DHACDO AAN UGUB AHAYN:AMISOM oo maanta xad-gudub ku sameeyay wasiirrad Maryan Qaasim!


AMISOM ayaa waxa ay maanta is-hortaag ku sameeyeen wasiirradda  Maryan Qaasim Axmed, xilli ay rabtay inay aado  xarunta Xalane.

Wasiirradda ayaa qoraalkeeda oo af-ingariisi ku qornaa waxa ay ku caddeysay in aan la aqbali karin dhaqannada ay ku kacayaan AMISOM. Waxaana ay wax laga xumaado ku sheegtay wixii ay maanta ku soo aragtay xarunta Xalane.

Wasiirradda ayaa waxa ay tiri “waxa aan ku shaqaynaynaa xaalad adag, laakiin qiil looma heli karo dhaqannada aan maanta ka arkay ciidamada AMISOM”.

Voice Of Somalia-SOMALI LEAKS

Circling The Square In Somalia


Somalia is headed to the right direction. But ‘right direction’ doesn’t mean a path free of pitfalls and clear of landmines. A new President who inspired renewed sense of optimism within the Somali people has been elected by the parliament.

In his inauguration speech, the new President—Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmaajo)—has highlighted the direction that he wants to take his country. He underscored how the supremacy of the law is the central pillar of any viable State. ‘Sareynta sharcigu waa udub dhexaadka dowladnimada.’ He also asserted that his government will be committed to strengthening the supremacy of the law as stipulated in the Somali constitution ‘(In xukuumadeydu ay) si dastuuri ah u xoojindoonto awoodda sharciga.’

These words don’t just highlight what the Somali people should expect from their new leader, they underscore the litmus test by which the new President should be assessed. There is no ‘supremacy of law’ without respect for the constitution, regardless of its shortcomings.

Belligerence of Predatory Exploitation

‘Somalia is open for business’ was the last government’s motto or rather corrupted officials dog-whistle to usher in predatory capitalists and make certain corrupt officials and their international brokers very rich. The previous government has ignored the serious warnings that: such haphazard invitation without having institutions of checks and balances would prove economic suicide. Now Somalia’s natural resources is wholly entrusted with a shadowy firm to explore, market and be granted exclusive rights to a number of lots. Never mind the fact that the constitution does not specify the demarcation of the federal-states or the distribution of natural resources. Somalia owes over $5 billion mostly to IMF and World Bank. And Kenya is claiming a legal right to part of Somalia waters.

These three deals have one thing in common: They were all secured away from the lampposts of transparency.

In business, as in politics ‘perception is reality’. That is why businesses spend significant amount of their revenues on building their public perception, therefore image. However, when the negativity associated with the business is so deeply rooted, it is almost impossible to change that perception. In that context let me say this: Since its genesis, Soma Oil and Gas has been wreaking the foul smell of corruption. Conducting shady dealings in a dark room might deceive the eyes, but not the nose.

Anyone who is, or has been, directly associated with said tainted firm has a lot to answer for. Was he or she the Somali John Doe who made the theft of the century possible? Did he or she play a role in facilitating or brokering former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s approval?

Nature Of The Controversy

Immediately following his inauguration, President Farmaajo has nominated the only Somali who is known in being part of Soma Oil and Gas, one of its top officials (Executive Director) and one of its major shareholders- Hassan Ali Khaire—as his Prime Minister.

I don’t personally know the nominee. However, it is fair to say a number of people who know him say that he is a professional and a good natured person.

While these are good qualities, they hardly address the nominee’s history with the aforementioned shady business. As a private citizen, he had the prerogative to engage in any business, but as a man being entrusted with the executive power of a nation victimized by the company that he was officially representing, it is a public interest and moral duty to scrutinize him thoroughly.

The Dash Factor

Experiences and lives are often exclusively commemorated by calendar moments with a starting and ending dates that are separated by small dashes. In the employment history as well the life of the individual, more attention is given to one particular period or another. When a person’s employment or life may’ve started or it may’ve ended when the most important aspect of that record is the dash. That little dash encapsulates the real record and offers a more reliable portrait of a person.

The Hijacking Process

As soon as the nomination became public, a well-coordinated, relentless PR campaign has been launched to bypass the constitutional process.

Before being vetted by Somali parliament, without getting vote of confidence, and without being sworn-in, the nominee became Somalia’s Prime Minster upon his nomination. The timing coincides with while the newly elected President was out of country and the Speaker of the Parliament, who like the nominee is Somali-Norwegian, was the acting President. And just by sheer coincidence certain Guerrilla diplomats, namely from UK and Sweden, meet with “the new Prime Minister” to discuss “bilateral issues”. The strategic objective seems to establish enough facts on the ground that would make reversal of the nomination almost impossible.

