Al-Shabaab the strange enemy in Somalia : UPDF commander


One day as a group of Uganda People’s Defence Forces in Somalia drove south of Mogadishu, the armoured vehicle in which the former contingent commander, Brig Dick Olum, was travelling collided with a vehicle which looked like a commuter taxi.

Keen to help the people in the other vehicle, the UPDF troops rushed out of their armoured carrier. Seized with a strange feeling, however, Brig Olum ordered his soldiers back into their vehicle, only for the other vehicle to explode shortly afterwards.

Brig Olum says of another occasion: “A man came and greeted me and he said he wanted to die with me. He blew himself up just in front of my car. I was lucky to survive.”

These are just two of the several stories the jolly brigadier, who handed over the command of the Ugandan force in Somalia to Brig Sam Kavuma on November 18, shared during his exit interview at the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) force headquarters in Mogadishu.

Facing a “dead” enemy
Brig Olum, who for years battled Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army rebels, among other enemies, spoke proudly of his exploits in the troubled Horn of Africa country, saying it was enough that his commander-in-chief had personally called to thank him upon a job well done.

When he took over the command of the UPDF contingent in Somalia on September 23, 2013, his predecessor, Brig Michael Ondoga, was already in custody over allegations of abuse of logistics and possible selling of arms.

As he left Mogadishu, there were new challenges and allegations, particularly the charge by the human rights body Human Rights Watch that some Amisom soldiers sexually abused women in Somalia. But this is another issue; one for the new commander to handle.

Brig Olum dealt with the administrative challenges he faced and then dived into the job proper, where he encountered an unfamiliar enemy. In terms of resolve, he said, the al-Shabaab are not comparable to any enemy he had ever faced. And, he admitted, this made him scared “sometimes”.

“Most of them are people who are already dead,” he said, “They believe that once they die in battle they will go to a place where they will each get 70 virgins and other luxuries. You cannot believe the level to which they have been indoctrinated.”

Once al-Shabaab fighters stand up to fight, Brig Olum says, “They fight up to the last man,” unbothered by whether the enemy has superior weapons or is numerically superior. “They are a very strange enemy.”
Brig Olum’s boss, Maj Gen Geoffrey Muhesi, however, speaks of the al-Shabaab more with pity than with fear.

“I find them a very weak enemy,” Gen Muhesi says, “They are weak-minded (and) I don’t celebrate any victory against them because they don’t see the future (that is why they don’t mind dying in battle).”
A strong enemy, Gen Muhesi says, “preserves himself to fight another day but for them they engage as if they are in a rush to die.”

Multi-national effort
Gen Muhesi is the deputy Amisom force commander in charge of operations. His boss, Lt Gen Silas Ntigurirwa of the Burundi army, is the first non-Ugandan overall commander of the now 21,461-strong Amisom force. The other troop contributing countries are Burundi, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti.

When other countries dilly-dallied to send troops to Somalia following an African Union resolution, President Museveni ignored protests and apprehensions at home, especially from the political opposition, and dived into the troubled country in March 2007.

The al-Shabaab responded by bombing two spots in Kampala as people watched the 2010 World Cup soccer final on July 11, killing more than 70. Uganda currently has the biggest single troop contingent in the country – 6,220 army officers and men, followed by Burundi with 5,338.

Lt Col Paddy Ankunda, the UPDF and Ministry of Defence spokesperson, was part of the first contingent to land in Somalia in 2007. The country had not had a unified government since the fall of Siad Barre in 1991 and clan-based fighting had rendered it ungovernable. Warlords had carved out territories for themselves from which they extracted ransoms, while pirates run riot on the Indian Ocean.

Earlier international efforts, led by the United Nations and the United States, had failed to stabilise and reunite the country, with the first near-successful attempt to re-unify Somalia coming in 2006 when the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) fighters shot their way to power.

Neighbouring Ethiopia, however, did not approve of the ICU’s rise to power, attacking the country and driving the new government out of Mogadishu. This led to an insurgency by the al-Shabaab, the military wing of the ICU, which would later be hijacked by people regarded as extremists. These fighters are said to have teamed up with the al-Qaeda terrorists.

So Lt Col Ankunda and his colleagues arrived in Somalia to encounter a mode of fighting in which fighters would sometimes offer themselves as weapons. Having done two forays into the country, he was this time back in Mogadishu to guide the press around.

Driving in a military armoured vehicle with heavy guard – Mogadishu is still prone to attacks by al-Shabaab despite the UPDF overrunning it in 2011 – Lt Col Ankunda showed us some of the key places in his memory.

Pointing at a decrepit building in which he said they spent their first nights in Mogadishu in 2007, he said they were forced to desert it by continuous shelling by the enemy. At another spot, he said they lost a Lt Colonel to a sniper. “The biggest threat then was sniper fire; ah, my friend,” he sighed.

He said snipers would take up positions in tall buildings, prompting them to respond by bombing the buildings. And, for that reason, much of Mogadishu is still covered in rubble, with many of the old buildings disused.
Maj Gen David Muhoozi, commander of the land forces, said as Brig Olum handed over to Brig Kavuma that the UPDF had gained valuable experience fighting in built-up urban areas in Mogadishu, as opposed to fighting in jungles to which they were previously accustomed.

At the entrance to the compound where we were housed, for example, there is a disused building which Lt Col Ankunda said was a UPDF command post at some point. One day, he said, attackers driving a vehicle labelled as belonging to the United Nations drove into the building and exploded bombs, killing themselves together with seven UPDF soldiers.

The compounds in the expansive African Union /United Nations base camp in Mogadishu, which is about three square kilometres, are therefore largely fenced off with sandbags in anticipation of possible attacks.
Within the base camp are a number of offices, including the Amisom military command and the AU Mission. The UN too has a camp in there, running a hospital and other services.

Lt Col Wycliffe Keita is proud to head the first ever Ugandan UN guard unit, saying by the UN choosing to have its staff and installations in Somalia protected by the UPDF, they acknowledge “the good job we have done here”.

Far from secure
But the “good job” Lt Col Keita talks about is highly relative. It can only make sense in relation to where Somalia has come from. Otherwise the country is still highly insecure and al-Shabaab fighters still control some parts.

While in Mogadishu, we would not venture out of the protected camp unaccompanied, and all the time we had to wear body armour and drive in armoured military vehicles.

Outside the camp, however, residents seemed to get on with life normally, busy rebuilding their lives. Sections of Mogadishu are experiencing heavy construction work, the market people are working and others are busy fishing in the ocean.

On the other hand, the Amisom forces are busy with their job too, working in the six different segments, called sectors. Uganda is in charge of sector one, which includes Mogadishu. Kenya handles sector two, covering lower and middle Juba regions, while Ethiopia handles sector three whose capital is Baidoa.

Djibouti, which has less than 800 soldiers in Somalia, operates in the small Hiraan region, dubbed sector four, while Burundi runs sector five that includes the town of Johaw. Sierra Leone runs sector six headquartered at Kismayu.

