Al Shabaab oo sheegtay mas’uuliyada weerarkii 2AAD ee Mandhera


Bayaan kasoo baxay Ururka Al Shabaab ayaa waxa looga hadlay weerarkii maanta ka dhacay Magaalada Mandhera ee lagu laayey Shacab shaqaale ahaa oo meel dhismo ah kusugnaa.

Bayaanka Al Shabaab ay soo daabaceen ayaa ku qornaa luuqada Afka Ingiriiska waxaana kusaxiixnaa Afhayeenka Al Shabaab Cali Maxamuud Raage (Cali Dheere).

Guutada la yiraahdo Salaax Nabhaan ayaa la sheegay inay weerarkaasi geysteen laguna dilay 37 qof sida Bayaanka Al Shabaab lagu sheegay.


Halkan ka Akhriso bayaanka oo PDF ah

DHAGEYSO:-Gudoomiyaha Hosingow”Dad ayaa ku waashay Duqeyn Kenya horay kaga Gaysatay Hosingow”

32528471 (1)

Gudoomiyaha Hosingow ee Maamulka  waxa loogu yeero Jubbaland  Aadan Ibraahim Dhaqane ayaa bixiyay wareysi xasaasi ah uu kaga sheekeynayo dhibaato ka taagan deegaanka.

Wuxuu sheegay saameyn balaaran oo ka dhalatay duqeyn 2011 Kenya ka gaysatay Hosingow hadda laga dareemayo Hosingow.

“Ma dhicin sida loo duqeeyy Hosingow  meel loo duqeeyay dad badan ayaa ku waashay caruur iyo haweena wey ku dhinteen”ayuu yiri Aadan Ibraahim Dhaqane oo la hadlay Alfurqaan.

“Waxaa jira haween aanan dhalin oo caadada kaga tagtay duqeynta ba’an ee loo gaystay Hosingow”ayuu yiri Axmed Aadan.

Dhagayso Wareysiga Aadan Ibraahim Dhaqane Gudoomiyaha Hosingow.lite


Voice Of Somalia-Somali Leaks.

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DHAGEYSO:-Warbixin Kahadleysa Hal Sano Kadib Weerarkii Westgate.


21-kii September ee sanadkii hore waxay ahayd Markii ciidamada mujaahidiinta Al-Shabaab  Magaalada Nairobi kafuliyeen macrikadii Westgate  oo si gaar ah mujaahidiinta ugu Beegsadeen xaruun laf-dhabar u ahayd isu Socodka ganacsiga ee wadanka Kenya.

In kabadan 100 ruux oo ay ku jiraan Muwaadiniin reergalbeed ah ayaa lagu dilay weerarkaas, halka 200 oo kalena lagu dhaawacay, Waxaana jawaab celin u ahaa Duulaankii Dowladda Kenya ay ku soo gashay dalkan Muslimka ah ee Soomaaliya.


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DHAGEYSO-DIIRADA JIMCAHA- Hal sano kadib weerarkii Westgate


Barnaamijka Diiradda Jimcaha waxaa maanta lagu soo qaatay mowduuc muhim ah oo ku saabsan dhacdadii Westgate oo ay hal sano kasoo wareegatay.



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Somalia sues Kenya at top UN court over maritime border


The Hague – Somalia took its maritime border dispute with Kenya to the United Nations’ top court on Thursday, which could decide the fate of potentially lucrative oil and gas reserves off east Africa.

The dispute has been simmering for years, keeping investors away because of the lack of legal clarity over who owns potential offshore oil and gas reserves.

The internationally-backed government in Mogadishu is seeking to claw back authority over Somalia’s territorial waters, including the area bordering Kenya that is potentially rich in oil and gas deposits.

Kenya, which has had troops in southern Somalia since 2011, first as an invading force and then as part of an African Union peacekeeping force, lays claim to a triangle of water stretching for more than 100,000 square kilometres (40,000 square miles) that Mogadishu also claims.

Nairobi has already awarded exploration contracts to international firms despite the legal uncertainty.