Had a cordial and productive meeting with the UK Amb Mr. Concar @DConcar , we discussed bilateral issues

Proud to hand over congratulatory letter from Sweden’s king to President @M_Farmaajo . New PM Khaire there, too.@SweMFA @TheVillaSomalia

Though this seamless hijacking profoundly undermines the legislative authority of the Parliament as enshrined in the constitution, neither the Speaker of the Parliament nor the UNSGR expressed concern.

Soma Oil and Gas may have been cleared politically as this economic highway robbery has implicated some high level British politicians. It may have been cleared criminally as the UK Serious Fraud Office could not find enough evidence to put some people behind bars. You may remember the Mafia legend Al Capone whom the FBI could not bust him red-handed till he was finally busted on tax related crime. Soma Oil and Gas is ethically as shady as ever. And that should raise a red flag.

Raising The Bar

There are more than one third of members of the new parliament who are from the diaspora and hold dual-citizenships. President Farmaajo should raise the bar for all officials who are dual-citizens who see themselves as people on vocation or, at best, on short-term tour of duty. He should voluntarily—indeed graciously—relinquish his US citizenship. In doing so, he would underscore that he is duty-bound to represent and serve his native nation and make it a country where his grandchildren could thrive peacefully. He and other dual-citizen officials and MPs have taken oath to put Somalia’s interest above all others, fairly, and justly.

The Foreign Secretary of U.K., Boris Johnson, the current President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, and his predecessor, Hamid Karzai, have renounced their citizenships to pursue political careers in their native countries.

Currently, as those before them, Ministers as well as MPs routinely visit foreign embassies on private invitations, private meetings, etc.

So What Is The Alternative?

It is no secret that President Farmaajo is faced with multiple problems that demand his attention. Realistically speaking, he will not be able to solve all of them within his four year mandate.

This is not to set off the alarm for political or paranoiac moral urgency. This simply is an attempt to amplify the fact that unless Somalia ends its ever-present culture of impunity, reconstituting a viable Somali state would remain a figment of imagination.

There is a difference between political pragmatism which compels leaders to make certain undesirable deals as necessary compromises and gulping down the very toxic cocktail mixed to suck the life out of you.

As one of the majority of Somalis who would like to see the new President succeed, we cannot remain forever intoxicated with the post-election euphoria. So President Farmaajo must employ the ER approach to governance. in which life-threatening injuries are given more urgent attention than broken bones. Corruption presents an existential danger to this ailing nation. It is the main reason why Somalia is condemned into perpetual dependency.

This scandalous controversy marks a dark spot on his reputation as the desperately awaited people’s hero who came to crackdown on corruption. How fast he washes it off will determine how deep the stain may penetrate.

The nominee, by virtue of being a man who lived in the West long enough, and a civilian friend with extraordinary political influence of the previous president, one would think he should know better. In the past four years, the current nominee has witnessed three different Prime Ministers undergoing through the constitutional process before assuming their responsibilities.

President Farmaajo will either disassociate himself with this group by recanting his nomination for the egregious constitutional violation or risk being seen as an accomplice. Securing Soma Oil and Gas a direct access to the national executive power is tantamount to putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank of this ailing nation.


Taliyihii Guutada 4-aad Ee Ciidanka Itoobiya oo Lagu Dilay Gudaha Soomaaliya.

Markii ugu horraysay dowladda Itoobiya ayaa qirtay in khasaara lixaad leh uu kasoo gaaray dagaalkii cuslaa ee sanaddii lasoo dhaafay ka dhacay gobolka Hiiraan bartamaha dalka Soomaaliya.

Munaasabad baroordiiq iyo billad guddoonsiin isugu jirtay oo ka dhacday magaalada Jigjiga ee dhulka Somaligalbeed ayuu madaxweynaha Itoobiya uga dhawaaqay in dagaalkii ka dhacay deegaanka Halgan lagu dilay ciidamo farabadan oo uu ku tilmaamay

‘Geesiyaal Qaran’.

“Qaranka Itoobiya ma hilmaami doono halyeeyadii looga dilay dagaalkii cuslaa ee Islaamiyiinta Al Shabaab lagula galay magaalada Halgan ee bartamaha Soomaaliya” Ayuu yiri Mulatu Teshome madaxweynaha aan fulinta awoodeed laheyn ee Itoobiya.

