DHAGEYSO:-Diyaaradii ugu Horeysay oo Dowladda Kenya Looga Soo Riday Dalka Soomaaliya.Sheekh C/raxmaan Xudeyfa“Waxaan heynnaa Burburka Diyaarada iyo Duuliyaha waday oo Gubtay”


Halka Loo yaqaano Dhasheeg Waamo oo qiyaastii 45 km ujirta Kismaayo waxaa maanta galinkii danbe kusoo dhacay diyaarad Miig ah oo uu kaxeynayay duuliye Kenyaan ah.

Diyaarada ayaa soo dul martay  Degmada Jamaame, waxaana lala helay mid kamid ah lidka diyaaradaha iyadoo aanan gaysan wax Qasaaro.

Dad xoolo raacato ah iyo ciidamo katirsan Shabaabka ayaa dul tagay burburka diyaarada, waxaana goobta lagu arkay maydka duuliyaha.

Waa markii ugu horeysay Diyaarad Dagaal oo Miig ah Kenya looga soo rido Wadanka Soomaaliya oo ay kusoo duushay 2011.

Diyaaradaha khumaatiga ukaca ayaa horay Kenya looga soo riday Soomaaliya.

Degmooyinka Jilib iyo Jamaame oo Kenya ay ka gaysatay duqeymo ayaa sidoo kale laga dareemay farxad ku aadan soo dhicista Diyaarada Miiga.

Kenya wali kama aysan hadlin diyaarada looga soo riday Soomaaliya.

Idaacadda islaamiga ah Alfurqaan ayaa Caawa wareysatay waaliga Jubooyinka sheekh Cabdiraxmaan Xudeyfa.

Allaah ayaa ku mahadsan oo noo suurtagaliyay inaan kor istaagno diyaarad ay soo rideen ciidamada la dirira diyaaradaha ee Mujaahidiinta”ayuu yiri sheekh Cabdiraxmaan Xudeyfa.

Waaliga Jubooyinka ayaa sheegay diyaarada inay ku dhacday Tuulada Dhasheg Waamo oo ku taala  galbeedka Buulo gaduud.

Sheekh C/raxmaan Xudeyfa“Waxaan heynnaa Burburka Diyaarada iyo Duuliyaha waday oo Gubtay”

“Waxaan heynnaa burburka diyaarada iyo Duuliyihii  waday oo gubtay”ayuu yiri Sheekh Cabdiraxmaan Xudeyfa.


Dhagayso Wareysiga Sh Cabdiraxmaan Xudeyfa Waaliga Jubooyinka.

Voice Of Somalia-Somali Leaks.

Kenya leader sacks minister after massacre

Uhuru Kenyatta announces security shake-up, firing interior minister after al-Shabab claims slaughter of 36 people.

Uhuru Kenyatta, the Kenyan president, has sacked his interior minister and accepted early retirement for the head of the police, hours after Somalia’sarmedgroupal-Shabab said its fighters had killed at least 36 people at a stone quarry in the northeastern city ofMandera.In a televised address, Kenyatta on Tuesday vowed to continue the fightagainstal-Shabab and announced a security shake-up in which Interior Minister JosephOleLenko was dismissed.Kenyatta named an opposition politician and retired army general, JosephNkaissery, to be the new interior minister, in charge of security.At a news conference in the capital Nairobi, David Kimaiyo, the police chief, announced he was stepping down and that the president had accepted his early retirement.

The two men have been responsible for the east African nation’s security, which has deteriorated amid a wave of deadly attacks blamed on al-Shabab.

Security weakness

“My government has invested heavily in terms of increasing recruitment of security personnel; improving their welfare … Despite this progress, we also acknowledge some weakness in our security architecture,” he said.

Kenyatta added that he had asked top security officials to work with legislators and find out whether there were administrative and legal hurdles that limit the country’s “ability to deal with this real and existential threat”.

The scene at the Mandera quarry [The Kenya Star]

About 20 gunmen, described by the Kenyan government as “heavily armed bandits” opened fire at the quarry in the early hours of Tuesday morning after separating Muslims and non-Muslims, sources said.

Several people were beheaded, while others were shot in the back of the head, sources told Al Jazeera.

Al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack, calling it “another successful operation carried out by the Mujahideen”.

“This latest attack was part of a series of attacks planned and executed by the Mujahideen to serve as a response to Kenya’s occupation of Muslim lands and their ongoing atrocities therein, such as the recent air strikes on Muslims in Somalia,” al-Shabab spokesman Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage said in a statement emailed to journalists.

The dead are reportedly miners who worked in the quarry, located just outside the town. Shortly before the attack they were woken by the gunmen and forced to leave the tents where they were sleeping.

Frequent attacks

Al Jazeera’s Catherine Soi, reporting from Nairobi, said the government had been under a lot of pressure to fire the two security chiefs.

The attacks had become frequent and the two men have been blamed by Kenyans for failing to provide adequate security, said our correspondent.

She also said the Red Cross was at the scene of Tuesday’s attack and that the military and army were heading to the site, which is just 5km from the border with Somalia.

“We are being told that many of the people who work in the quarry are not from Mandera,” she said, adding that those killed were non-Muslims.

“This comes at a time when security in Mandera has been beefed up because of recent attacks. We just returned from Mandera and the security forces there assured us they are in control of the situation, but they said that the border there is also very porous.”

The scene of the latest attack is about 30km from the November 22 raid on a bus in which 28 non-Muslims were separated from the Muslim travellers before being executed.

The shooting in the quarry comes after an attack on a night club in the Kenyan town of Wajir on Monday night.

One person was killed and at least 12 injured as gunmen hurled grenades and sprayed bullets at the building, the government said.

The Kenyan government, in a statement, said investigations were under way to look into both incidents.

Kenya sent troops to neighbouring Somalia in 2011 to rein in al-Shabab after raids on its coastal cities blamed on the armed group. It has since come under a wave of deadly attacks, including the September 2013 assault on the Westgate shopping mall, which killed at least 67 people.

Al-Shabab has called for the withdrawal of the troops which have since joined forces with African Union peacekeepers in the Somali capital Mogadishu.



Al-Shabaab the strange enemy in Somalia : UPDF commander


One day as a group of Uganda People’s Defence Forces in Somalia drove south of Mogadishu, the armoured vehicle in which the former contingent commander, Brig Dick Olum, was travelling collided with a vehicle which looked like a commuter taxi.

Keen to help the people in the other vehicle, the UPDF troops rushed out of their armoured carrier. Seized with a strange feeling, however, Brig Olum ordered his soldiers back into their vehicle, only for the other vehicle to explode shortly afterwards.

Brig Olum says of another occasion: “A man came and greeted me and he said he wanted to die with me. He blew himself up just in front of my car. I was lucky to survive.”

These are just two of the several stories the jolly brigadier, who handed over the command of the Ugandan force in Somalia to Brig Sam Kavuma on November 18, shared during his exit interview at the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) force headquarters in Mogadishu.

Facing a “dead” enemy
Brig Olum, who for years battled Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army rebels, among other enemies, spoke proudly of his exploits in the troubled Horn of Africa country, saying it was enough that his commander-in-chief had personally called to thank him upon a job well done.

When he took over the command of the UPDF contingent in Somalia on September 23, 2013, his predecessor, Brig Michael Ondoga, was already in custody over allegations of abuse of logistics and possible selling of arms.