“Somalia requests the court ‘to determine, on the basis of international law, the complete course of the single maritime boundary dividing all the maritime areas appertaining to Somalia and to Kenya in the Indian Ocean’,” the International Court of Justice (ICJ) said in a statement.

Somalia, which lies to the north of Kenya, wants the maritime border to continue along the line of the land border, to the southeast.

Kenya however wants the sea border to go in a straight line east, giving it more sea territory.

Both countries have recognised the court’s jurisdiction, the ICJ said, a prerequisite for cases there to continue.

“Diplomatic negotiations, in which their respective views have been fully exchanged, have failed to resolve this disagreement,” the ICJ quoted Somalia as saying in its application.

Kenya’s large military presence in Somalia is part of the African Union force supporting the country’s fragile government.

Cases at the Hague-based court can take years.

Established in 1945, the ICJ is the UN’s highest judicial body and the only one of five principal UN bodies not located in New York.



Uhuru accuses international community of isolating Kenya in fight against terror

31651986 (2)

President Uhuru Kenyatta has criticised the international community for doing little to support Kenya’s fight against terrorism. a

He said the country is increasingly feeling isolated by other nations-which he did not mention-in the fight against terror and even accused them of supporting extremists through their issuance on travel advisories.

“We do feel like the World is not doing enough to support us in confronting the challenges that we face,” Uhuru said in an interview aired by CNN yesterday.

The President was referring to the ongoing fight against Islamic extremism that has been the cause of heightened terror activity in Kenya responsible for dozens of attacks.

Al Qaeda-linked Al Shabaab has specifically been the single largest security threat for the country, to which Uhuru said his Government had ‘tremendously increased investment in the security sector’ to mitigate.

Several countries including the US have issued travel advisories asking their citizens to avoid Kenya owing to the rising terror threat.

“They do not necessarily hurt us but give encouragement to the very same people that we want to defeat,” President Kenyatta said.

He said the World rallied behind the US when it was a target and fails to understand why it should be any different for Kenya. In Somalia where Amisom forces are fighting Al Shabaab, the President said: “we need support from the international community to support the forces and the Somalia Government to reduce their area of operation.”

He defended the growing ties with China, saying Kenya is only looking for a “partner who is going to give us the best deal for growth”

Source: Standard

Increase in khat import leaves Somali society in further crisis


The importing of khat, a leafy drug, to Somalia has soared highly ever since the drug was banned from being imported to the United Kingdom several weeks ago, as reported by khat chewers and dealers.

The khat leaves, which are illegal in many countries, are commonly consumed in Somalia , Djibouti and Yemen. The leaves are imported mainly from Kenya and Ethiopia into Somalia by planes to different parts of the country. “Before the ban imposed by the United Kingdom three to four planes used to land at Mogadishu’s airport carrying khat, they would come from Kenya. However, after the ban the number of planes delivering the drug have reached ten” a khat dealer in Mogadishu said.

The khat leaves reach the country far and wide, as around twenty-two to twenty-five planes arrive daily to deliver and distribute the drug to major cities such as Hargeisa, Kismayo, Bosaso and Baidoa, whereas border towns receive the drug by cars who deliver it from neighboring countries.

The increased influx of khat into the country combined with banning of the drug in Al-Shabaab controlled territories has left dealers at loss whereby they’re forced to significantly lower the price of the leaves which are for sale in government controlled areas. “Khat is banned in Al-Shabaab areas, anyone found carrying the leaves will have his vehicle and the leaves burned. This has led us to lose out on a lot of profit to be made as we are forced to sell the leaves at a lowered down price in the government held areas” said Sa’id Ga’amey, a local khat dealer.

The significant drop in the price of khat in Mogadishu has also had an adverse effect on society and brought with it an increase of health, social and financial problems. According to experts millions of dollars are spent monthly on khat by addicts in Somalia, with the hardest hit addicts being Somali soldiers who spend most of their money on khat. Families and households are also some of the most affected, with the breadwinners in the family often becoming addicted, spending extravagantly on the drug, leaving the family with little to survive on.