Saraakiil katirsan melleteriga Itoobiya oo khudbad ka jeediyay munaasabadda loogu baroor diiqayay ciidankii lagu laayay Halgan ayaa sheegay in wixii dhacay ay ahaayeen dagaal gacmaha layskula tagay.

General Samora Yenus oo ah taliyaha ciidanka difaaca Itoobiya oo isna munaasabadda ka hadlay ayaa sheegay in dagaalka ay uga jiraan Soomaaliya uu yahay mid adag.

Itoobiya waxay xaqiijisay in dagaalkii Halgan looga dilay taliyihii Guutada 4-aad ee Melleteriga Itoobiya waana sarkaalkii ugu darajada sarreeyay oo looga dilo dalka Soomaaliya.

Liibaan Jeexoow Cabdi

Maxamed Sheekh Axmed “Farmaajo wadani waa yahay laakiin waa waddani Maraykan ah”


Soomaaliya waa dal gumeystuhu qeybiyay isla markaana amni ahaan iyo siyaasad ahaan maamulo marka laga reebo meelaaha Alshabaab ka taliso waxaa iminka lagu dhawaaqay in Maxamed Cabdulaahi Farmaajo madaxweyne ka yahay asiga oo bedelay Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud.

Dadka gumeysi raac ah waxay iska indha tirayaan xaqiiqada waxaanay umadda ka iibinayaan fikrad foorarta oo ummadda god iyo booraan ku sii rideysa sababtoo ah dal la haysto ayay u sheegayaan in uu xor yahay laakiin waxaa jira kuwa runta jirideeda soo taabanaya si ay noogu digaan dabedeedna uga bad baadno bohosha laynaku wado.

Aqoon yahan maxamed sheekh axmed waa xog ogaal indhaha ku haya waxa soomaaliya ka socda goob joogna u ahaa tilaabooyinka badan oo gurracan oo cadawgu qaaday si xidadaha loogu siibo dalka iyo dadka soomaaliyeed diinta islaamkana meesha looga saaro.

 Wuxuu sheegayaa iminka in aanay Soomaaliya doorasha ka dhicin asigoo tilmaamay in dalku yahay mid la haysto oo aan madax banaaneyn .“is bedel umbaa dhacay, gaalada ayaa markii ay ogaatay in daba dhilifkii hore aanuu wax tar ahayn waxay ku bedeshay daba dhilif kale” sidaasi waxaa yiri aqoonyahan Maxamed Sheekh Axmed oo ay ka muuqatay in uu ka xun yahay halka Soomaalida maanta xaalkeedu marayo iyo sida qaar ka mid ahu dhagarta loo maleegay wanaag ugu maleeyaan.

Dadka oranaya Farmaajo waa wadani, waxaanu oraneynaa warkii hadda ka hor uu yiri abwaankii caanka ahaa ee careys ciise kaarshe oo ahaa,

“Soomaalaay dhaga la’eey,cagliga tii laga dhaceey,

Middii lagu dhaatayeey, waxaan laga dhalinineey,

Dhaadhaan meel yuurariyo, caryaa dhagax la hadli kara?”

Ayuu hadalkiisa ku daray Maxamed Sheekh Axmed.

Wuxuu intaas ku daray “Farmaajo in uu qirtay in aanuu wadani ahayn maxaa yeelay waa ninkii yiri dagaalka aan Muqdisho uga jiraa waa mid aan ku difaacayo Maraykanka”.

“Farmaajo wadani waa yahay laakiin wadani Soomaali ah ma ahan waa waddani Maraykan ah oo maraykanimadu kala weyn tahay masiirka umadda Soomaaliyeed ” ayuu yiri aqoon yahan Maxamed Sheekh Axmed.

wuxuu tilmamay in dalka ay mas’uul ka tahay oo ay dowlad ka tahay Xarakada Mujaahidiinta Alshabaab asigoo hoosta ka xariiqay in ay umadda shareecada islaamka ku maamusho geesta kalena dagaal kula jirto shisheeyaha jensiyadaha kala duwan leh ee duulaanka ku gardarada ah ku yimid.

