Meles Zenawi’s wife fears for her safety; considers fleeing Ethiopia amid Oromo Protests


By NetCitizens

The former Ethiopian first lady, the wife of the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi wrote yesterday in her Facebook about the continuing uprise against the ruling Tigray government by the people of Ethiopia is a “concern” and “worried” about the safety of her children and her properties.

“I am worried [about the situation in Oromia] for the safety of my family and my property. I am sure many others share my worries.” She wrote.

The dollar billionaire business woman who has claimed her late husband monthly salary was 3,000 Ethiopian Birr($150 US Dollar) also hinted she may have to leave the country for good. The message written in Amharic language, Azeb Gola added, ‘i have started to think about relocating my family and business to a “safer” place.’

Last week, it was reported by many media outlets that the officials of the minority ethnic group (Tigray) who are in charge of the junta government in Addis Abeba have actively started transferring foreign currencies from local banks to an oversea deposits.

In 2012, the former first lady was ridiculed and made a laughing stock by the international media for refusing to vacate the official government palace in the capital Addis Abeba after her husband died.

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