“The drop in the price of khat has only increased the problems for the populace, many families are suffering now as many providers of families are addicted and spend their money on khat, instead of their children’s food, upbringing and education” said a Mogadishu based female activist. Our country has become the dump yard of other nations, expired medicine, food and banned drugs are all imported and sold openly. It’s destroying our society, and we urge the Somali government to take measures to prevent the import of such items” she added.

There has lately also been an increasing call by civil organizations, activists and Somali diaspora communities for khat to be banned in Somalia, however these calls have fallen on deaf ears, considering that a large number of khat consumers are Somali government soldiers and officials themselves, with khat dealers and traders being some of the most powerful individuals who profit from their trade.

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Kenya’s tourism crisis: Al Shabaab hits where it hurts the most


If the Kenyan government is to be believed, tourist arrivals are down a little bit on last year. Hotel operators tell a different story, speaking of a crisis rather than a decline. It’s a potentially devastating blow for Kenya’s economy. For this, Kenyan has got Al Shabaab and an increasingly misguided invasion of Somalia to thank. By SIMON ALLISON.


There was some bad news this week for Kenya’s tourism industry, a vital driver of the country’s $41 billion economy (the Economist estimates that tourism provides up to 15% of GDP).

According to the state-run Kenya Tourism Board (KTB), international arrivals for the first five months of the year are down 4%, from 398,000 in 2013 to 381,000 in 2014. In other words, 17,000 less people have opted to travel to Kenya this year, largely as a result of travel warnings issued against Kenya by the UK, US and other western nations.

But this news is not bad enough, apparently. In a scathing attack, one of the country’s major hotel chains accused the government of grossly misrepresenting the figures. Headed “4% DROP IN TOURISM! WE MUST BE JOKING!”, the statement from Rosemary Mugambi, head of sales and marketing for TPS Eastern Africa, which operates the Serena group of hotels, did not pull any punches.

“When we come across such statements which are not in touch with reality on the ground, we wonder if KTB and the Kenya tourism industry ‘live in the same Kenya’,” said Mugambi. She argues that the 2013 figures were already a 30% drop on the 2012 figures, and that the situation was even worse in 2014.

According to the company’s own statistics, tourism this year was already 30-50% down in Kenya’s coastal regions, and 20% down in its safari parks. “WHEN ONE DOES NOT ACCEPT THERE IS A PROBLEM – ONE NEVER SEEKS SOLUTIONS,” concluded Mugambi, the frustrated caps all hers.

Whatever the real numbers – and anecdotal evidence from Mombasa’s empty hotel rooms and Lamu’s deserted beaches suggest that Mugambi and TPS are closer to the mark than the government, which has plenty of incentive to gloss over the negative results – it’s obvious that Kenya has a serious problem. Tourism is in freefall, and its collapse will cost thousands of jobs and make it almost impossible for the Kenyan economy to grow.

So why are tourists avoiding Kenya?

The immediate problem is those travel warnings. “There is a high threat from terrorism, including kidnapping. The main threat comes from extremists linked to Al Shabaab, a militant group that has carried out attacks in Kenya in response to Kenya’s military intervention in Somalia,” says the advisory from Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which advises against all but essential travel to certain parts of Kenya, including the popular coastal areas. The US, France and Australia have issued similar warnings. In response, British charter companies have cancelled package holidays to Kenya, and even evacuated holidaymakers already in Kenya when the FCO advisory was issued in May.

Of course, governments don’t take such drastic steps lightly, and Kenya must confront the reality that it has become a more dangerous place in the past few years – and not just for tourists. Media reports both inside and outside the country have been dominated by alleged Al Shabaab attacks, from the spectacular (such as the Westgate siege, which left 69 people dead) to the seemingly mundane (the grenade attacks that target bus stops and other busy urban areas with depressing regularity).

Al Shabaab wants Kenya to get out of Somalia, and with good reason. Although the Kenyan invasion has not succeeded in defeating the Islamist militant group militarily, it has pushed it out of several major towns (including the lucrative port city of Kismayo)) and in general made life difficult for the militants. The Kenyans are also helping to prop up the transitional government based in Mogadishu, which Al Shabaab is seeking to overthrow.