As he left Mogadishu, there were new challenges and allegations, particularly the charge by the human rights body Human Rights Watch that some Amisom soldiers sexually abused women in Somalia. But this is another issue; one for the new commander to handle.

Brig Olum dealt with the administrative challenges he faced and then dived into the job proper, where he encountered an unfamiliar enemy. In terms of resolve, he said, the al-Shabaab are not comparable to any enemy he had ever faced. And, he admitted, this made him scared “sometimes”.

“Most of them are people who are already dead,” he said, “They believe that once they die in battle they will go to a place where they will each get 70 virgins and other luxuries. You cannot believe the level to which they have been indoctrinated.”

Once al-Shabaab fighters stand up to fight, Brig Olum says, “They fight up to the last man,” unbothered by whether the enemy has superior weapons or is numerically superior. “They are a very strange enemy.”
Brig Olum’s boss, Maj Gen Geoffrey Muhesi, however, speaks of the al-Shabaab more with pity than with fear.

“I find them a very weak enemy,” Gen Muhesi says, “They are weak-minded (and) I don’t celebrate any victory against them because they don’t see the future (that is why they don’t mind dying in battle).”
A strong enemy, Gen Muhesi says, “preserves himself to fight another day but for them they engage as if they are in a rush to die.”

Multi-national effort
Gen Muhesi is the deputy Amisom force commander in charge of operations. His boss, Lt Gen Silas Ntigurirwa of the Burundi army, is the first non-Ugandan overall commander of the now 21,461-strong Amisom force. The other troop contributing countries are Burundi, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti.

When other countries dilly-dallied to send troops to Somalia following an African Union resolution, President Museveni ignored protests and apprehensions at home, especially from the political opposition, and dived into the troubled country in March 2007.

The al-Shabaab responded by bombing two spots in Kampala as people watched the 2010 World Cup soccer final on July 11, killing more than 70. Uganda currently has the biggest single troop contingent in the country – 6,220 army officers and men, followed by Burundi with 5,338.

Lt Col Paddy Ankunda, the UPDF and Ministry of Defence spokesperson, was part of the first contingent to land in Somalia in 2007. The country had not had a unified government since the fall of Siad Barre in 1991 and clan-based fighting had rendered it ungovernable. Warlords had carved out territories for themselves from which they extracted ransoms, while pirates run riot on the Indian Ocean.

Earlier international efforts, led by the United Nations and the United States, had failed to stabilise and reunite the country, with the first near-successful attempt to re-unify Somalia coming in 2006 when the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) fighters shot their way to power.

Neighbouring Ethiopia, however, did not approve of the ICU’s rise to power, attacking the country and driving the new government out of Mogadishu. This led to an insurgency by the al-Shabaab, the military wing of the ICU, which would later be hijacked by people regarded as extremists. These fighters are said to have teamed up with the al-Qaeda terrorists.

So Lt Col Ankunda and his colleagues arrived in Somalia to encounter a mode of fighting in which fighters would sometimes offer themselves as weapons. Having done two forays into the country, he was this time back in Mogadishu to guide the press around.

Driving in a military armoured vehicle with heavy guard – Mogadishu is still prone to attacks by al-Shabaab despite the UPDF overrunning it in 2011 – Lt Col Ankunda showed us some of the key places in his memory.

Pointing at a decrepit building in which he said they spent their first nights in Mogadishu in 2007, he said they were forced to desert it by continuous shelling by the enemy. At another spot, he said they lost a Lt Colonel to a sniper. “The biggest threat then was sniper fire; ah, my friend,” he sighed.

He said snipers would take up positions in tall buildings, prompting them to respond by bombing the buildings. And, for that reason, much of Mogadishu is still covered in rubble, with many of the old buildings disused.
Maj Gen David Muhoozi, commander of the land forces, said as Brig Olum handed over to Brig Kavuma that the UPDF had gained valuable experience fighting in built-up urban areas in Mogadishu, as opposed to fighting in jungles to which they were previously accustomed.

At the entrance to the compound where we were housed, for example, there is a disused building which Lt Col Ankunda said was a UPDF command post at some point. One day, he said, attackers driving a vehicle labelled as belonging to the United Nations drove into the building and exploded bombs, killing themselves together with seven UPDF soldiers.

The compounds in the expansive African Union /United Nations base camp in Mogadishu, which is about three square kilometres, are therefore largely fenced off with sandbags in anticipation of possible attacks.
Within the base camp are a number of offices, including the Amisom military command and the AU Mission. The UN too has a camp in there, running a hospital and other services.

Lt Col Wycliffe Keita is proud to head the first ever Ugandan UN guard unit, saying by the UN choosing to have its staff and installations in Somalia protected by the UPDF, they acknowledge “the good job we have done here”.

Far from secure
But the “good job” Lt Col Keita talks about is highly relative. It can only make sense in relation to where Somalia has come from. Otherwise the country is still highly insecure and al-Shabaab fighters still control some parts.

While in Mogadishu, we would not venture out of the protected camp unaccompanied, and all the time we had to wear body armour and drive in armoured military vehicles.

Outside the camp, however, residents seemed to get on with life normally, busy rebuilding their lives. Sections of Mogadishu are experiencing heavy construction work, the market people are working and others are busy fishing in the ocean.

On the other hand, the Amisom forces are busy with their job too, working in the six different segments, called sectors. Uganda is in charge of sector one, which includes Mogadishu. Kenya handles sector two, covering lower and middle Juba regions, while Ethiopia handles sector three whose capital is Baidoa.

Djibouti, which has less than 800 soldiers in Somalia, operates in the small Hiraan region, dubbed sector four, while Burundi runs sector five that includes the town of Johaw. Sierra Leone runs sector six headquartered at Kismayu.

In Uganda’s sector, significant military victories have been recorded, and Brig Olum left on a high, having driven the al-Shabaab out of the important Shabelle town of Baraawe in October. In the town of Baraawe, Brig Olum said, the al-Shabaab lost a vital spot from which they both coordinated their fight and raised revenue.

The UPDF say the al-Shabaab used to collect $500 (Shs1.3 million) from every cultivation tractor every three months and required each of the 37 clans in the region to pay $20,000 (Shs55 million) every three months. The al-Shabaab taxed almost every economic activity, the UPDF say.

In addition, Brig Olum said, the capture of the Indian Ocean coast town of Baraawe, which is 250km south of Mogadishu, enabled the UPDF to establish a long stretch of communication while at the same time denying the al-Shabaab the same.

But the challenge of holding the ground is still immense and the UPDF will expect to encounter a number of ambushes on a trip from Mogadishu to Baraawe. That is why our hosts ruled out transporting us to Baraawe by road during our time there.

Brig Olum said the al-Shabaab “have now melted into the population” and he expects them to keep up the fight. And as Brig Kavuma took over the contingent command, he spoke as though he was alive to the new challenge.

“Terrorists are known not to necessarily hold ground; we need to deny them time and space (in which to organise attacks),” Brig Kavuma said. He talked of the need to clean up the area the UPDF already have before venturing into other areas.

Involving the Somalis
Talking of “cleaning up” the country, Brig Kavuma acknowledges that “Somalia belongs to the Somalians” and that in whatever they do, they “work to enable that Somalians gain the necessary capacity to manage their country.”

In line with this, Gen Muhesi came up with an initiative, the Joint Operations Coordination Centre (JOCC), which brings together Amisom army and police on the one hand, and the Somalia National Army (SNA), police and intelligence services on the other.