In Uganda’s sector, significant military victories have been recorded, and Brig Olum left on a high, having driven the al-Shabaab out of the important Shabelle town of Baraawe in October. In the town of Baraawe, Brig Olum said, the al-Shabaab lost a vital spot from which they both coordinated their fight and raised revenue.

The UPDF say the al-Shabaab used to collect $500 (Shs1.3 million) from every cultivation tractor every three months and required each of the 37 clans in the region to pay $20,000 (Shs55 million) every three months. The al-Shabaab taxed almost every economic activity, the UPDF say.

In addition, Brig Olum said, the capture of the Indian Ocean coast town of Baraawe, which is 250km south of Mogadishu, enabled the UPDF to establish a long stretch of communication while at the same time denying the al-Shabaab the same.

But the challenge of holding the ground is still immense and the UPDF will expect to encounter a number of ambushes on a trip from Mogadishu to Baraawe. That is why our hosts ruled out transporting us to Baraawe by road during our time there.

Brig Olum said the al-Shabaab “have now melted into the population” and he expects them to keep up the fight. And as Brig Kavuma took over the contingent command, he spoke as though he was alive to the new challenge.

“Terrorists are known not to necessarily hold ground; we need to deny them time and space (in which to organise attacks),” Brig Kavuma said. He talked of the need to clean up the area the UPDF already have before venturing into other areas.

Involving the Somalis
Talking of “cleaning up” the country, Brig Kavuma acknowledges that “Somalia belongs to the Somalians” and that in whatever they do, they “work to enable that Somalians gain the necessary capacity to manage their country.”

In line with this, Gen Muhesi came up with an initiative, the Joint Operations Coordination Centre (JOCC), which brings together Amisom army and police on the one hand, and the Somalia National Army (SNA), police and intelligence services on the other.

For an hour every evening, JOCC members, under the leadership of Gen Muhesi, share notes and lay strategies on how to deal with the security situation. On November 19, Gen Muhesi was happy to take us along.

The meeting learnt that six men, some of them wearing SNA uniforms, who had mounted an illegal roadblock at which they collected money and other valuables, had been arrested that day. The operation had also seized five guns, ammunition and two magazines, and a vehicle, a Toyota Camry. Ransom money and five mobile phones used by the suspects had also been recovered.
The meeting was further told of “two or three targets” and that plans to move on them would be finalised the following day.

Gen Muhesi was returning from a two weeks break and he had received information that a former warlord, Ahmed Dai, was “going back to his old ways”. He suspected that Dai was behind the road blocks then being mounted in parts of Mogadishu.

So he served warning: “Ahmed Dai should be warned that we have already shed a few litres of blood; we can afford to shed one more litre to deal with him.”

Dai was once in charge of Mogadishu Airport, among other things, collecting sizeable ransoms. The new order in Mogadishu has squeezed his sources of income, but he still seems to wield some influence. Whenever the Amisom forces move against him, Gen Muhesi said, “It is not unusual for some politicians and other people to raise objections.”

Col Abdalla Abdalla, the deputy director of the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA), promised during the meeting that they would protect whoever worked with them, probably out of recognition that the incentive to work with former warlords, or at least to be afraid of them, is still existent.

About the al-Shabaab, Col Abdalla said they “gathered from all over the world thinking that Somalia is a safe haven.” He says the people of Somalia are now “hardening” against them.

The al-Shabaab captured in battle, Gen Muhesi said, are handed over to the Somalia government. But there seem to be challenges of how to deal with them.
Gen Muhesi said there were some captured al-Shabaab fighters who wanted to be absorbed into the SNA, but that the government was apprehensive, fearful that they would turn guns on the commanders.

In some cases, Gen Muhesi said, some former al-Shabaab fighters have been rehabilitated, especially where the elders order and recommend so. In the case of “hard-core” individuals, he says, “the government will try them and execute them in public.”

But, going by Gen Muhesi’s estimates, there are very many al-Shabaab fighters still out there among the population. Time will tell whether they will eventually abandon the fight and get on with life.
When Baraawe was captured, the people switched on their television sets and turned to those things which the al-Shabaab’s strict version of Islam had prohibited, Brig Olum said.

Source : Daily Monitor

FADLAN AQRI:-Maxaad ka taqaan Taariikhda Madow ee Cumar Xaaji Masalle?


Waxaa marag madoonto ah haddii qolo lagu tilmaami karo inay ceeb ka  simanyihiin inay Soomaalidu ka simantahay qoris la,aanta taariikhda iyo diiwaan galin la,aanta dhacdooyinka , taasaana keentay inay umada hortaagnaadaan raq ku noloshii dalka qaarna gubay qaarna gatay , xumaan waji kastoo ay leedahay Soomaaliya waa ka dhacday , dilbaa dhacay , bililiqaa dhacaday , kufsibaa dhacay , dadkii xornimada u soo halgamay baa waxna la  dilay waxna la duuflaalshay , ( Xabagtii waxaa cunay kuwii Xaawo gawracaye ) waxaasoo dhib ah waxaa gaysanayay u adeegayaashii gumaysiga shalay iyo maantaba , waa boqol sano intay na gumaadayaan , waligoodna ma toobad keenin .

Haddaba maxaan goor walba u cafinaynaa danbiilayaasha ? hadaanse cafinay kii  dorraad gumaystaha u shaqaynayay , kan maantay hadba dagaan cusub dabka  saaraya , kan had iyo goor u taagan inaan dadka maantay nool qofina ka harin   si,aan danbigiisii agoonta loogu sheegin , maxaan wali ugu ogolnahay inay  kaligood hogaanka siyaadda qabtaan oo hadba god madaw nagu tuuraan ?

Maxaan u aqbalaynaa inay marba magac noola baxaan , oo nagu beer laxawsadaan Ehel Walaalnimo ,iyo Islaanimo IWM ? waa dhab waa waqtigii agoonka loo sheegi lahaa ninkii aabihiis dilay , waxaa waqtigii maxkamada la saari lahaa burcadda siyaasada ee laynta shacabka codka iyo magaca ku raadsada , waxaa la hubaa in lala dagaalo oo bulshada horteeda laga leexiyo , inay ka dhibaato yaraan lahayd intay dadka horjoogi la haayeen oo hadba dab cusub na galin lahaayeen ,maxaa yeelay waa dulmiilawyaal aan wax khayr ah looga baran . Ayeeyadu waa inay wiilkeeda u sheegtaa ninkii awowgiis dilay , hooyaduna waa inay u xafidaa uur ku harka ninka asayda u saaray , umaduna waa inay aruurisaa akhbaarta burcada siyaasada si maxkamad loogo soo taago.

Anagoo arimahaas iyo kuwo la mid ah tixgalinayna waxaa nala haboon inaan Qawlaysatada na hortaagan waxay yihiin is waydiino , waxay galeen iyo waxay gaysteenna is xasuusinaa,taasaana igu kaliftay inaan qoraalkan sameeyo.