Kenyans, meanwhile, might feel aggrieved that the military intervention – which was explicitly aimed at preventing terrorist attacks on Kenyan soil – has in fact achieved the opposite, only serving to increase the danger to ordinary Kenyans. And it’s not just Al Shabaab, either; long-standing tribal tensions and land ownership disputes have also fuelled recent violence.

None of this makes for an attractive tourist destination. Aware of this, the Kenyan government has tried to take measures to soften the blow on hotels and tour operators. One major initiative is to encourage domestic tourism, through giving tax breaks to companies that pay for their employees’ holidays. This, however, has yet to gain traction as companies wait and see when and how it will be implemented.

Other government decisions seem to compound the problem, however. One good example of this is the recent decision to slap visa restrictions onto South African citizens, making it very expensive and time-consuming for South Africans to obtain a Kenyan visa. This will discourage thousands of potential holidaymakers who might not be put off by Kenya’s bad international reputation. Instead, South Africans looking for an East African fix are more likely to head to nearby Zanzibar.

Not that tax breaks and regulatory incentives are going to solve this particular problem, however. As long as bombs, grenades and gunmen continue to mar Kenya’s idyllic beaches and historic cities, the tourists will stay away. To get them back, Kenya is going to have to figure out a way to stop the attacks. This time, preferably – and unlike the ill-fated invasion of Somalia – the solution shouldn’t encourage even more violence. DM

Source: Daily maverick

SAWIRO:-Sida looga kala ciiday Kismaayo iyo Jilib


Magaalada Jilib oo kamid ah magaalooyinka ugu waaweyn Jubbooyinka ayay dadku fagaara weyn ku tukadeen salaadda ciid waxaana dushiyay mas’uuliyiin katirsan wilaayada Islaamiga ah.

Hoos Ka Daawo Sawirada tukashada salaadda Ciidul Fidriga.

Maamulka Kismaayo ka dhisan  iyo siday u ciideen!







Hay’ada Mareykanka ee Peace Corps oo ka guurtay Kenya Amaandaro jirta awgeed.

thumb (1)

Ammaanka wadanka Kenya oo faraha ka baxay ayaa sababay in hay’adaha reer galbeedka ee ka howlgelayay gudaha wadankaasi ay isaga baxaan Kenya.

Mid kamida hay’adaha dowladda Mareykanka ayaa ku dhawaaqday in ay xirtay xafiisyadeedii magaalooyinka waaweyn ee Kenya kadib hanjabaad loo jeediyay shaqaalaheeda.

Hay’adda Peace Corps oo ka shaqeysa arrimaha doorashooyinka iyo caafimaadka ayaa shaacisay in ay shaqaalaheeda ka daadgureysay Kenya ayna xirtay dhammaan xafiisyadii ay ku laheyd magaalooyinka iyo degmooyinka Kenya.

“Ammaanka Kenya oo faraha kabaxay iyo cabsi ay dareemeen shaqaalaheena ayaa sababay in aan albaabada isugu laabno dhammaan xafiisyadii aan ku laheyn wadanka Kenya”ayaa lagu yiri warka kasoo baxay hay’adda Peace Corps.

Mas’uul u hadlay hay’addan laga leeyahay dalka Mareykanka ayaa soo hadal qaaday saameynta ay ku yeesheen dilalka iyo qaraxyada joogtada ka noqday Kenya.

“Ammaanka Kenya oo aan laysku hallayn Karin ayaa keenay in aan joojino shaqadii aan bulshada uheynay waxaana jira digniino dhanka ammaanka ah oo dhinacyo kala duwan nooga imaanayay”ayuu yiri sarkaal uhadlay Peace Corps.

Barakacan ay sameynayaan hay’adaha reer galbeedka ayaa kusoo aadaya xilli xarakada Shabaabul Mujaahidiin ay kordhisay weerarada ka dhanka ah dadka Kenyaatiga Nasaarada ah xilli ciidanka gumeysiga Kenya ay duullaan ku joogaan gobolada Gedo iyo Jubbada Hoose oo Kenya katirsan.

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Weerar khasaara badan dhaliyay oo markale lagu qaaday dalka Kenya.