For an hour every evening, JOCC members, under the leadership of Gen Muhesi, share notes and lay strategies on how to deal with the security situation. On November 19, Gen Muhesi was happy to take us along.

The meeting learnt that six men, some of them wearing SNA uniforms, who had mounted an illegal roadblock at which they collected money and other valuables, had been arrested that day. The operation had also seized five guns, ammunition and two magazines, and a vehicle, a Toyota Camry. Ransom money and five mobile phones used by the suspects had also been recovered.
The meeting was further told of “two or three targets” and that plans to move on them would be finalised the following day.

Gen Muhesi was returning from a two weeks break and he had received information that a former warlord, Ahmed Dai, was “going back to his old ways”. He suspected that Dai was behind the road blocks then being mounted in parts of Mogadishu.

So he served warning: “Ahmed Dai should be warned that we have already shed a few litres of blood; we can afford to shed one more litre to deal with him.”

Dai was once in charge of Mogadishu Airport, among other things, collecting sizeable ransoms. The new order in Mogadishu has squeezed his sources of income, but he still seems to wield some influence. Whenever the Amisom forces move against him, Gen Muhesi said, “It is not unusual for some politicians and other people to raise objections.”

Col Abdalla Abdalla, the deputy director of the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA), promised during the meeting that they would protect whoever worked with them, probably out of recognition that the incentive to work with former warlords, or at least to be afraid of them, is still existent.

About the al-Shabaab, Col Abdalla said they “gathered from all over the world thinking that Somalia is a safe haven.” He says the people of Somalia are now “hardening” against them.

The al-Shabaab captured in battle, Gen Muhesi said, are handed over to the Somalia government. But there seem to be challenges of how to deal with them.
Gen Muhesi said there were some captured al-Shabaab fighters who wanted to be absorbed into the SNA, but that the government was apprehensive, fearful that they would turn guns on the commanders.

In some cases, Gen Muhesi said, some former al-Shabaab fighters have been rehabilitated, especially where the elders order and recommend so. In the case of “hard-core” individuals, he says, “the government will try them and execute them in public.”

But, going by Gen Muhesi’s estimates, there are very many al-Shabaab fighters still out there among the population. Time will tell whether they will eventually abandon the fight and get on with life.
When Baraawe was captured, the people switched on their television sets and turned to those things which the al-Shabaab’s strict version of Islam had prohibited, Brig Olum said.

Source : Daily Monitor

DHAGEYSO:-Dr Xanafi “Waxaa jira Dhaqaatiir isku Xiran oo si Burcadnimo ah kaga Ganacsada Kilyaha Shacabka Soomaaliyeed”


32700859 (1)

Shisheeyaha Soomaaliya gumeysta ayaa la xaqiijiyay in ay la socdaan dhaqaatiir dadka Soomaaliyeed kilyaha iyo beerka kala baxa.

Dhawaan dadka ku dhaqan deegaanka Qooqaani ee gobalka jubada hoose ayaa Idaacadda Islaamiga ah ee Alfurqaan u sheegay in askarta Kenya nin ka mid ahaa dadka deegaanka ay dileen kilyahana ay kala baxeen.

Hadaba Dr Xanafi Cabdi Sheekh Aadan oo ka mid ah dhaqaatiirta Soomaaliyeed ayaa wareysi ay la yeelatay Idaacadda Islaamiga ah ee alfurqaan wuxuu ku sheegay in xubnaha uur ku jirta sida kilyaha iyo beerka lala baxo ayna jiraan dhaqaatiir iyo shirikado burcad ah oo ka ganacsada.

Wuxuu tilmaamay in inta badan loo iib geeyo isbitaalada ku yaal Yurub iyo Maraykanka.

Dadka Soomaaliyeed ayuu dhaqtarku u digay, waxaanuu u sheegay in ay ka fogaadaan xarumaha cadawga.

Halkaan ka dhageyso.

Xigasho:idaacadda Alfurqaan.

SOMALIA & KENYA:La taliyaha Uhuru Kenyata”Alshabaab waxay doonayaan in dagaal diimeed uu ka dhaco Kenya”

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Xukuumadda Kenya ayaa walaac ballaaran ka muujinaysa weerarada ka dhanka ah dadka nasaarada ee dib ugasoo cusboonaaday wadankaasi xilli ammaanka Kenya faraha kasii baxayo.

War rasmi ah oo kasoo baxay xafiiska madaxweynaha Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta ayaa lagu sheegay in weeraradii dadka badan lagu dilay ee ka dhacay duleed magaalada Mandheera.

Kenya ayaa wadnaha farta ku heyso in dadka Kenyatiga ah ee diimaha kala duwan heysta,lataliyaha Uhuru ayaa sheegay in dagaalka udhaxeeya muslimiinta iyo Nasaara uu Kenya gelin doono mashaakilaad dhan walba ah.

Al Shabaab waxay doonaysaa in dagaal dhanka diinta ah ka dhax abuurto muslimiinta iyo Nasaarada Kenya shacabka waxaan leenahay is xakameeya oo dulqaata”ayuu yiri lataliyaha Kenyatta.

 Dadka arrimaha Kenya falanqeeya ayaa sheegaya in muslimiinta degta dhulka xeebaha ay baraarugeen ayna bilaabeen in ay ka aargoostaan Nasaarada talada heysa.

Howlgallo ka dhan ah dadka muslimiinta ah oo maalmo ka hor ka dhacay magaalada Mombaasa ayaa banaanka soo bandhigay sida ciidanka Kenya ubartilmaameedsanayaan muslimiinta.

Sheekh Cali dheere Afhayeenka Xarakada Al Shabaab oo warbaahinta lahadlay ayaa muslimiinta Kenya ku booriyay in ay hurdada ka kacaan oo sharafkooda difaacdaan.

“Suurtagal Ma ahan in Shacabka Kenya Raaxa ku noolaadaan Shacabka Soomaaliyeedna Kabta Askarta Kenya ku hoos noolaadaan”

Halkan ka dhageyso Shirka Jaraa’id Ee Sh.Cali Dheere MP3

Dagaallo ka kala dhacay Banaadir, Sh/hoose,Hiiraan iyo Galgaduud.


Ciidamada XSHM ee gobalka Shabeelada hoose waxey dagaallo culus ku qaadeen qaar ka mid ah deegaanada ciidamada shisheeye iyo maleeshiyaatdka dowladda ay kaga sugan yihiin gobalka Shabeelada hoose.

Deegaanada Shalambood iyo Golweyn oo ah deegaanada xalay dagaalada ka dhaceen waxey ciidamada XSHM   ka galeen dhowor jihao iyadoona dhawaaqa rasaasta dagaalka si aad ah looga maqlayay gooba ka fog deegaanadaasi.

Dhanka kale ciidamada XSHM  gobalka Banaadir waxey xalay weerareen isbaarada maleeshiyaadka dowladda ay dhigteen halka loo yaqaana Baar Jowhar oo ka tirsan xaafada Suuqa xoolaha ee degmada Hilwaa.

Dhawaaqa rasaasta dagaalka waxaa si aad ah looga maqlayay xaafada badan oo ka tirsan magaalada Muqdisho’waxeyna dadka ku dhaqan xaafadaasi xaqiijiyeen in markii dagaalka muddo socday maleeshiyaadka dowladda goobta isaga carareen.