Jen.Cumar wuxuu ka tirsanaa ciidankii xoogga dalka Soomaaliyeed wuxuu muddo dheer caan ku ahaa khamra cabidda wuxuu ahaa sarkaal kii loo xil saaray  toogashada tobankii wadaad ee sanadkii 1975tii lagu toogtay Xamar kadib markay diideen in xeer madaxtooyo lagu badalo aayadda quraanka ah,Jen.Cumar oo uu aad u kool koolinayay madaxwayne M.S.Barre ayaa gaaray sideetameeyadii darajada Generaal iyo waliba wasiirka gaashaandhiga ,runtiina labada darajaba waxaa
lagu siiyey qaab musuqmaasuq ka muuqday oo saraakiisha xoogga dalka ka caraysiisay , hasa yeeshee muddo gaaban kadib 1981kii ayaa magaalada baydhabolaga soo xiray iyadoo lagu eedeeyey in uu jaajuus ahaa sidaasna waxaa ku qoray Buugiisa qarannjabkii soomaaliya Aw Jaama Cumar Ciise ,sidoo kale idaacadda  BBCda ayaa soodaysay codkii Axmed Suleymaan Dafle oo 1982dii ku eedaynaya jaajuus inow  ahaa Xabashida iyo dalal kale , waxaa kaloo arintaas  xaqiijiyey saraakiil kamid ah ciidamadii SSDF ta ee kagarab dagaallami jiray ciidankii Itoobiya iyagoo sheegay inay Xabashidu xogta ugu badan ka heli  jirtay Cumar Xaaji inta badanna lagu go,aan qaadan jiray xog warrankiisa ,waa yaabe waxaa loo magacaabay wasiirka caafimaadka iyadoo laga fageynayo ciidanka kaddib markii la ogaaday inow  sirdoonka Maraykanka xiriir hoose la leeyahay ,hadal uu u jeediyey shaqaalihii wasaaradda caafimaadka ayuu ku yiri “aniga  waxaa la i baray sida naf loogooyo idinkana waxaa la idinbaray sida naf loo  badbaadiyo marka aan sidaas kuwada shaqayno”waxaa muuqata inuu jananku wali  kujiro ku dhaqanka aqoontii labaray ee ahayd sida naf loo gooyo!!.


MARKII AY BUR BURTAY qarannimadii Soomaaliyeed dalkuna uu galay dagaalkan hadda kow iyo taban jirsaday , Cumar wuxuu ka mid ahaa Jananadii dhiigga umadda magaca & kursiga ku raadinayay , beeshuu ka dhashayna waxay u dooratay gudoomiyaha ururka SNF , inkastoo markii la dooranayay odayaal wax garad ahi  ku taliyeen in la doorto Awr hayin ah oo gur gurshaa ah ee aan la dooran
qaalin buub ah , taladaasise dhaga awdan bay ku dhacday oo waxaa la doortay  buubaaagii , dhacdaas kaddib wuxuu Jananku qayb wayn ka qaatay bur burkii iyo  baabi , ii dalka ka dhacay , boobkii & bililiqadii ayuu saamigiisa kaqaatay ,shirarkii dib u heshiisiinta badankood wuu ka qayb galay , ragii caqabadda ku ahaa ayuu mid ka ahaa , siday dad xog ogaal ahi sheegeen sanadkii 1992 kii wuxuu magaalada NAIROBI kula shiray sarkaal safaarada Maraykanka ka tirsan , wuxuuna u sheegay in ciidanka beeshiisa ee jooga Buurhakaba aysan fara galin ku samayn dagaallada ka socda Xamar ee u dhexeeya labada garab ee ururka USC ,halkoodana ay ku nagaadaan , waxaa kaloo loo sheegay in ay go,aan deg deg ah
ka soo gudbiyaan joogida madax waynaha gobolkiisa , danta Maraykanku waxaa doonto ha noqotee Jananku arrintaas waa fuliyay , wuxuuna Baydhabo u diray  wafdi ka kooban rag ay isku dhawaayeen jen. Gaanni oo waagaas amaanduule u  ahaa ciidankii dhanka Gedo kala dagaalamayay ciidankii USC da , islamarkiina  waxaa bilawday xiriir dhex maray Caydiid & Gaani oo aan dhabtii wali la  fahmin nooca uu ahaa & cidda ka danbaysay , iyo khilaaf beeleed oo dhex maray Gaani & M. S. Bare ,kaasoo sababay in muddo yar kadib degmooyinka Gedo oo dhan ay gacanta u galaan ururkii USC da. Markii uu Caydiid Gedo qabsaday Jananku waxuu u qaxay dalka Suuriya , hase yeshee markii laga saaray mudo kadib ayuu  soo laabtay , gobalka oo nabad ah laguna jiro ka soo kabashada dagaaladii sokeeye , markaan waxaa dabada ka waday xafiisyadii Unisom , wuxuu la yimid dhulka waa in laga saaro asalraaca , muddo gaaban gudaheed wuxuu gobalka geliyay xasaasiyad &xiisad dagaal , wuxuu qabtay shirar tiro badan oo dadka gobalka colaad looga dhex abuurayo , dadaal ha bixiyee kuma uuna guulaysan in uu dagaal huriyo, colaadda uu Cumar beeshiisa u hayo ma ahayn mid ku dhisan mabda, oo kaliya , waase colaad soo taxnayd ilaa muddadaii xariggiisa .

1994 tii Cumar rag saaxiibadiis ah ayuu u sheegay ha dhawaato ama ha dheeraatee  inuu mar un cida dagaal ka dhex shidi doono.

Tillaabo walba ayuu isku dayay oo ay ugu darnayd warqaddii diin la,aantu ka muuqatay ee uu u qoray 1994 kii  safaaradaha reer galbeedka iyo Ethoipia ee kenya degan ,warqaddaas oo aad u   dheerayd wuxuu ku soo gaba gabeeyay ( haddaan reer galbeedku si deg deg ah  itixaadka wax uga qaban , Soomaaliya waxaa ka dhalan doonta dawlad islaam ah oo sida tan Suudaan ay hadhaw dhib noqon doonto si loo bur buriyo ) waxaase la yaab leh sida uu Cumar u soo minguuriyay taladii uu soo jeediyay Andro wisky  sanadkii 1992 kii . Odayaal reer Garbahaaray ah ayaa usoo jeediyay in lagu dhaqo gobolka  shareecada islaamka , wuxuuna ka bixiyay shareecada tusaalahan foosha xun , isagoo adeegsanaya falsafaddii shuuciyada ayuu yiri

(Saddex qof oo indha la , ayaa loo keenay Maroodi ,midbaa dabada ka taabtay midna iligga ayuu ka  taabtay midna dhabarka ayuu ka taabtay,Markii mid walba la waydiiyay Maroodi ka warran ayaa mid yiri waa laf dheer oo adag , midna wuxuu yiri waa wax buuran oo duf leh , midkii kalaa wuxuu yiri waa wax dhuuban oo faraq leh , mid waliba meeshii uu taabtay ayuu u fahmay maroodi , kolka diinta waa qofba siduu u fahmo ) xaqiiqada eraygaani waa in aysan diinta islaamku lahayn asal jira oo la raaco , cid walbana siday doonto ay ka yeesho)

