the Central Bank, and the remaining $517,686 allegedly paid in legal fees to the Nairobi-based law firm Ibrahim, Issack & Company (see annex 3.2).

71. According to a former Somali diplomat, 10 days prior to the Ambassador’s departure from the Embassy, a team of information technology specialists were called in to remove sensitive information from the office computers, while hard copies of documentation were systematically destroyed. 44 The Monitoring Group is encouraged by the decision of the new Somali Ambassador to Kenya, Jamal Hassan, who took office on 4 August 2015, to conduct an independent audit of the Embassy’s accounts and also to install tight financial discipline (see annex 3.2).

41 “Americo” was recalled to Mogadishu in April 2015, having served as Ambassador in Kenya since 2004. 42 Applicants are required to pay a combined fee of $130 and K Sh 2,000 (approximately $20) into accounts held at the branch of Transnational Bank in Nairobi. 43 The Nairobi Embassy is allocated $49,200 from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs account at the Central Bank every quarter to cover operational costs. According to the Minister of Finance any other funds collected by embassies should be transferred to the Central Bank, in the Single Treasury Account. 44 According to the former Somali diplomat, the team was called to run updates on the computers. 45 This process would comply with a Ministry of Finance directive of February 2014 which required all Government revenue to be deposited in the Treasury Single Account at the Central Bank of Somalia.