Booliska Kenya ayaa faah faahin ka bixiyay weerar hor leh oo xoogag hubeysan ay ka geysteen deegaan hoos yimaad magaalada Lamu ee xeebta saaran.

Wararka ka imaanaya Kenya ayaa sheegaya in weerar khasaara badan dhaliyay markale lagu qaaday gudaha Kenya xilli ammaanka wadankaasi uu faraha kasii baxayay bilihii lasoo dhaafay.

Xoogag hubeysan ayaa gaari bas ah ku leexsaday dhulka howdka ah ee deegaanka Witu, Njenga Merri oo ah taliyaha booliska ee degmada Lamu ayaa waregeyska Daily Nation u sheegay in 5 qof oo lamid ah ay yihiin booliska lagu dilay weerarka cusub ee xoogaga hubeysan ku qaadeen Witu.

“Kooxo hubeysan ayaa gaari bas ah ku leexsaday dhulka howdka ah ee Witu durbadiiba booliska ayaa dabagal ku sameeyay kadibna 3 qof ayay toogteen 2 booliska katirsana way dileen”ayuu yiri Njenga Merri.

Bishii lasoo dhaafay Lamu waxaa ka dhacayay weeraro ay ku dhinteen inkabadan 100 qof oo Kenyan ah waxaana weeraradaasi sheegtay xarakada Shabaabul Mujaahidiin oo Soomaaliya kula dagaalamaysa soo duulayaasha Kenya iyo kuwa dahsoon oo dagaalka kula jira.

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Xasan Sheekh oo Qaramada Midoobay u gudbiyey Qoraal ka hor imanaya Xeerkii Badda Soomaaliya (Law no. 37)


Madaxweynaha Dawladda Federaalka Soomaaliya ayaa Qaramada Midoobay u gudbiyey qoraal ku taariikhaysan June 30, 2014 kaas oo ku saabsan badda Soomaaliya, waxaana UN-ku faafisay July 3, 2014. Qoraalkaas oo si qayaxan uga hor imanayaa (ama si qayaxan uu baabi’inayaa) xeerkii badda Soomaaliya ee Law no. 37.

Qoraalkaas uu ku saxiixan yahay madaxweynaha DFS (in kasta oo uusan laxayn tixraac madaxtooyo/ref) waxa uu tibaaxay in EEZ-ka (aagga dhaqaalaha badda) uu yahay 200nm, halkii uu ka ahaa 200nm oo ah “Territorial Waters” (dhul badeed). Sidoo kale kama hadlin kordhintii badda Soomaaliya ee ahayd 350 mayl-badeed.

(Eeg halkan faraqa u dhaxeeya EEZ iyo territorial sea)


Waxaa sidoo kale qoraalka la socda 39 bog oo ku saabsan ama lagu qeexay dhigaha iyo loolka badda Soomaaliya, laakiin aan lahayn magacyo lagu garto aagga laga hadlayo.
Waxa kale oo qoraalku tibaaxay “Meelaha EEZ-ka Jamhuuriyadda Soomaaliya uu deris kala yahay dal kale oo xeeb leh, waxaa markaas Jamhuuriyadda Soomaaliya ay diyaar u tahay in ay wada xaajood kala gasho dalka aragtidaas qaba si markaas loo kala xadeeyo EEZ-ka badda”.
Hadalkaasi waxa uu dhigmaa “muran gelintii badda Soomaaliya ee Kenya damacsanayd” taas oo ay hore uga dhiidhiyeen shacabka iyo baarlamaanka Soomaaliya, waxaana hadalkaas madaxweynaha DFS ku qayaxan in uu hirgelinayo damacii Kenya ee ahaa in la yiraahdo aan ka wada xaajoono baddiina aan muranka geliney xilligii xukuumadii Sheikh Shariif.
Waxaana muuqata in qoraalkaas aan la marsiin baarlamaanka Soomaaliya ka hor intii aan loo gudbin Qaramada Midoobey, jawaabta baarlamaanku arrintaas ka bixiyo ayaa shacabka Soomaaliyeed sugayaa.
Horraantii bishii June 2014 ayey ahay markii ay soo shaac baxday in Kenya oo doonaysa in heshiiskii uu hore u diiday baarlamaanka Soomaaliya ay markale la gasho xukuumadda Federaalka Soomaaliya…
Halkan ka akhri qoraalka uu ku saxiixan yahay Madaxweynaha DFS Xasan Sh Maxamud June 30, 2014 , waxaadna barbar dhigtaa xeerkii badda Soomaaliya ee Law no 37 ee soo baxay 1972
Tixraac Bogga UN-ka:
Letter from Hasan Sh Mohamud to UN LEGISLATIONANDTREATIES/PDFFILES/SOM_2014_Proclamation.pdf