Jen. Cumar wax uu hagankaas indha la, ku jiraba , waxaa u cadaatay inaysan  suurta gal ahayn inuu gobalka ka rido dagaal sokeeye , wuxuu go,aan ku gaaray in cadaw shisheeye la,adeegsado in ay lama huraan tahay ,oo waa kuma  cadawgaasi ? taladii Tigree waa dhaafi wayday , si, uu hawshaas u guda galana wuxuu bishii May 1996 dii kula shiray safaarada Xabashida ee Nairobi wakiillo Itooboyaan iyo Maraykan,halkaas ayaana lagu go,aanshay weerarkii Xabashidu ku qabsatay qaybo ka mid ah gobolka Gedo , si hawshaas loo dhamays  tirana wuxuu saraakiil itoobiyaan ah kula shiray  Suufka bishii July ee 1996 dii xaga Soomaalida waxaa Cumar ku wehliyay shirkaas afar nin oo kale,nimankaasi waxay ahaayeen niman ka tirsan lafo kala duwan si Xabashida looga dhaadhiciyo imaashahooda dadkoo dhani sugayo ubaxna lagu soo dhawayn doono , ragaase kuwee ahaayeen halkeese ku danbeeyeen?:
1. Dr: Cali Nuur oo reer Xasan ah , ugu danbayntiina waxaa lagu dilay weerar
Xabashidu soo abaabushay.
2. Xasan Ugaas oo Talxe ah asna waxaa lagu dilay isla dagaalkii Cali Nuur lagu
3.Xassan Deer oo reer Axmed ah , isla dagaalkaas ayaa waxaa qafaalatay  Tigreeda meel uu ku danbeeyey nolol iyo geeri toona lama oga!.
4.Xaaji Yuusuf oo Calidheere ah , isana wuxuu si dirqi ah uga fakaday  dagaalkaas saaxiibadi lagu gaba waray .

Haddii afartii nin ee shirqoolkii  dadkooda iyo dalkooda kala qayb galay Cumar Xabashidu sidaas u gashay muxuu  ugu quus qaadan la,yahay ? Gabyaa baa yiri :
“Duulkii Ibliis saar u tumo oo la sababaayo  Salka meel ma dhigo balo nimay soo kac leedahaye”( Abwaan Tansaaniya ).

Ugu danbayntiina Ethoipia Gedo waa soo weerartay , dad iyo duunyo badanna  cagtay marisay , haddaba sidee wax u dhaceen ? , subaxdii jimcaha 9.8.1996 kii ayay ciidamada Ethoipia weerar millateri kusoo qaadeen degmooyinka Luuq , B/xaawo , & Doolow sadexdaba gacanta ayay ku dhigeen waxay halkaas ku dileen  ilaa 200 oo qof , hanti badan bay qaateen , guryo badan waa gubeen , Luuq & B/xaawo waxay ku garaaceen madaafiic cul culus , Diyaaradana waa ku dukheeyeen, kaddib markii dagaalkii kafool kafool ka ahaa kululaaday , Maktabadihii iyo Masaajiddii magaalooyinkaas wixii Kutub yaallay waa rarteen, kadibna waa  gubeen , dhacdadaas jananku kama nixin , kamana xumaan , maadaama ay dadka la laayay ahaayeen dad uusan dan ka lahayn, Xabashiduna  ay xaq darisnimo nagu leedahay waa siduu yiriye.

Hadalkaas wuxuu u sheegay wargayska Al-xayaat ee ka soo baxa dalka Ingiriiska & idaacaadda BBC da laanta Af  Soomaaliga , mar labaad ayay ciidanka Xabashido weerar kusoo qaadeen isla  sadexdaas degmo 12.6.1997 dii , labadaas weerar & dagaaladii u dhexeeyayba  Itoobiyaanku waxay dileen dad ka badan 700 oo qof , oo rag ,haween iyo  caruurba leh , waxay rarteen madaafiicdii lidka Diyaaradaha ee yaallay xerada libsida ee degmada Luuq , intaasoo dhan Cumar Xaaji ogolaanshihiisay ku  sameeyeen , asaguna markay waxaasu dheceen ayaa diyaarad ciidan looga soo  dajiyay B/xaawo halkaasuu ka khudbeeyay isagoo sheegay inayan abaalka Ethoipia gudi karin , wuxuu naxariis la,aan ugu digtay dadkii dhacaankooda dhulka la dhigay , ragbaa maalintaas ku cel celinayay tixdii Faarax Xusseen Sharmaake:
“Ninna aanadiis kama damana Dir & Daaroode Dulmi qaadan maayoo fir ceeb diiddan baan ahaye  Ninkii aniga iga doorranaw hay dakanadayda”
Su,aashu waa wuxuu filayay maxaase dhacay ? wuxuu filayay in ay Amxaaro  fuliso heshiisyadii lagu gaaray Nairobi &Suufka oo ay kamid ahaayeen :
1.In Cumar lagu soo wareejiyo hubkii Jen. Gaani ciidamada Ethoipia ka  qabsadeen markuu u socday dhinaca Galgaduud 1992 kii , hubkaas oo dhamaa 35  Tikniko ah iyo hub yar yar oo fara badan.

2.In lasiiyo taagaara dhaqaale oo u suuro galinaysa in uu maamulo gobollada  koonfureed siiba Gedo & labada Juba , iyo in uu noqdo ninka mustaqbalka danaha Maraykanka & Ethoipia ka fuliya Soomaaliya , ayaguna ay dhinac walba ka garab istaagaan. Maxaase dhacay ?

Amxaaro ayaa gaddeedii la soo baxday , ninkii Cumar ahaa waa la garab bidixeeyay , Afartii nin ee heshiiska Suufka la saxiixday ,laba waa ladilay mid waa la qafaashay midna waa fakaday, mar uu Addis tagay si uu arrimahaas madaxda sare ee Ethoipia ugala hadlo waxaa la amray in uu laba xiddig laha Doolow jooga wuxuu u baahdo kala xiriiro , waxaa la tusay inay naftiisu khatar ku jirto wax loo qabto iska daaye , waxaa loo sheegay in hadduu tagana aan boos banaanaanayn oo Buraale & Burkuus baa u malabsanaya xilkiisa , Cumar talaa ku caddaatay ( Gablan talo adduuney maxay galabba heer joogtay ) , siduu ragiisa u sheegay hanti maraykanku siiyay waxaa leexsatay Tigreeda , haddaba oraahdii Amxaaro afkay kugu shumisay kugu qaniintaa , ayaa Cumar ka soo ifbaxday , waxaase nasiib darraa inuusan qaniinyada dareemayn ilaa la goosto , Cumar iyo Tigree waa u kala dhammaatay ,oo halkeebuu jaanta saari ?aanu isla aragno. 


kaddib markuu jananka ka soo xirmay qandaraaskii tigreedu wuxuu jaanta saaray dhanka maamulkii Salballaar ee uu dhaxaltooyada ku maamulayay Xuseen M. Caydiid , maamulkaas oo laftiisu liicayay ayay ula muuqatay in ay Cumar Xaaji ku dad badsan karaan , waxay ina caydiid isla tageen wadamo ay ka midyihiin Masar , Liibiya & Kenya , intuu jananku isbahaysigaas ku jiray wuxuu BBCda ka sheegay in ay Ethoipia dhulka soomaaliya duullaan ku hayso !!, hase yeeshee  ina caydiid layskuma daahin , oo waayo ? waxaa Cumar ku eedeeyay dhawr arimood:
1.In intii booqashooyanka lagu jiray uu Xusseen u talinayay , masuuliyiintii  la qabilayayna uu kaligi la xaajoonayay isagoo ragga kale ku shaagay in ay yihiin taageerayaalkii aabbihi oo isagu dhaxlay !!.