Dhanka kale ciidamada XSHM gobalka Galgaduud waxey xalay dagaal culus ku qaadeen difaacyada ciidamada Xabashida Ithoobiya ay ka sameysteen degmada Ceel-garas oo ka tirsan gobalka Galgaduud.

Habeen hore ayeey aheed markii ciidamada XSHM   weerar khasaara lagu gaarsiiyay ciidamada Xabashida Itoobiya ku qaadeen deegaanka Ceel-lahelay oo hoostaga degmada Ceel-garas.

Ciidanka XSHM  ee  Hiiraan ay ka  fuliyeen deegaanno hoos yimaad degmooyinka Buula Barde ,Maxaas iyo Jalalaqsi ayay ku xaaqeen maleeshiyaad mooryaan ah oo cadawgu soo abaabulay,ciidamada XSHM  ayaa  xaaqay maleeshiyaad ay ciidamada Jabuuti iyo kuwa Itoobiya ee Hiiraan kusoo duulay ay soo hubeeyeen si ay khal-khal ugeliyaan ammaanka lagu diirsaday ee degmooyin iyo deegaanno Hiiraan katirsan kajira.

Maleeshiyaadka ayaa uqeybsamay kuwa ladilay,kuwa laqabtay iyo kuwa u cararay degmooyinkii Amxaarada iyo Itoobiya kasoo agaasimeen ee Maxaas iyo Jalalaqsi.

Dagaalada ayaa kuwa joogta ka ah goobaha ay ku sugan yihiin Ciidamada Shisheeye iyo  Maleeshiyo Beeleedka ka garab dagaalama.

Voice Of Somalia-Somali Leaks.

DHAGEYSO:-Cabdulqaadir Cali Yarow “Maamul Gobaleedyada iyo Federaalkuba waxay ka mid yihiin Federaalka Itoobiya”



Aqoon yahan Cabdulqaadir Cali Yarow oo ka mid ah Soomaalida qurbo joogta ah ayaa  sheegay in maamulada dalka ka jira ee watta magac dowladeed dhamantood looga taliyo dalka Itoobiya,Wuxuu tilmaamay in federaalka la sheegayo ee ay maamul gobaleedyadu hoos tegayaan aanuu ahayn midka xamar ka jira ee uu yahay midka Itoobiya.


Aqoon yahanka ayaa hoosta ka xariiqay in federaalka Xasan Sheekh madaxda ka yahay qudhiisu uu qeyb ka yahay kuwa Itoobiya laga xukumo.
Wuxuu soo qaatay tusaalooyin muhiim ah oo ay ka mid tahay in haddii laba maamul is qabato Itoobiya arintooda lagu soo xaliyo taasuna ay ka marqaati kaceyso in halka looga taliyo ay Adis ababa tahay.
Wuxuu dadka Soomaaliyeed u soo jeediyay in ay xoriyadooda u dagaalamaan asigoo Xarakada Shabaabul Mujaahidiinna ku dhiirri geliyay in ay wacyi gelin u sameyso bulshada la qaldday ee cadawga sokeeyaha looga dhigay.
Wuxuu intaas ku daray in loo baahan yahay Xarakadu in ay soo dhaweysato dadka wadaniyiinta ah ee ay ka go’an tahay in dalka la xoreeyo.


Voice Of Somalia-Somali Leaks

DHAGEYSO:-Boob Lagu Hayo Ciida Soomaaliya.


Konteenaro ay ka buuxdo ciid ayaa maalin walba laga qaadaa dekedda magaalada Muqdisho, taasoo loo raro dalka dibaddiisa.
Amiin Axmad oo indhihiisa ku arkay konteenarada ciida ah kana waramay meelaha laga qaado ayaa  sheegay in lala yaaban yahay arrintan.



Voice Of Somalia-Somali Leaks.

WARBIXIN:-Xasan Sheekh oo Joojinta Buuqa Xildhibaanada u Adeegsanaya AMISOM iyo Ciidanka Nabad Sugidda.


Hoggaamiyaha DF-ka ayaa ka carooday habdhaqanka ay lasoo bexeen xildhibaanada taageersan R/wasaare Cabdi Wali Sheekh kuwaasi oo fashiliyay qorshe lagu eryi rabay Wasiirka koowaad.

Xildhibaanada taabacsan Cabdi Wali Sheekh ayaa shalay markii 2-aad ku guuleystay in ay dib udhigaan soo bandhigista mooshinka ka dhanka ah xukuumadda ee gacanta guddoomiyaha baarlamaanka kujira.

Xasan Gurguurte oo xalay shirar kala gooni gooni ah laqaatay saraakiisha ciidanka Nabad sugidda ayaa kala hadlay sida ugu macquulsan ee lagu joojin karo fowdada ay ku dhaqaaqayaan xildhibaanada Cabdi Wali Sheekh taabacsan.

Ilo wareedyo lagu kalsoonyahay ayaa sheegaya in Xasan uu damacsanyahay adeegsiga ciidanka Uganda ee qeybta ka ah shisheeyaha AMISOM kuwaasi oo si hoose lacag uga qaatay xafiiskiisa.

Taliyaha ciidanka Uganda ee Muqdisho ku sugan ayaa xalka gaarista mashaakilaadka ka taagan fadhiyada baarlamaanka kala hadlay N.Kay oo ah xaakimka gumeystaha uqaabilsan Soomaaliya waxayna ubadantahay in AMISOM loo diido faragelinta khilaafka madaxda DF-ka ka dhaxtaagan.

Warar soo baxaya ayaa sheegaya in guddoomiyaha baarlamaanka uu lasafanyahay dhanka R/wasaaraha islamarkaana uu ka meer meerayo in kulanka baarlamaanka sidii larabay uqabsoomo.

Waqtiga ayaa guraya Xasan Gurguurte oo ku taamayay in inta aan lagaarin maalinta arbacada uu soo afjaro R/wasaaranimada Cabdi Wali sheikh si shirka Denmark ka dhici doono uu uga qeyb galo.

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Lt. Col. Olanya denies sale of AMISOM fuel

By Andrew Ssenyonga and Paul Mayambala


THE former UPDF commander under African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM), Lt. Col. Benson Olanya has denied sale 720 litres of fuel.

Olanya made the rebuttal on Thursday at the General Court Martial as he started his defense during his trial.

Olanya, 52, is accused of diverting 420 litres and 300 litres of fuel, respectively, meant for his battalion’s operations.

Appearing before the Court Martial Chairman Maj. Gen. Levi Karuhanga, Olanya said he used the fuel for joint operations with the Somali National Army (SNA).

“My Lord it is not true that I sold fuel. We held a joint operation with the SNA on 28th July 2013 where they requested us to help them with fuel so that they assemble their troops for the operation. I gave them 300 litres for that mission,” Olanya explained.

He added that he also gave 420 litres to one Somali civilian who had assisted his battalion camp with a generator.

“Our generator got spoilt and I brought it to the attention of my battle group commander Col. Hassan Kimbowa who advised me to improvise because I could not leave my troops in the dark. I borrowed a generator and in exchange I was supposed to give fuel which I did,” Olanya noted.

Olanya also told court that the fuel he gave out was allocated to him as the battalion commander for his operations.

“As the battalion commander, I was given 200 litres weekly for my personal operations. This fuel was not part of the battalion fuel,” Olanya told court.

He also quoted the AMISOM pact signed by Uganda and Burundi which states that: “use any means with in your capability to give technical and other support for disarmament and stabilization effort.”

