Fighting a social arsonist and cancer of Ethiopia: TPLF

To all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia!

by Dejenie A. Lakew (Ph.D.)

Ethiopia is reached to a critical political time in its history, fighting for its existence, an enemy from within, a social arsonist group and a cancer called Tigray’s People Liberation Front with an acronym TPLF. With the help of fool individuals from different ethnic background who have neither proper education nor political astuteness and vision, first to know the sinister motives of this group and second to understand all the necessary conditions for the country to exist, develop and prosper.

TPLF officials of the Ethiopian regime

Existence is one of the fundamental properties of matter and those which do not exist have no properties and behaviors to see, detect, study and do search for. It is only those which exist seek and deserve research and study to benefit mankind. Thus the primary and fundamental thing for a human society is to make a place called a country to exist and if that does not happen then they are refugees, laborers, wanderers that live and die in the streets, trenches, oceans and deserts of faraway and unknown lands.

Ethiopians of that historical country, the country that stood to remain the beacon of hope to all those who suffered the yolks of colonialism and other forms of injustices do not deserve to lose their country by simply being sheepish and foolish by TPLF and its acts of divisions that reach to the point of no common element and reason to remain one as a country. There is no any reason of doubt that is left to understand and clearly know the deep motive behind TPLF, after it started to divide an indivisible unit of the country, Gondar – the symbol of unity, culture, art and collective governance of the Ethiopian psyche by creating a social arson of Kimant and Amhara while they both are one people.

TPLF and its foolish hoodlum gun holders from other ethnic background make a very temporal living like animals of no conscience, robe lands of poor farmers and sale for high bidders for high revenue of luxury, divide people by ethnicity and by any parameter that is available at their disposal to keep the society apart, since a society that is divided is easy to either manipulate or force to accept rules and run a rule of serfdom and slavery.

It is a timely call to all Ethiopians and people of Ethiopian origin, farmers, business people, students, teachers, university professors, doctors, engineers and members of the army to stand together and defend this open attack on the existence of the country and fight the visible invisible enemy of distraction of our country before it becomes too late to do so and see the sad fates of Syria and other lost societies of history. It is the call of the time for the Ethiopian society to be united and act together, leaving the deceitful and artificially created parameters of illusory divisions of TPLF.

Ethiopia, seen as a patient of a cancer that is grown from within and such a patient should not be foolish enough to remain silence by simply looking parts of the body disabled and out of function one by one and wait for miracles, before the patient eventually dies. The only innate medicine that is available to cure such a disease is a scientific medical procedure to remove the cancer by surgery and that is what Ethiopians should do in order to save their country.


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