Ethiopia ban on TV channels

Authorities in Ethiopia restricts the freedom of movement of diplomats and access to foreign media. UN Secretary-General is concerned about the development.

Burned car outside the factory attacked during protests in Sebeta in Oromo region, Ethiopia.

In early October, it was introduced six months of emergency after widespread protests against the government in the country. Now it introduced a number of new measures, and foreign diplomats in the country will no longer have to travel more than four mil outside the capital.

In addition introduced a ban on watching television channels operated by Ethiopians living abroad. Posting links on social media to those TV channels sites are henceforth prohibited.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is following developments with concern, said UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric. UN chief has urged Ethiopian authorities to respect human rights.

The Ethiopian protesters demanding more freedom and accusing the regime to repress ethnic groups Oromo and Amhara, who make up 60 percent of the country’s population.

At least 500 people, according to Human Rights Watch killed in unrest in Ethiopia last year.