W/D Warfaa Kheyrdoon

Voice Of Somalia-SOMALI LEAKS

DHAGEYSO:-Halkee Ku Danbeyn Doonaa Xasan Sheekh

Xasan Sheekh ayay maanta ugu dhamaatay Villa Somalia, waxaa la sheegaya in Xasan ku wahajan yahay Tansaaniya iyo Turkiga oo hanti badan oo gaystay ,walow oo ogaa in maalin uun la soo dhigi doono banaanka,waxaana qaada dhigaya halka Xasan ku danbeyn doono  Wariye Cabdifitaax Filipin oo ka tirsan Radio Alfurqaan oo ka mid ah Raadiyaasha loogu dhagaysiga badan yahay dal iyo dibadba.

Xasan iyo kuwii kala shaqeynayay  Villa Somalia ayaa dhamaantood sii joogi doonin Soomaaliya,waxayna ku sii jeedaan qurbaha,sidii ka horeeyay.

Voice Of Somalia-SOMALI LEAKS.

Hanti-Dhowraha Federaalka Somaliya oo Heshiiska Saldhiga Milateri ee Berbera Ku Tilmaamay Khiyaamo Qaran.


Hanti-dhowraha guud ee dowladda federaalka Soomaaliya Nuur Faarax Jimcaale ayaa ku tilmaamay waxba kama jiraan heshiiskii maamulka Somaliland ay kaga kireeyeen Garoonka diyaaradaha Berbera Dowladda Imaraadka Carabta.

Jimcaale oo shir jaraa’id ku qabtay Muqdisho ayaa sheegay in heshiiskaasi uu dagaal ka dhex abuuri karo dadka Soomaaliyeed, islamarkaan uu culays nabadgelyo  iyo dhaqan dhaqaale uu sababi karo

“Reer Saaxil, dhibka soo gaaraya waxaa ka mid ah meeshaasi waxaa ay noqon doontaa meel militariga ma ahee, waxa kale ka caagan, dadkii ka shaqeysan jiray, oo quutul-yoomka ka heli jiray dhib ayaa ka soo gaaraya, guud ahaan reer Somaliland dhib ayaa soo gaaraya, dhammaan umadda Soomaaliyeed meel walbo oo ay joogto dhib ayaa soo gaaraya, gobolka uma baahna xasarad iyo dagaal abuur”.

Wuxuu ku eedeeyay dowladda Imaraadka carabta inay ka shaqaynayaan kala qaybin shacabka Soomaaliyeed, isagoo ka dalbaday inay joojiyaan oo ka waantoobaan ficiladaas.

“Shalay DP Wold ayay ahayd, maanta waa saldhig milateri, waa markii 2aad oo heshiis gacan ku rimis ah, oo Hotellada Imaaraadka dad ka mid ah dowladda ama maamulka Somaliland ay hadba heshiis la soo saxiixanayso, heshiiskaan oo qabyo qoraal ah oo aan dadka la tuseynin, heshiiska haddii uu xalaal yahay, maa heshiiska oo dhameystiran la daabacao oo dadka la tuso” ayuu yiri

Dhinaca kale, Wuxuu ku eedeeyay xubno ka tirsan xukuumadii Federaalka ee waqtigeedii dhammaaday in ay qeyb ka aheyd heshiiska iyo heshiisyo kale ay dowladd Imaraadka la soo galeen.

“Heshiiskan inuu ahaa musuqmaasuq  waxaa kugu daliil ah looma tartamin, hunfaan ma marin, wax alle waxaa uu heshiikan u qotomo sharci ma aha cid qiimaysa iyo xisaabtan ku samaysay ma jirto” ayuu yiri wuxuuna sii raaciyay

“mar waxaa weeye labo ruux oo federaalka ka tirsanbaa Dubai lagula shirayaa, waxaa la leeyahay heshiis ayaanu la galnay, 3 kale ayaa lagu shirinayaa imaaraadka, waxaa lala yeeyahay dekadda Berbera ayaan kala shirnay. Reer saaxil, Somaliland iyo Soomaaliya guud ahaan waxaa arrinkaasi ku keeneysaa caqabad lama eegin maxaa umadda dan u ah” ayuu yiri.

Ugu dambayntii, hanti-dhoruhu  wuxuu sheegay inay qoraal ashkato ah u gubinayaan Ururkada Jaamacada Carabta iyo Qaramadda Midoobay oo kaga cabanayaan xadgudubka imaraadku uu ku sameeyay qaranimadii iyo madaxbanaanidii Soomaaliya.

Gabagabadii, Madaxweynaha cusub ee Soomaaliya Maxamed Cabdullaahi Farmaajo ayaan weli ka hadlin hehiiska imaraadka iyo maamulka Somaliland, hase yeeshee sida ay ogaatay horseedmedia heshiiskan waxaa dalka imaraadka ku soo saxiixay Ra’isul Wasaaraha Soomaaliya Cumar Cabdirashiid Cali Sharma’arke doorashada ka hor.