Court also heard that on June 21 and July 25 last year, while in Joa town in Somalia, Olanya diverted 420 litres and 300 litres of fuel, respectively, meant for his battalion’s operations.

The prosecution team, through their seven witnesses, also told court that on June 9 last year, while executing his duties, Olanya ordered solders to issue arms to Somali civilians.

The case has been adjourned until November 17 when the defense will present a second witness. Olanya is currently detained at Makindye Military Police prison.

DHAGEYSO:-Aqoonyahan Sharaxay Argagaxa Dowladda Ku Haysta Muqdisho.


Magaalada Muqdisho waxaa ka socda howlgallo qorshaysan oo shabaabul Mujaahidiin ay ku beegsanayaan Saraakiisha Dowladda.
Maxamed Xasan oo ah AqooNyahan ku sugan Muqdisho ayaa sheegay Howlgallo dhacay Labadii Cisho ay sababeen kala shaki iyo Argagax soo wajahay madaxda dowladda.

Wuxuu sheegay howlgalada shabaabul Mujaahidiin ka wadaan Gobalka Banaadir ay sabab unoqotay in xitaa Magaalada ay isku rasaaseeyaan askarta Dowladda.

Wuxuu faafaahiyay fashilka amni ee Muqdisho iyo sirdoonka shabaabul mujaahidiin sida ay ugu xoogeesteen Muqdisho.

Dhagayso Wareysiga Aqooyahan Maxamed Xasan

Xigasho:idaacadda alfurqaan


KAMIIN(DHABBA GAL) Dhagaha unbaan ka maqli jiray laakiin KM4 ayaan kula kulmay!


Eray bixinta oo dalka Soomaaliya laga adeegsanayo waxaan anigu maqlay wixii loo soo gaaray sannadkii 2009-kii xilligaasoo ay sii laba jibaarmeysay cududa Xarakada Mujaahidiinta Al-Shabaab.

Eraygan oo micnihiisu yahay (Dhabba gal) ayaa maanta kamid noqday eray bixinada dagaalka kuwooda ugu caansan ee ay war baahintu adeegsato, waxaana ugu wacan iyadoo ficil ahaan loo fuliyo had iyo goor.

Haddaad dhageysato war baahinta siiba kuwa islaamiga ah waxaad maqleysaa: Kaamiin ka dhacay Iidow Jallaad oo gaadiid looga gubay Amisom ama Kamiin loo galay madaxweynaha ama lagu dilay mas’uul hebal.

 Run ahaantii dhagaha un baan ka maqli jiray wararkaas, laakin uma arag si toos ah marka laga yimaado waqtiyada qaar oo aan ka daawado filimaanta Al-kataa’ib.

Haddaba maalintii shalay oo ay taariikhdu ku beegneyd 11-11-2014 ayaa anigoo maraya isgoyska KM4 ee magaalada Muqdisho indhahayga ku arkay Kamiin dhacaya!!.

Goor aan iska eegayo dhinacyada si aan laamiga u gooyo ayaa waxay mar qura indhahaygu qabteen gaari aad u qurux badan oo rasaas ooda looga qaadayo.

Markiiba waxaan kamid noqday shacab badan oo cararay si aaney wax yeelo usoo gaarin, balse xoogaa kadib oo aan wax xabad ah la maqleyn kuna soo laabtay isgoyska si aan gaari uga raaco ayaan arkay baabuurkii rasaasta lagu dhoobay oo meydadka laga saarayo.

Runtii waxaan isaga tagay goobta anigoo ku wareersan cidda Kamiinkan loo dhigay, hase yeeshee habeenkii xalay ayaan maqlay afhayeenka ciidamada Xarakada Mujaahidiinta Al-Shabaab Sh/Abuu Muscab oo sheegaya in qofka KM4 lagu galay uu ahaa taliye ku xigeenkii hey’adda socdaalka kana tirsanaa Interpol.

Qaab Laga Taxadaray In Shacabku Wax Gaaraan.

Halka uu kamiinku ka dhacay ee KM4 waxay ahayd meel bulsho badan, haddana cid shacab ah wax kuma gaarin, sababtoo ah ragga hawl galka fuliyay oo ahaa kuwa aan qalqalsaneyn oo tiigsanayay hadaf u calaamadeysan.

Wey fiicneyd inaan maqaalkan ku sheego Kamiinka siduu u dhacay min bilow illaa dhamaad, laakin wadnahayga ayaan ii saamixin inaan marka hore halkeyga taagnaado oo aan dhacdada daawado.

Muhiimadda Halka Uu Kamiinku Ka Dhacay.

Kamiinku wuxuu ka dhacay isgoyska KM4 oo ah meesha ay ugu dhaqdhaqaaqa badan yihiin ciidamada dowladda iyo kuwa ajnabiga ah, wuxuuna kamiinkan iyo kuwa lamidka ah kuu muujinayaan in uu is badan galay dagaalka magaalada Muqdisho, dhanka kalana ay amni ahaan u fashilan yihiin dowladda iyo saaxibadood.

Kamiinka Maanta Ka Dhacay Wada Jir.

Sidoo kale waxaan maanta war baahinta ka dhageystay in weerar kamiin ah lagu dilay gudoomiye ku xigeenkii degmada Hawl-wadaag Yuusuf Hilaal iyo istaafkiisa xilli ay marayeen Suuqa weyn ee degmada Wada Jir.

Tani waxay ka marqaati kacaysaa in weerarada Kamiinku usoo gudbeen magaalada Muqdisho, haddey xaaladdu sidan kusii socotana waxaa macquul ah in dowladda iyo ciidamada shisheeye aad u naafoobaan.

Kamiinada Xamar Ka Dhacaya Oo Ka Duwan Kuwa Kale.

Kamiinada ka dhacaya magaalada Muqdisho waa ay ka duwan yihiin kuwa ka dhaca meelaha ka baxsan caasimadda, waayo kuwaas waxaa loo adeegsadaa Baasuuke ama hub ka culus laakin kuwan waxaa loo isticmaalaa boobayaasha.

Hadda waxaan is weydiineynaa Axmad macquul ma tahay inaad la kulanto Kamiin Baasuuke loo adeegsanayo!!.

Axmed Warfaa  Qoraa Madaxbanaan

Baarlamaanka Muqdisho oo Gacmaha iskula tegay kadib markii lasoo Bandhigay Mooshinka Ka Dhan ah Cabdiweli Sheekh


Wararka ka imaanaya xarunta baarlamaanka DF-ka ee magaalada Muqdisho ayaa sheegaya in xiisada udhaxeeya xildhibaanada ay ka dhaceen gudaha hoolka shirarka.

Wariyaal ku sugan xarunta baarlamaanka ayaa sheegay in xildhibaanada kala taabacsan Xasan Sheekh iyo Cabdi Wali Sheekh ay gacmaha iskula tageen kadib markii lasoo bandhigay mooshinka ka dhanka ah xukuumadda.

Shir guddoonka kulankii maanta ayaa si degdeg ah ugu dhawaaqay in kulanka lasoo xiray iyadoona la arkayay ciidamada shisheeyaha AMISOM oo xildhibaanada kala celinaya iyadoona marmarka qaar xildhibaanadu ay dhagxaan isku tuurayeen.

Saraakiil ka kala socotay xafiisyada madaxweynaha iyo R/wasaaraha ayaa kulanka lagu dhax arkayay waxaana loo malaynayaa in lacago ay ku kala gadanayeen xildhibaanada.