2. In wixii dhaqaale ahaa ee la helay ayan gacanta Agoonka soo dhaafin.
3.Taas waxaa dheer iyadoo Jananka looga shakiyay in uu sir badan u gudbiyay Amxaarada siiba xiriirkii lala lahaa Oromada.

Guntii hadalka jidkaasina waa xirmay oo waliba agoonka si fool xunbaa loo dagaalamay , tolow halkee qaban doonaa ? malaga yaabaa in uu markaan maskax  fayaw ku fakaro oo uu ceebtaan joogtadaa lugaha kala baxo , Ilmihiisa Denmark ku dac daraysanna xanaanaysto ? haba ka yaabin Waayo ? mar labaad xasuuso:
Duulkii Obliis saar u tumo ee la sababaayo Salka meel madhigo balo nimay soo kac leedahaye !!


Waxaan soo tilmaanay in ay jananka wadooyinkii oo dhani kasoo xirmeen , tii beeshiisa , tii Ethoipia ( sida muuqatay ) iyo ugu danbayntii tii salballaar , isagoo xaalkiisu sidaas marayo kob uu jaan &cirib dhigana garan la, ayaa lagu dhawaaqay shirkii dib u heshiisiinta Soomaaliyeed ee Djabuti , wuxuu ka mid  ahaa dadkii ugu horeeyay ee shirkaas tagay , ma wado kalaa u foran ? Jananku  wuxuu ku han waynaa in uu dawladda halkaas lagu dhisi doono madaxwayne ka noqdo !!waxaase waa ku baryay markii beeshiisa oo garanaysa halkuu dhacaankooda dhigay ay kareebeen xubnaha baarlamaanka u galaya , gar & gardarro Cumar baarlamaankii waa lagu daray , kaddib markii nin kursigiisii uga tanaasulay , wuxuuse meel dhigtay in uu yahay wasiirka Gaashaandhigga , waa labaad baa ku baryay kolkii la magacaabay wasiirrada iyo ku xigeennadooda magiciisiina uu ka waayay , waxaa u caddaatay inaan dhanna laga jeclayn , Albaabkaanina waa isa soo laabay , Markaanna halkee qaban doonaa ? Sow mar kale iyo jamhaddii EPRDF ma,aha , Qaalinkii buubka ahaa wuxuu ka dagay Nairobi,mar kale ayay safaaradii Maraykanku u kala dab qaadday isaga & Tigree , cidkastoo qaranimada Soomaaliya diidani waa saaxiib Amxaaro e waa la soo dhaweeyey , wuxuu tegay Kismaayo si,uu dadka Dhiilo dagaal u galiyo , ugu danbayntiina wuxuu ka qayb galay shirkii Ceelbarde si,uu dawladdii Koonfur galdeed Ethoipia u bixisay wax uga dhiso , Wxaa lagu qasbay in uu BBCda ka cadeeyo in uu Dawlada KMG ah ka baxay lana diriri doono , waqtigaas laba todobaad ka hor ayuu BBCda ka sheegay in uu Dawladda KMG ah xubin baarlamaan ka yahay lana shaqaynayo , Allaw sarriigta hanaga qaadin. Waxaa iswaydiin mudan jananku maka helay Dawladii Ceelbarde ee Ethoipia dhoodhoobaysay jagaduu ku taamayay ? waa nin inkaar waalid qabee waxaa lakala dooransiiyay laba jago midood waa mide in uu madxwayne ku xigeen sadexaad u noqdo Shaati guduud & Jen. Aadan gabyaw , waatan labaade in uu kuxigeenka taliyaha ciidanka u noqdo Jen. Moorgan , arrintaasi aad ayay uga caraysiisay janaka , lama filaanna way ku noqotay , waa mar kale iyo safaaraddii Maraykanka ee Nairobi , si ay  Ethoipia uga dhaadhiciso jagadii la siin lahaa Cumar Xaaji , dhex  dhexaadintaasi kuwii hore ma dhaami doontaa ? waanu u wada joognaa.


Ugu danbayntii Cumar Xaaji wali kama daalin waddadii gudcurka ahayd ee uu u hayay in uu noqdo madaxwaynaha Soomaaliya , walina kama daalin ku dhaqanka cilmigii uu bartay ee ahaa in naf la gooyo , filina maayo in uu daali doono inta noole jiro , ama asaga godka lagalinaayo , waa yaabe maxaa wada ? Jagaa u bidhaantay wuxuu is tusay iyadoo madaxwayne la leeyahay , baaba,aas uu dalka u gaystayna Wiil , Walaal , iyo waalid toonihi ugama dhiman , hantiyi ugama  guban hoyna ugama bur burin , haddaba waxaa yaab leh maxaanu isaga qaban la , nahay isaga iyo inta la jaadka ah ? dhibaatada uu soomaaliya u gaystay waa mid aan la koobi karin , siiba gobalka Gedo oo aan weli kasoo kaban bur burkii Ethoipia u gaysatay ,1993 kii waxaa gobolkaas ka dhisnaa xadex dugsi dhexe , oo ay barayaal ka ahaayeen macallimiin jaamacadeed , iyadoo dhamaadka 1996 dii lagu tala jiray furidda dugsi sare , maantase waxaa ka furan hal dugsi dhexe oo kaliya , sidaasoo ay tahay wuxuu hadda usoo xaydanayaa in uu gobollada  koonfureed dagaal cusub galiyo , wiilashoodana ku laayo in ay yihiin  Jabuutiyiin , halka uu kuwii hore ku laayay in ay yihiin Sacuudiyiin , miyaanuu garba duubnaan doonnaa inta uu nawada gabawarayo mise gacantaan kala hormari doonnaa ?
Waxaan qraalkan yar kusoo xirayaa laba maaso oo curiyay Sayid Maxamed C/lle  Xasaan , bal in ay tusaale u noqoto dhuuni qaatayaalka dhulkoodii u gubaya  cadawga dantiisa , wuxuuyiri:
Ha , itiri horaa rag ugu lumay himiladoodiiye
Hawadooda beentaa ayay hebello eedeene
Waxay hoosta gaal uga jiraan inuu u hiishaaye
Asna inuu halaaguu rabaa hogob ka tuuraaye
Uu u horkacaa naarta iyo holacyadeediiye
Hunguraa u geeyaye anfaco hooya muu orone
Hantidooda inuu dhoofiyuu haabka ku hayaaye
Oo weliba uu ugu hanjebi dhiifna ku hadlaaye
Ay hoos indhaha ugu rogaan sida haweenkiise
Habaar baa ku biiriyo cuqubo waalidoo hare e
Inuu hoysto mooyee wax kale shaw umay harine !!