UN Press release: LEGISLATIONANDTREATIES/PDFFILES/mzn_s/mzn106ef.pdf
Law no. 37 of 1972

Click to access SOM_1972_Law.pdf

June 6, 2013 ayey ahayd markii golaha wasiirada Soomaaliya ay caddeeyeen in: Xukuumada Federaaliga ah ee Soomaaliya waxay aqoonsan tahay sharciga qaran ee badaha Law No. 37. ee qeexaya dhererka xadka badda “territorial water” ee gaaraya 200 mayl-badeed iyo continental shelf . Waxay dawlada Soomaaliya ogolaatay xeerka badaha aduunka ee ay wax ka saxiixday 24kii Luuliyo 1989 ayadoo aan ka tanaasulin sharciga qaran. akhri….



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SOMALIA & KENYA-Raila Odinga iyo Kumaanan Kenyan oo Dalbaday in ciidankooda laga soo saaro Soomaaliya.


Magaalada Nairobi ee caasimadda dalka Kenya ayaa waxaa ka dhacay dibad bax weyn oo rabshado watay kaasi oo ay soo qaban qaabiyeen taageerayaasha Xisbiga Mucaaradka Kenya ee CORD.


Mudaaharaadayaal aad u badan isla markaane boorar waaweyn soo qaatay ayaa isugu soo baxay wadooyinka waaweyn ee magaalada caasimadda kuwaasi oo dareen kooda ku muujinayay banaan baxa iyagoona ku qeylinayay hal ku dhigyo ka dhan ah dowladda uu hoggaamiyo Madaxweynaha Kenya Uhura Kenyatta.


Boqollaal shacab careysan ah oo isugu soo baxay wadooyinka caasimadda ayaa dhigay dibad baxyo rabshado watay waxaana la arkayay booliska oo adeegsanaya sunta dadka ka ilmeysiisa si uu ukala eryo dadka banaan baxa dhigayay.


Banaan baxa ayaa ahaa mid lagu taageerayay Xisbiga Mucaarad Kenya ee CORD waxaana dibad baxyaasha ay ruxayeen boorar lagu soo xardhay Sawirka Hogaamiyaha Mucaaradka Kenya Ra’ila Odinga.


Halku dhigga banaan baxayaasha ayaa ahaa dowladda Uhuru ha dhacdo iyagoona muujiyay in dowladda Kenya ay shacabkeeda u horseeday amni darro iyo bur bur dhaqaale midkii ugu darnaa abid ee soo mara dalka.


Dadka banaan baxyada dhigayay ayaa dalbanayay in dowladda ay wax ka qabato amni darrada dalka Kenya kajirta ama iska casilaan madaxda dalka xilka ay u ahayaan shacabka, iyagoona si gaar ah walwal uga muujiyay weerarada Xarakada Al Shabaab ay ka geysaneyso gudaha dalka Kenya.


Mujaahidiinta Al Shabaab ayaa weerarkii ugu dambeeyay ee ka fuliyeen gudaha dalka Kenya waxa ay ku dileen in ka badan 30 kamid ah Nasaarada Kenya waxeyna Xarakada Shabaabul Mujaahidiin sheegtay in weerarkaasi uu ahaa mid loogu aargudayay dadka Muslimiinta ah ee ku xasuuqday dowladda Kenya gobolada Jubbooyinka iyo Gedo iyo waliba culimadii ay ku leysay magaalada Mombasa.