Lasoco wixii soo kordha

Nin Daad Qaaday Xumbo Cuksay Seeraar “Al Shabaab Kudhaa Qabiil Gaar ah ayay ku Laayeen”!!


Maamulka dagaal ooge Axmed Madoobe ayaa markii ugu horraysay ka hadlay dagaalkii khasaaraha badan dhaliyay ee shalay ka dhacay deegaanka Kudhaa gobolka Jubbada Hoose.

Afhayeenka Axmed Madoobe Cabdi Naasir Seeraar ayaa shabakadda Aljazeera u sheegay in dhankooda 25 askari laga dilay 30 kalane dhaawacyo halis ah gaareen.

Wuxuu xaqiijiyay in ciidanka Shabaabul Mujaahidiin ay qabsadeen Kudhaa islamarkaana ay gacanta ku dhigeen bakhaaradii hubka iyo saanado dagaal oo ciidankoodu ka carareen.

Maamulka gumeysi Kalkaalka ah ee fadhigiisu yahay magaalada Kismaayo ayaa isku dayaya in uu waji kale uyeelo halaagga ka gaaray dagaalkii taariikhda galay ee Kudhaa.

Iyadoo lawada ogyahay in ciidanka gumeysiga Kenya ee Jubbada Hoose kusoo duulay ay ku adeeganayaan maleeshiyaad diinlaawayaal ah ayuu Seeraar warbaahinta ka sheegay in mujaahidiintu qabiil gaar ah beegsadeen!!.

“Annagu waan ognahay in shabaabku qaab qabiil u beegsadeen ciidankeena”ayuu yiri Seeraar,sida lawada ogyahay xarakada Shabaabul Mujaahidiin ayaa muslimiinta Soomaaliya iyo kuwa bariga Afrika ku hoggaaminaysa dagaal caalami ah oo aan xuduud iyo wadan laheyn arrinkaasi xataa waxaa qirsan shisheeyaha dalka kusoo duulay waxaana wax aan larumeysan Karin ah in Al Shabaab qabiil lagu sifeeyo.

Haddii hadalka Seeraar aan uraacno oo ah in Maleeshiyaadka Khuwanada ah ee meesha lagu laayay ay ahaayeen qabiil gaar ah Maxay Wakiillo ugu yihiin dowladda Nasaarada Kenya oo ay dhulka soomaaliyeed ugusoo hoggaamiyeen.

Hadallada isburinaya ee maamulka Axmed Madoobe waxaa kamid ah “waxaan nahay maamul goboleed qabiillada Jubbooyinka udhayihiin”!! Misne Shabaabul Mujaahidiin ayay ku eedeeyeen in qabiil gaar ah ay laysay aaway Maamulkii Jubballand oo ay sheeganayeen mise haddii laga itaal roonaaday ayay qabiil Noqdeen.

C/Naasir Seeraar ayaa bishii lasoo dhaafay shir jaraa’id oo uu Kismaayo ku qabtay ku sheegay in ciidanka (maamulka Jubbaland) iyo ciidanka Kenya ay qabsadeen deegaanka Buulaguduud ee duleedka Kismaayo isagoo guulo ballaaran sheegtay! Balse maanta wuxuu isku bedelay qabiil! Soomaalidu waxay tiraahdaa “Nin Daad-qaaday Xumba cuksay”.

Afhayeenka Beelaha Absame “Halaagga Murtadiinta Axmed Madoobe gaaray waan ku diirsanay waana loo badinayaa bi’idnillaahi”.

Nabadoon Ismaaciil Xaaji Haaruun Afhayeenka beelaha Jubbooyinka oo warbaahinta islaamiga ah lahadlay ayaa sheegay in weerarkii Kudhaa ka dhacay uu ahaa edbin la edbinayay maleeshiyaad uu Murtadiin kutilmaamay oo uu ula jeedo ciidanka Axmed Madoobe ee shalay lagu laayay deegaanka Kudhaa wuxuuna ugu baaqay ciidanka shabaabul Mujaahidiin in ay kordhiyaan laynta maleeshiyaadka indhaha u ah ciidanka gumeysiga Kenya.

“Haddaan nahay qabaa’illada Jubbooyinka dega aad baan ugu riyaaqnay wixii Kudhaa ka dhacay,murtadiinta Kenya ku adeegato waa in si kadaran sida ciidanka Kenya loola dagaalamayo loo xanuujiyo sababtoo ah iyagaa dalka gumeystaha kusoo hoggaamiyay”ayuu yiri Ismaaciil Haaruun.

Gummaadkii Maleeshiyaadka ee Ceel-Waaq iyo Xayo Muxuu uga duwanyahay gummaadkii Kudhaa.

Sanaddii 2012 ayay cutubyo katirsan ciidamada mujaahidiinta Al Shabaab waxay weerar gaadmo ah ku qaadeen degmada Ceel-waaq oo xilligaasi ay ku sugnaayeen Maleeshiyaad Soomaali dabadhilifyo ah oo gudaha dalka Kenya lagusoo tababaray.

Dagaal saacado badan qaatay kadib ciidanka muslimiinta ayaa Ceel-Waaq qabsaday balse halkaasi waxaa ka dhacay gummaad loo geystay dabadhilifyada dagaalkaasi waxaa lagu dilay inkabadan 55 katirsan Maleeshiyaad uu taliye u ahaa Cabaas Gureey oo ku magacaaban Taliyaha ciidanka DF-ka ee gobolka Gedo.

isla sanaddii 2012 ayay mujaahidiintu dagaal culus oo ka dhacay tuulada Xayo waxay ku dileen 45 katirsanaa maleeshiyaadka Axmed Madoobe kuwaasi oo hor socday ciidanka gumeysiga Kenya ee waqtigaasi usii gurguuranayay dhanka magaalada Kismaayo.

sanadan 2013 bilaawgeed ayay mujaahidiintu maleeshiyaad DF-ka katirsan oo ku sugnaa degmada Mahadaay waxay gaarsiiyeen khasaara lixaad leh iyagoona gaadiid dagaal kasoo qabsaday.

sanaddan 2013 weerar ay ciidamada mujaahidiinta wilaayada Bay iyo Bakool ku qaadeen deegaanka Toosweyne ee duleedka Ceelbarde waxay ku dileen 25 maleeshiyaad amxaara Kalkaal ah iyagoona ka qaatay hubkii ay itoobiya soo siisay.

Dhammaan howlgalladaasi iyo kuwa kale oo Hiiraan iyo shabeelaha Hoose  ka dhacay ayaa ah edbin la edbinayo maleeshiyaadka Soomaalida ee gumeystaya Afrikaanta indhaha u ah iyadoona hoggaanka mujaahidiinta soomaaliya uu dhowr mar ku celceliyay in ay beegsanayaan cid walba oo cadawga soo duulay lashaqeeya heybta uu doono halahaatee.

Seeraar Ma wuxuu na leeyahay:-

Dagaal Mahadaay Reer hebel ayaa lagu laayay
Dagaalkii Ceelwaaq Reer hebel ayaa lagu laayay
Dagaalkii Buula Burde Reer Hebel ayaa lagu laayay
Dagaalkii Hoosweyne Reer Hebel ayaa lagu laayay.