( yaa huba kuwaan inaan la
hoysan ) , sayidku wuxuu kaloo yiri:
Dadaw maqal daduubtaan ku iri ama dan how yeelan
Ama dhaha darooryiba jiryaye doxorka yeelkiisa
Nin ragey dar daaran u tahaye doqon ha moogaado
Daw lagama helo gaal haddaad daawo dhigataane
Waa idin dagaayaa kufriga aad u debcaysaane
Dirhamkuu idiin qubahayaad dib u go , aysaane
Marka horedabkuu idinka dhigi dumar sidiisiiye
Marka xigana daabaqadda yuu idin dareensiine
Marka xiga dalkuu idinku oran duunya dhaafsada e
Marka xiga dushuu idinka rari sida dameeraade ???.
Geba gebadii hadalka waxaan ka codsanayaa qof kasta oo wax xog ah ka haya  dagaal oogayaalka in uu iisoo gudbiyo si,aan ugu kaashado qoraallo & baaritaan aan ka samaynayo arintaas. Waxaa qoray.

Voice Of Somalia-Somali Leaks.


DHAGEYSO:-Cabdulqaadir Cali Yarow “Maamul Gobaleedyada iyo Federaalkuba waxay ka mid yihiin Federaalka Itoobiya”



Aqoon yahan Cabdulqaadir Cali Yarow oo ka mid ah Soomaalida qurbo joogta ah ayaa  sheegay in maamulada dalka ka jira ee watta magac dowladeed dhamantood looga taliyo dalka Itoobiya,Wuxuu tilmaamay in federaalka la sheegayo ee ay maamul gobaleedyadu hoos tegayaan aanuu ahayn midka xamar ka jira ee uu yahay midka Itoobiya.


Aqoon yahanka ayaa hoosta ka xariiqay in federaalka Xasan Sheekh madaxda ka yahay qudhiisu uu qeyb ka yahay kuwa Itoobiya laga xukumo.
Wuxuu soo qaatay tusaalooyin muhiim ah oo ay ka mid tahay in haddii laba maamul is qabato Itoobiya arintooda lagu soo xaliyo taasuna ay ka marqaati kaceyso in halka looga taliyo ay Adis ababa tahay.
Wuxuu dadka Soomaaliyeed u soo jeediyay in ay xoriyadooda u dagaalamaan asigoo Xarakada Shabaabul Mujaahidiinna ku dhiirri geliyay in ay wacyi gelin u sameyso bulshada la qaldday ee cadawga sokeeyaha looga dhigay.
Wuxuu intaas ku daray in loo baahan yahay Xarakadu in ay soo dhaweysato dadka wadaniyiinta ah ee ay ka go’an tahay in dalka la xoreeyo.


Voice Of Somalia-Somali Leaks

Ballan si hoose loowada galay oo leysaga baxay Dastuurku malagu xallin karaa?‏


32561477Maalmihii ugu dambeeyey waxaa aad loo hadal haayaa khilaafka soo kala dhexgalay Madaxwenaha iyo Raisal wasaaraha oo heerkii ugu xumaa gaaray. waxbadan ayaa la falanqeeyey oo wax laga yiri hase ahaatee waxaan lays weydiinin arin muhiim ah oo meesha kujiri karta.


Taasoo ah inay jiri karaan ballamo hoose oo dhexmaray Madaxweynaha iyo Raisalwasaaha waqtigii xulashada uu kujiray madaxweyne Xasan Shiikh ee uu soo doortay Cabdiweli Shiikh Axmed.


Sida ay dadka badankiisu maleyn karaan waxaa jirtay baa laleeyahay inuu madaxweynuhu xubnaha wasiirada ku darsaday dhowr wasiir oo xilal cayiman loo dhiibay oo ay dhici karto in lagu ballamay inaan raggaas laga taaban Madaxweynaha Raisal wasaaruhuna uu aqbalay oo ay sidaas raali isaga ahaayeen.


Sida loo badinaayo ragga dhinaca Madaxweynaha ka socday waxaa kamid ahaa wasiirkii hore ee arimaha gudaha Cabdikariim Guuleed iyo wasiirka hadda qalalaasuhu kabilowday ee dastuurka Faarax Cabdulqaadir.


Haddaba inkastoo ay jiraan arrimo kale oo dhowr ah oo inta badan hore looga faalleeyey inay sababeen isqab qabsiga madaxda sare haddana marna faallooyinkaas kuma aanan arag qodobkaan aan hadda halkaan kuqoray oo ah heshiiska hoose ee ay dhici karto in laysaga baxay.


Haddii uu arinkaasi jiro sidee qodobada Baarlabaanku iyo doodaha Xildhibaanadu ku xallin karaan khilaafka , mar haddaan xeer jajab lagu deyeyn?


Xaggee buuse kabaxay qodobkii Dastuuriga ahaa ee shalay murankii SAACID iyo Xasan Shiikh u ogolaaday in baarlabaanka la horgeeyo?

Mise xildhibaanada ayaan ahayn kuwii shalay gartaas galay ee saacid jagada ka qaaday? Guddoomiye Jawaari maxaa iska bedelay R/wasaare Saacid Shirdoon kadib?.

warbaahinta Soomaalida maxaa su,aalaha ku yareeyey??

 War jiraaba cakaaruu iman.

W/Q; Xagaleey.


Voice Of Somalia-Somali Leaks

TV-GA ALJAZEERA-“Warbaahinta Muqdisho Ma Tabin Karto Wax War ah oo Kasoo Baxa Alshabaab”


Tv-ga Caanka ah Ee Aljazeera ayaa warbixin ka qoray Cadaadiska Dowladda ku heyso saxaafada Muqdisho.

Tv-ga ayaa soo xigtay wariye Maxamed Bashiir oo uxiran Dowladda kaasi oo ushaqeynayay Idaacadda Shabeelaha.

“Waan ogahay inay i qaban  doonaan. Waan ogahay in ay iJirdil doonnaa. . Laakiin aamuslama yeeli  karo” ayuu yiri Maxamed Bashiir.

Bishii Agoosto bartamaheedii ciidamada Dowladda waxay weerareen laba idaacadood oo kala  Shabelle FMiyo SKY FM.

 hawada ayaa laga saaray iyadoo la xiray  Sagaal iyo toban shaqaale ah oo ka mid ah labada idaacadood inkastoo mar danbe , 15 kamid ah shaqaala lasii daayay.