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Warar Dheeraad ah oo ka soo baxaya Weerarkii Xeebaha Kenya


Warar dheeraad ah oo naga soo gaaray weeraradii Xiriirka ahaa ee Xalay XSHM  ku qaadeen deegaano iyo tuulooyin ku teedsan Xeebaha Kenya ayaa ku waramaya in ay jiraan 3 Tuulo oo kale oo xalay la weeraray oo hoos yimaadda Hindi oo ku taala Laamu. sadaasina ay ku noqonayaan goobaha la weeraray xalay 5 goobood oo kala duwan.

Sidoo kale waxa aad u kordhay Khasaaraha dhimashada ee kasoo gaaray  Kenya weeraradaasi, waxayna cagacagaynayaan 50 dhimasho ah.

Weeraradan isdaba jooga ah ee Xarakada Mujaahidiinta Alshabaab ay ka bilaabeen gudaha Kenya ayaa jawaab u ah weerarkii Kenya ay kusoo gashay gayiga Soomaaliyeed  gaar ahaan Jubooyinka iyo magaalooyin ka mid Gedo.

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DHAGEYSO:-Jaamac Cali”Madaxda Maamulka Kismaayo Kenya ayay kula Heshiiyeen inay Lawareegto Jubbooyinka iyo Gedo”


Jaamac Cali oo kamid ah saraakiisha sare Ciidamada Barre Hiiraale ayaa wareysi dhinacyo badan taabtay bixiyay  isagoo ku sugan duleedka Kismaayo.

Wuxuu sheegay shir laba geesood ahaa oo dhacay 2009 in madaxda haatan hogaamisa Maamulka Jubba Kenya kula heshiiyeen in Kenya Loo gacan galiyo Jubbooyinka iyo Gedo.


Jaamac Wuxuu tilmaamay oo uu qiray inay isku diyaariyeen weeraro ay ku qaadaan Magaalada Kismaayo ee Jubada Hoose.

Dowladda Xamar fadhida  ayuu dhaliilay isagoo ku tilmaamay inay yihiin kuwa u adeega shisheeyaha oo lagu ihaaneysto Muqdisho.

Ciidamo badan oo laga saaray Kismaayo ayaa ku sugan Duleedka Magaalada waxaana wata Barre Aadan Shire oo dowladdu ay kaga baxday balan ay lagashay.


DHAGEYSO:-Dhiig baxa Kenya iyo Dhimir La’aanta Uhuro Kenyata.


Idaacadda Alfurqaan ayaa warbixin kooban ka diyaarisay mashaakilka kataagan wadanka kenya oo kamid ah dalalka Ciidamada usoo diray dalka Soomaaliya.

Warbixinta oo Loogu Magac daray Dhiig baxa Kenya iyo Dhimir La’aanta Uhuro ayaa diirada Lagu saarayaa amaan xumida ka jirta Kenya iyo sida Madaxweynahooda ugu damqan waayay dhibka heysta dadka uu madaxda u yahay.





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DHAGEYSO:-Korneel Soomaaliyed oo talooyin dhaxalgal ah ujeediyay xukuumadda Kenya.


Col.Max’med Cali Cismaan oo lasoo shaqeeyay dowladdii Meleteriga Soomaaliya ayaa sheegay in Kenya aysan ka bixi doonin mashaakilaadka dhanka ammaanka illaa ay ciidankeeda kala baxayso Soomaaliya.

isagoo wareysi siinayay idaacadda Alfurqaan ayuu talooyin muhiim ah ujeediyay madaxda Kenya ee shacabkooda khiyaameeyay isagoona ugu baaqay in ay faragelinta tooska ah soomaaliya ka joogaan.

“Kenya ma awooddo in dagaal aan dhamaad laheyn kusii jirto Nimanka shabaabka ah ee gudaha Kenya weerarada ka fuliya gar bay u leeyihiin in ay isdifaacaan sababtoo ah dalkoodi ayaa lagusoo duulay”ayuu yiri Col.Max’med Cismaan.

 “Kenya Itaal badan iyagoo aanan laheyn ayay soo galeen Dalka Soomaaliya waxay hadda ku sugantahay Hoog kamana hortagi karto weerarada shabaabku ka geysanayaan Kenya”ayuu yiri Maxamed Cismaan.