Dabcan waxaa xaqiiq in Seeraar uu Aaminsan yahay in weeraradaas lagu xasuuqay Ciidamada DF ee ka kala dhacay Mahadaay, CeelWaaq, Buula-burde iyo Toosweyne lagu xasuuqay kuwa dowladeed, Aanu lagu tirineynin qabaa’ilada ay ka soo jeedaan sidaas darteed waa in uu isna uu ogolaadaa in Maleeshiyada laga laayey ay yihiin ciidam maamul, Maadama uu sheegtay maamulka “Jubbaland” ama uu Umadda u cadeeyaa in Maamulkiisa uu yahay Maamul Qabiil, Markaas waa ka ogolaan karnaa in waxa Kudhaa lagu laayey ay yihiin Maleeshiyo Qabiil.

Kaliya waxa aan ka sugnaa waa Burundigii Dayniile Lagu laayay iyo Itoobiyaankii Ceelbuur lagu laayay ama Kenyaatigii Faxfaxdhuun waxay ahaayeen Reer hebel oo Soomaali ah.

Markale “Nin Daad Qaaday Xuma Cuksay”
WD Warfaa Kheyrdoon

DHAGEYSO:-Gudoomiyaha Hosingow”Dad ayaa ku waashay Duqeyn Kenya horay kaga Gaysatay Hosingow”

32528471 (1)

Gudoomiyaha Hosingow ee Maamulka  waxa loogu yeero Jubbaland  Aadan Ibraahim Dhaqane ayaa bixiyay wareysi xasaasi ah uu kaga sheekeynayo dhibaato ka taagan deegaanka.

Wuxuu sheegay saameyn balaaran oo ka dhalatay duqeyn 2011 Kenya ka gaysatay Hosingow hadda laga dareemayo Hosingow.

“Ma dhicin sida loo duqeeyy Hosingow  meel loo duqeeyay dad badan ayaa ku waashay caruur iyo haweena wey ku dhinteen”ayuu yiri Aadan Ibraahim Dhaqane oo la hadlay Alfurqaan.

“Waxaa jira haween aanan dhalin oo caadada kaga tagtay duqeynta ba’an ee loo gaystay Hosingow”ayuu yiri Axmed Aadan.

Dhagayso Wareysiga Aadan Ibraahim Dhaqane Gudoomiyaha Hosingow.lite


Voice Of Somalia-Somali Leaks.

Banaadir Post

JUBBADA HOOSE:-Waa Sidee Saaka Xaalada Kudhaa.? Yaa Gacanta Ku Haya.? Mana Dhab-baa in La arkay Maydad Hor Leh.


Jaziirada Kudhaa oo  lagu hardamay  wey degantahay, waxaana deegaanka ku sugan oo difaacyo adag ka sameystay dagaal yahano katirsan shabaabul Mujaahidiin.

Maleeshiyaadka  Maamulka Axmed Madoobe ayaa wada abaabul ay ku doonayaan inay dib ugu laabtaan Kudhaa oo shalay qasaaro xoogan lagu gaarsiiyay.

Markab dagaal oo laga leeyahay Kenya ayaa lagu arkayaa xeebta Kudhaa kaasi oo xiliyada qaar soo ridaya qoriga lidka diyaaradaha oo markabka ku xiran.

isgaarsiinta Kudhaa ayaa jaran waxaana wararka deegaanka ku helnay qadka helo helo loo yaqaan ee taarka.

“Calanka madow ee uu ku dhex qoranyahay kalimada towxiid ayaa ii muuqdaayuu sabaax ku yiri nin kamid ah dadka deegaanka oo diiday magac ahaan inaan xigano

Afhayeenka Ciidamada shabaabul mujaahidiin Abuu Muscab oo wareysi siiyay idaacadda afkooda ku hadasha ayaa sheegay in Kudhaa gacantooda ay ku jirto islamarkaana  dagaalkii shalay ku dileen 64 askri

Dhanka kale maydadka askari oo katirsan maleeshiyaadka Axmed Madoobe oo  ay soo tuftay badda ayaa saaka lagu arkay kudhaa.

Dadka deegaanka ayaa saaka aasaya maydadka askar badan oo yaala agagaarka saldhiga Kudhaa kuwaasi oo 20 askari ku dhaw.


Voice Of Somalia-Somali Leaks

Al-Shabaab fighters re-take strategic Kudha island, after deadly battle


Fighters belonging to the Islamist Al-Shabaab movement have taken over the strategic island of Kudha in the Lower Jubba region this morning, after engaging in a heavy battle with forces loyal to the Jubba Interim Administration.

Heavily armed Al-Shabaab fighters commenced their attack on the island from two sides shortly after dawn, which resulted in fierce clashes lasting for about two hours, after which the militants overpowered the stationed Jubba troops present. “We awoke to the raging sound of gunfire, fearing for our lives we remained in our homes. At around 8:00 AM the fire ceased and we found out Al-Shabaab had taken over the place and were hoisting their black flag” a resident told Harar24. ”There were bodies, estimating around thirty, littering the streets. Most of them seemed to be from the Jubba forces” he added.

Kudha island, which lies around 130km south-west of the port town of Kismayo, had been taken over by JIA forces late last month after having been under Al-Shabaab control for seven years.

Al-Shabaab have been losing towns in the past months in the face of an AMISOM offensive, withdrawing most of the times without putting up much resistance, however concerns are high that counter-attacks such as today’s are more likely, especially in areas where Somali troops are left to fend on their own, who are often believed to be vulnerable without the AMISOM backing.

Voice Of Somalia-Somali Leaks.

DHAGEYSO:- Muqdisho Caasimadda gumeystaha u gacan gashay

32506141 (1)

Magaalada Muqdisho waxay ku socataa tubtii ay mareen magaalooyin badan oo Muslimiin deganaayeen kuwaasoo gaalo u gacan galay waxaana loo baahan yahay in dadka Soomaaliyeed ka dhiidhiyaan xaaladda ay iyada iyo magaalooyin kaleba ku sugan yihiin.
Iminka waxaa socda barnaamijyo tira badan oo lagula dagaalamayo dadka jihaadaya amaaba gobanimo doonka ah.

Mashruucyo loogu magacdaray, dereseyn iyo nambareyn ayaa lagu howlan yahay kuwaasoo hadafka ugu weyn ee laga leeyahay yahay in la helo guri weliba cidda ku nool.

Hadaba warbixintaan ayaanu ku eegaynaa xaaladda magaalada iyo dhagarta gumeystuhu maleegayo.

Halkan Ka Dhagayso Warbixinta Caasimadda gumeysiga u gacan gashay

 Xigasho:Idaacadda Alfurqan

QORMO XASAASI AH:-Qawmiyada Tigreega ee Itoobiya xukunta Bulsho aad u weyn oo Soomaali ah ayay Gumaysataa oo Madaxa kaga taagan tahay. Tobannaan Qawmiyadood oo kale ayay ku haysaa Xaalad aan dhaamin Addoonsi


Waa dhab maahmaahda tiraahda ”Lax waliba shillalka ay is dhigto ayaa lagu qalaa”. Umadda Soomaalida dibindaabyo aanay iyadu sababsan shisheeye uma geysan. markii ay ahayd Ummad Hagaagsan oo si dabiici ah u dhaqan xataa iyada oo itaal yar ayaa laga haybaysan jiray.