Bishii Agost gabagabadeedii, Heyada Sirdoonka iyo Amniga  Qaranka (NISA) ayaa kulan isugu yeertaymilkiilayaasha warbaahinta iyagoo laga dalbaday  inay isaga aamusaan wararka la xiriira al-Shabab iyohawlgal Indian Ocean.

Warbixinta ayaa lagu sheegay warbaahinta Soomaalida inaysan tabin karin warar kasoo baxa Alshabaab iyo dagalada dhexmaraya shabaabul Mujaahidiin iyo Dowladda.

Tv-ga wuxuu sheegay warbaahintu inay noqdeen kuwa aanan waxba arkin waxna maqlin marka loo eego cadaadis dowladda saartay Saxaafada.

Warbixinta Taleefishinka ayaa sidoo kale lagu muujiyay in saxaafada cadaadis ay kala kulanto  ciidanka Nabadsugida kuwaasi oo wariyayaal badan ku xiray Godka Jilicow.

Warbixinta Tv-ga Aljazeera Hoos ka aqriso.

Xarakada shabaabul Mujaahidiin ayaa adeegsata warbaahin xoog leh oo lagu magacaabo Al-andalus iyadoo tabisa wararkooda.

Alshabaab ayaa sidoo kale warar siiya wakaaladaha wararka waxaana ay bixiyaan warar caalami ah oo warbaahintu caalamiga ah tabiso.

Ma muuqato in wax saameyn ah shabaabku ku yeelan doonto cadaadiska la saaray idaacaddaha Muqdisho Balse waxaa meesha ka bixi doonoadhageystayaal badan oo ku xirnaa idaacadaha  Muqdisho kuwaasi oo kala socon jiray wararka la xeriira hardanka udhaxeeya shabaab iyo dowladda Federaalka.

Mamaulka Puntland ayaa horay dhankooda u cadaadiyay warbaahinta iyagoo ku amray inaysan baahin karin warar shabaabka kasoo baxay iyo dagaalada ka dhacay Gobalka Bari.

 “Hadaad dhagaysato Wararka iyo Barnaamijyada ka baxa Idaacada Qaranka Radio Muqdisho uma baaahnid inaad sii dhagaysato idaacadaha kale maxaa yeelay waa isku war wax madax banaani idaacadeed la yiraahdana kama jirto Muqdisho ”ayuu sabaax ku yiri Oday Cabdiraxmaan Gacal oo kamid ah indheerad garadka Muqdisho.


Voice Of Somalia-Somali Leaks.



Waxaan dhamaan ummada Soomaaliyeed ku wargalinaynaa in cilado iyo isbedelo ay dhaceen sidaa daradeed aan dib u howlgali doono,Inshalaah.

Howshuna waa halkeedii .

Ciid Mubaarak dhamaan intii Muslim ah.

Maamulka Banaadir News Network

‘BNN Group’


DHAGEYSO:-Gabaygii Gudban Gaalo Leged iyo Sayid Maxamed

32090082 (1)

Gabayada Sayidka’Raxiimulaah’ kuwa loogu jecel yahay mid ka mid ah waxaa ka mid  gabayga ‘Gudban’ amase ‘Gaalo-leged’ lagu magacaabo ee, aftahanimmada suugaaneed ka sokow, in badan inoo muujin karaya waayihii Daraawiishta iyo, xilligii isaga la tiriyey, welwelkii iyo hammigii hoggaamiyahooda.  Waa meerisyo tusaale kaa siin kara dhibaatooyinkii Ingiriis iyo Soomaalidii horkacaysey ay Daraawiish u geysteen, rag wixii ay ka laayeen, gardarradii ay hadba ula iman jireen Soomaalidii uu had iyo goor xoolaha iyo lacagta ku miisi jirey siday ugu gacan-sayreen.  Qalbi murugeysan isagoo wada ah oo Eebbe-weyne u cabanaya ayuu kuu tawaawacayaa:

“Eebbow, dhulkii aannu lahayn meel aan ka degno nalooga dhaarey. Eebbow gaalo iyo cawaankeed waa noo gooddiyaan. Eebbow, Giriigga aan aad u kala fog nahayba ha ku ahaatee, nin waliba birta naga aslay. Eebbow, eed kama aannu geline, waa gardarro waxa ay noo gumaadayaan. Eebbow, dhibaatooyinka ay nagu hayaan waan ka seexan kari lahayn, haddii utun aan ka qabnaa ay jiri lahayd. Eebbow, waa diinta ha la taageero oo jahaadka ha loo soo baxo. Eebbow, nabaddii iyo waanwaantii aan la ag-taagnaa la iga hoos-qaadi waa’.

Voice Of Somalia-Banaadir Post

In Somalia don’t dare touch their women


If anyone of us believes that the African soldiers “Peacekeepers” come to Somalia or elsewhere in Africa for “mercy” missions, we better think twice. The following is what the Chief of Staff of Uganda told his soldiers when they were under training to go to Somalia.  This is probably part of the statement of the Ugandan Chief of Staff that could be made public. However, it is enough information on their miss-behaviour during their mission abroad.

According to Lt. Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, Uganda’s Military Chief, this group of soldiers were in the Congo (DRC) on similar mission.

Mind you foreign soldiers can do whatever they wish with ZERO punishment as they enjoy immunity and they can be taken to court only in their homeland. About the “Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) by African Union Forces in Somalia”, issued by Human Rights Watch (HRW)” see the African Union reaction.

The New Vision of Uganda on 7 March 2005 published a report in which it quoted Lt. Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, Uganda’s Military Chief as saying to the Ugandan soldiers under training for the said development in Somalia: “IGADSOM” would be deployed throughout Somalia, with the exception of the self-declared republic of Somaliland. We shall deploy from Puntland all the way to the south.”

“We hail your shining achievement in helping clear the LRA (Lord Residence Army) from Tesso, Lango and Kitgum, flushing the terrorists back to southern Sudan, killing some, capturing others, recovering weapons, and rescuing inductees.”

While the General spoke hundreds of the soldiers yelled, “Tuko tayari. Tuta songa mbele. Kazi tutaifanya (we are ready. We move forward. We shall execute the assignment).

The General does not warn his officers that action will be taken in case of repetition. He only advises them:

“Unlike in the past when commanders were mobile merchants, don’t command and operate kiosks. Don’t steal soldiers’ salaries. Behave well. Learn their culture. Somalia is not like the DRC, where we sent 400 soldiers and received back 600 including 200 wives. In Somalia don’t dare touch their women.” There was thunderous applause to the statement. He went on to caution: “Guard against HIV.” “You are young and healthy. Remember HIV/AIDS kills.”

A week later, President of Uganda, Yowery Museveni, as the Chairman of IGAD, speaking at the IGAD Defence Ministers’ meeting in Entebbe said on 15 March 2005: “We are going to deploy with or without the support of the warlords,” “Why should the warlords for example reject Ethiopia and Kenya?” He rhetorically asked: “If the two countries go there, what will happen?” “What are we waiting for? “You should work out the deployment programme as soon as possible”, he said.