Voice Of Somalia-SOMALI LEAKS.

Isbar-bardhig Ku Saabsan Farmaajo iyo Siyaad Barre


Allaah Baa Mahad leh. Ammaan Iyo Nabadgelyo Nabi Muxamed Korkiisa Ha Ahaato!

Markii usbuucii lasoo dhaafay madaxweynaha DF loo doortay Maxamad Cabdullaahi Farmaaj, waxaan war baahinta qaar ka daalacday dad siyaasiyiin u nasab sheegta oo tilmaamaya inuu yahay nin wadani ah mudan in loo sacba tumo, sidaa darteed ayaan u dhabba galay iney dhab tahay arrintaas iyo in kale, waxaana jeclahay inaan is barbardhig ku sameeyo isaga iyo madaxweynihii hore ee Soomaaliya Maxamad Siyaad Barre.

Siyaad Barre wuxuu ahaa madaxweyne aaminsan mabda’a Shuuciyadda isagoo marar badan ku xad gudbay diinta islaamka, laakin dhanka kale wuxuu ahaa wadani iskala weyn inuu qaato jinsiyad shisheeye, halka Farmaajo uu yahay nin Dimuqraadiyadi ah islamarkaana heysta dhalashada Mareykanka.

Siyaad wuxuu ahaa nin aqoon wanaagsan u leh dhanka milatariga iyadoo la xusuusto inuu dalka ku qabsaday af-gambi aan dhiig ku daadan, wuxuu ahaa hogaamiyaha ciidan awood leh oo darsi lama illaawaan ah u dhigay Itoobiya, halka Farmaajo ay garab u yihiin Itoobiyaankaas iyo shisheeye kale.

Hadalada taariikhiga ah ee laga hayo Maxamad Siyaad Barre ayaa waxaa kamid ah: “Calan kaliya oo meel ka lushaahi lama yiraahdo gumeysi, gumeysigu wuxuu ku fadhiyaa dhaqaalaha, wuxuu ku fadhiyaa mabaadi’da in lagaa dilo, waxaan idin leeyahay Soomaaliyey aan difaacano dalkeena”.

Geesta kale hadalada taariikhiga ah ee laga hayo Farmaajo ayaa waxaa kamid ah in markii uu ra’iisul wasaaraha ahaa uu yiri’ “Dagaalka aan Muqdisho ka wadno waxaan ku difaacaynaa shacabka magaalada New York

Siyaad wuxuu ahaa nin iskala weyn madaxda Itoobiya, wuxuu si gaar ah uga faani jiray inuu qaabilo dadka aan isaga u dhigmin, halka Farmaajo uu kulankiisii ugu horeeyay la qaatay General Gabre oo ah dib lumaasi ay darajadiisu hooseyso, kuna caan baxay hagar-daamada ummada Soomaaliyeed.

Madaxweynihii dowladii Kacaanka wuxuu wadamo shisheeye u diiday iney qaataan bacaadkii Shalaambood, isagoo ku yiri’ “wuxuu anfici doonaa jiilkeena dambe” laakin Farmaajo ayaa xilligii uu ra’iisul wasaaraha ahaa dalka soo galiyay shirkado calooshood u shaqeystayaal ah oo ay Saracen kamid tahay, kuwaasoo boob ku haya kheyraadka wadanka.

Madaxweynihii hore ee Soomaaliya ayaa lagu xusuustaa inuu ahaa nin aanan isku dulleyn shisheeyaha, hase ahaatee Farmaajo ayay taariikhdu daabacday in madaxweynaha Uganda uu ka casilay xilkii ra’iisulwasaaraha ee uu ka hayay DKMG ee Shariif.

Halkan waxaa laga fahmi karaa inaanu wadani ahayn Farmaajo, kana fog yahay madaxweynihii hore ee dalka Maxamad Siyaad Barre.

Farmaajo ayaa waxaa ku hor gudboon caqabado badan oo ay ka gudbi waayeen madaxweynayaashii isaga ka horreeyay iyo ciidamada shisheeye ee wadanka kusoo duulay, wuxuuna ku dambeyn doonaa fashil iyo qoomamo.

{إِنَّ اللَّهَ لا يُصْلِحُ عَمَلَ الْمُفْسِدِينَ}

W/D Ridwaan Hassan Ali