Gumaysigii reer Yurub wuxuu kacay oo uu ka dhaqaajiyey markii uu xaqiiqsaday in aanu sii joogi Karin Soomaaliya.Sannadihii toddobaatannadii, markii ay Soomaalidu is yara abaabushay, Faransiis waa kii har Cad Baqoolay, Itoobbiya iyo Kiiniyana waxay qarka u saarnaayeen dhulalka ay haystaan in ay ka yaacaan. Maantana waa taas Qawmiyadda tirada yar ee Tigreegu Soomaalidii ku cayaaraysa. Odayadii, waxgaradkii, siyaasiyiintii iyo qabiilooyinkii Soomaaliyeed ee sharafta lahaa Maanta waa kuwaas u Gumoobay Tigreega Itoobiya xukuma.

Taliska Tigreega ee Qawmiyadaha Itoobiya gumaysta waxaa laga kari la yahay in uu Soomaalida faraha kala baxo. Haddii ay jiraan dalal arrimaha Soomaalida ugu jira in ay danahooda meel u helaan, Tigreegu waxay ugu jiraan oo keliya in ay ka shaqeeyaan in aan dadka Soomaalida lugi lug u raacin. Koox kasta oo u dhego nuglaata hub ayay siinayaan si ay koox kale oo dhego adaygtay ugu dilaan. Haddana cid kasta oo isu dhiibta tari mayaan taageero ka badan in ay ka dhigtaan ul ay Soomaalida kale la dhacaan.
Soomaalida oo dhami iyaga oo guuraya haddii ay u tegi lahaayeen Melez Zenaawi intuu noolaa oo ay oran lahaayeen ”Adiga ayaannu Addoomo kuu nahay ee Dawlad aad raalli ka tahay noo dhis” ma kula tahay in uu u dhisi lahaa? Ha ka yaabin, kuwaas Addoomaha u wada noqday ayuu sii kala qaybin lahaa oo isku Baabbi’in lahaa. Waa taas siyaasadda Tigreega ee Soomaalida ku saabsani. Soomaaliduna iyaga oo xaqiiqadaas wada og ayay haddana runta is diidsiiyaan oo aanay xataa naftooda u qiranayn. Qaybo badan oo umadda ka mid ahi iyaga oo runta sidaas u og ayay haddana isu sheegayayaan Tigreegu in uu iyaga saaxiib la yahay oo dantooda wado.Taliska Tigreegu wuxuu og yahay, aadna ugu faraxsan yahay, cadawtinnimo badan oo uu Soomaalida la damacsanaa in ay dad Soomaaliyeed u fulinayaan. Sidaas darteed Tigreega iyo maamulkiisa xaaraanta ah ee ku dhisan keli talisnimada, gumaysiga iyo cunsurinnimadu maanta naftiisa ayuu Bogaadinayaa oo u hambalyaynayaa. Soomaaliduna maalinba ta ka dambaysa ayay sii gumoobayaan. Gobol uu joogaba Faca Soomaaliyeed ee maanta Barbaarayaa wuxuu ku barbaarayaa Gunnimo iyo Daciifnimo. wuxuu ku Garaadsanayaa in ay isaga Tigreegu ka sarreeyaan mar haddii ay Sandulle ugu taliyaan.

Qawmiyadda Tigreegu waxay addoonsataa tobannaan Qawmiyadood oo qaarkood iyada aad uga tiro badan yihiin. Qawmiyadahaas ma jirto wax ka dhexeeya aan ahayn in dusha lagaga wada tuuray magac faalso ah oo la yiraado ”Itoobiya”. Waa Qawmiyado kala dad ah, kala diin ah, kala af ah oo kala dhaqan ah. Beri fog ayaa dhulkaas lagu naanaysay ”Madxafkii Ummadaha”. Itoobiyadaas faalsada ah ee xoogga la isugu hayaa daqiiqad kasta ayay kala daadan doontaa laguna kala dhaqaaqi doonaa. Cid walba oo si fir fircoon siyaasadda gudaha ee dalkaas dan ka lihi si aad u fudud ayay kacdoon iyo fawdo uga dhex abuuri kartaa. Magaca ”Itoobiya” waa doqon nasiib leh.

Haddaba Tigreegu mar haddi ay xaalad sidaas u nugul xoog iyo xaaraan kaga taliyaan, Guri Quraarad ama Muraayad ahna ku jiraan, waxay ahayd in ay ka dhawrsadaan faro gelinta iyo fidnada ay ka dhex wadaan bulshada Soomaalida ee isku aabbaha iyo hooyada ah. Taas in ay yeelaan daaye waxay caado ka dhigteen, awoodda oo dhanna saareen, soomaalida in ay isku baabbi’iyaan oo kala daadiyaan.Marka la eego dhulka Soomaalida laga haysto iyo Godobta Gaamurtay, ee la eego sida aanay Itoobiyaanku u ahayn dad wax isu ah, dhammaan waxyaalaha ay Tigreegu Soomaalida ka dhex wadaan waa waxyaalihii ay Soomaalidu Itoobbiya ka dhex samayn lahayd. Soomaalidu haddii ay ahaan lahayd ummad feker qumman oo talo habboon run ahaantii dalka loo yaqaan ”Itoobiya” beri fog ayaa lagu kala tegi lahaa. Laakiin Soomaalidu waxay ku shuqlan yihiin in ay sidii Foodlay Ari jir ah dhexdooda u Murmaan.

Maanta ciidammada Tigreegu iyaga oo aad u hubaysan ayay soohdinta iyo gudaha dhulka Soomaalida hoganayaan. Kun digniinood ayaa Tigreega loo diray. Xil kaska Soomaalida iyo ummadaha duniduba waxay kula taliyeen in ay dhulka Soomaalida ka baxaan, arrimaheedana faraha kala baxaan. Ha ahaatee waa tii hore loogu maahmaahay ”Rag i daa kuguma daayo ee aynu isdayno ayuu kugu daayaa”. Mid kalena waa tii ahayd ”Nin aan warankaagu gelin weedhaadu ma gasho”. Tigreegu Soomaalida ayay ka il heleen. Iyaga oo qaar innaga mid ah oo ay taladu ka xumaatay iska soo horraysiinaya waa kuwaas soo Maqiiqan ee soo Qamaamaya.
Bulsho aad u weyn oo Soomaali ah ayay Qawmiyadda Tigreegu Gumaysataa oo madaxa kaga taagan tahay. Tobannaan Qawmiyadood oo kale ayay ku haysaa xaalad aan dhaamin addoonsi. Malyuumaad bani aadam ah oo leh dhaqammo, diimo, afaf iyo isirro kala duwan ayaa taliskaas Arxanlaawaha ah ku Hoos dulman. Intaas oo fursadood ayaa jira haddii la doono in Tigreega looga jawaabo fawdada ay dhulka soomaalida ka wadaan.

Geeska Afrika waxaa nabad iyo xasillooni lagu celin karaa laguna ilaalin karaa haddii la isu dheellitiro awoodda Qawmiyadaha geyigan ku wada dhaqan. Taasina waa in ay ka bilaabataa Tigreega in si dhab ah loogu sheego in ay xushmeeyaan Qawmiyadaha kale, haddii ay yeeli waayaanna waa in la tusaa Muruq ay ka baqaan. Imika ka dib warqadda keliya ee Tigreega lala ciyaari karaa waa dagaalka ay Soomaalida ka dhex hurinayaan oo gudaha Itoobiya loo raro.

Qalinkii: Ibraahim Hawd.

Voice Of Somalia-Somali Leaks.