Hoggaamiyaal sarsare oo xarakada Al Shabaab katirsan ayaa horay ujeediyay baaqyo ku socda madaxda Kenya oo ah in ay ciidankooda Soomaaliya kala baxaan haddii aysan sidaasi yeelinna ammaankoodu ku xiranyahay ammaanka Soomaaliya.


Voice Of Somalia-Banaadir Post

GABAY:-Markay habar dugaag noo shirtay nimanki hoos joogay,howsheey u dhiibteen ayaad horumar moodaane


Markay Habar Dugaag nooshirtay nimanki hoos joogay

howsheey u dhiibteen ayaad horumar moodaane

waxaad hiigsa neysaani waa lagu hallaabaaye


Hindisuhu halkuu nooga yimid laysma haybeyne

hanjabaadi dabadeed markuu hoolki idin geeyey

halhaleelki waa taad warqaha hoog saxiixdeene


Huuraale (Gaal) kaan haddeer nagu hor kaadaayo

inuu idin hogaamiyo haddaad hagarba moodeyne

waa kii halaageeda waday oon hambeyneyne


Idinkays hafraayee cidkale nama hujuumteen

wax kastay hadaaqaan haddaad hadal ka keeneynin

hud hud iyo inaad wada tihiin haatuf soow maaha.


Harar kuwii degay kol hore ee Hawaash qaatay

maantana haweystoo WABXO horin lasoo taagan

hadafkooda duulkaan hakayn ama na hoosaasin

ayaguu hareertooda yahay hal isma dhaamaane

inkastuu halyeey sheegan waa lagu hungoobaaye


Hirka Xabashaan timid kuwii soo horgalay maanta

ee hoos gelaayee u qabo inay hagaajeyso

goorteey hayaanteey hadhoow halafsan doonaane

ninkii heybta tiisa ah uhuray cadow maxaa haysta.


Ma harsado hooskiisa ruux uu hareer yaale

haasaawe guur baa lahaa lagu hanweynaaye

hambalyeyn waxaa mudan nimaan cadow u haateyne


Hergel maleh hurdaayoow halkaad hoow ka leedahaye

Halaq iyo Yaxaas baa degay Harimcad iyo tuuge

Hubka qaado hoygeeni waa laysku haystaaye


Hillaac aan da*ayn iyo hurfoow hogol wareegtaaba

harraad kaama gooyaan haddaad haan u culataaye

haku taamin hoobeey qabiil waa halaan jirine


Harkaan galay haweenkiyo raggii hal isma doorshaane

hammigoodi baa jabay xeraa lagu hareeyaaye

kolba heesti loo meeriyeey hoorinaayaane

waa hiigsigii baa layiri horumarkaa haaye.

W/T; Xagaleey.

Voice Of Somalia-Banaadir Post


VIDEO:-Raila Odinga oo ku Baaqay Ciidamada Kenya in laga soo saaro Dalka Soomaaliya.


Raila Odinga oo  Reysulwasaare kasoo noqday Dalka Kenya ayaa la hadlay Soomaali badan oo ku dhaqan Wadanka Kenya.

Wuxuu ku baaqay in Ciidamada KDF si degdeg ah looga soo saaro Dalka Soomaaliya oo uu sheegay in la joogo waqtigii ugu habooneyd oo ciidanka lala soo bixi lahaa.

Odinga ayaa qiray in Nabad lagu helin Ciidamada Kenya ee galay Dalka Soomaaliya halkaasi oo ay kula dagaalamayaan Alshabaabul Mujaahidiin.


Xisbiyada Mucaaradka Kenya ayaa ku celcelinaya in Ciidamada Kenya laga soo daabulo Soomaaliya Halka Madaxweynaha Kenya uu ka biya diidsanyahay in ciidamadiisa kala soo baxo Soomaaliya.

Kenya oo Soomaaliya kusoo duushay sanadkii 2011 ayaa dhaxay hoos udhac dhaqaale iyo amnigeedii oo faraha kabaxay.

Voice Of Somalia-Banaadir Post