Nearly ten years later, on September 9, 2014, the Somali Government expressed about the allegations of rape against Somali women and girls by African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) troops.

“The government condemns all forms of abuse against the Somali people and remains committed to ensuring perpetrators of any crime against its civilians are brought to justice,” Somali prime minister’s office said in a statement.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a report recently that drew upon 21 interviews with women and girls that said AMISOM soldiers had committed rape and traded food aid for sex.

The soldiers that the Uganda government selected for Somalia ten years ago, in 2005, are those who have committed all that General Nyakairima told them not to repeat again. But the call has fallen into deaf ears. Somalis cared less about the merchandise they bring in the streets of Mogadishu. But rape of girls and mothers is indeed humiliation.

As for the current event of rape by the African forces, a statement issued by the Somali Prime Minister’s office said: “The government condemns all forms of abuse against the Somali people and remains committed to ensuring perpetrators of any crime against its civilians are brought to justice.”

In the latest events, if the government of Somalia is convinced that rape has in fact, taken place, it is “committed to ensuring perpetrators of any crime against its civilians are brought justice”

According to BBC news report dated 8 September 2014, said “Last year, there was a huge public outcry following claims that AU and government soldiers had gang-raped a woman in Mogadishu.

A joint investigation by the AU and government dismissed the allegation as unfounded, even though neither the woman nor independent witnesses had been interviewed.

Only one rape case, in which the victim was a child, is before Uganda’s military court in Kampala, BBC added.

The best way to deal with such abuses committed by those who claim  immunity  although their crime has nothing to do with their official duties,  is to ask their governments to strip the immunity from them so that they can be brought to  justice.  If the response is negative, then the Somali Government has no alternative but to declare the perpetrators of crime against Somali civilians PERSONA NON GRATA and order them to leave the country within 24 hours.

So, for their heinous action against Somalis, particularly women and girls, they have to pay the price by losing their immunity, privilege and handsome salaries etc.. And the Somali people and the families of the victims will note that the Somali government has taken the necessary steps before they are taken to a Court of Justice.

Mohamed Osman.

DHAGEYSO-Sheekh Abuu Zubeyr iyo Gabayo Afka Carabiga ah oo kula hadlay Dunida Muslimka ah.

Abuu-Zubeyr-618x320 (1)

Sheekh Abuu Zubeyr ayaa gabayo carabi ah kula hadlay dunida Muslim intii aan lagu dilin Drone-ka Maraykanka ha hor.
Waana gabayo isagu jira waano iyo Dardaaran oo kula hadlay dadka ku hadla luqada Carabiga.
Voice Of Somalia-Banaadir Post

DHAGEYSO- DARDAARANKII uu ka tagay Sheekh Abu Zubeyr oo ku Saabsan Sida la yeelayo Markii Amiir SHAHIIDO.


Amiirkii Xarakada Mujaahidiinta Al-Shabaab oo ahaa caalim cilmigiisa ku camal fala ayaa wuxuu aqriyay duruus aan lasoo koobi karin kuwaasoo midkood aan kasoo qaadanay dardaaran muhim ah oo uu siiyay huud ahaan ummada muslimka ah, gaar ahaan Mujaahidiinta, dardaarankaas oo ku saabsan sida loola tacaamulayo marka Amiir shahiido.

Voice Of Somalia-Banaadir Post.

GABAY:- Gabayadii uu ka tagay Sheekh Abuu Zubeyr.

Abuu-Zubeyr-618x320 (1)

Sheekh Mukhtaar Abuu Zubeyr Amiirkii Xarakada Mujaahidiinta Alshabaab oo maalmo ka hor ku shihiiday duqeyn diyaaradaha Mareykanka ka geysteen qeybo ka mid ah gobalka Shabeelada hoose waxa uu ahaa ruux Allaah uu siiyay cilmi fara badan iyo xikmad dheer.

Abuu Zubeyr sidoo kale waxa uu ahaa qof wax curiya islamarkaana abwaan ah’isagoona curiyay gabayo fara badan oo isugu jiro kuwoo uu kula hadlayo Muslimiinta iyo gabayo gaalada uu kula hadlayo.

Voice Of Somalia-Banaadir Post

TUURYARE OO BUUFIS QAADAY ” Waxaa i dilaya Shabaab iyo Beel Hebel”


Saraakiisha Dowladda Federaalka ee sida tooska ah ugu lugta leh dagaalanka ka dhanka ah shabaabul Mujaahidiin ayaa ka sheeganaya cabsi iyo deganaan la’aan.

Inanka Jeega xiirka ah ee dhawaanahan warbixinada siinayay warbaahinta maxalliga ah kuna magacaaban guddoomiyaha maxkamadda ciidanka hubka sida C/Raxmaam Tuur Yare ayaa wajahaya cabsi gelin kaga imaanaysa dhinacyo kala duwan.

Mid kamida Ehellada Tuur Yare ayaa Saxaafada maxaliga ee  Muqdisho  u sheegay in qabaa’illo reer Muqdisho ah ay qoyskooda ugu hanjabeen aargoosi haddii wiilkooda gacamaha qaban waayaan.
“Cadaadis aan caadi aheyn ayaa qoyskeena soo wajahay qabaa’iilo Muqdisho deggan oo C/Raxmaan Tuur Yare wiilashooda xukuno dilal ah ku riday ayaa ku hanjabaya in ay naga aargudanayaan”ayuu yiri mid kamida ehellada Tuur Yare.

Sidoo kale Tuur Yare ayaa amar ku bixiyay in laga bedelo laba kamid ah ciidankii ilaalada u ahaa ka gadaal markii uu uga shakiyay in ay maleegayaan qorshe isaga ka dhan ah.

Askarta ilaala u aheyd sarkaalkan ee labedelay ayaa deggan degmada Boondheere ee magaalada Muqdisho,wararka ayaa intaasi ku daraya in guddoomiyaha maxkamadda melleteriga DF-ka uu cabsi daran ka qabo dhinacyo kala duwan oo Shabaabul Mujaahidiin kamid tahay.

“Cabdi Raxmaan habeenadan saq dhexe ayuu hurdada kasoo kacaa marmarka qaarna isagoo qeylinaya oo shabaab iyo beel hebel ayaa idilaysa ku qeylinaysa ayuu soo toosaa”ayuu yiri mid kamida ilaalada Tuur Yare.

Isagoo BBC-da lahadlayay ayuu Tuur Yare ku faanay in uu yahay “Rajul Amni ah” oo macnaheedu yahay waxaan ahay “Nin dhiifoon oo amnigiisa ilaashan kara” balse waqtiga iyo maalmaha soo socda ayaa la arki doonaa haddii Tuur Yare ka nabad galo dadkii uu dhalinyarada ka laayay.

Xasan Muungaab guddoomiyaha gobolka Banaadir ahna duqa magaalada Muqdisho ayaa qorshaynaya in Tuur Yare uu siiyo mid kamida gaadiidka aysan xabaddu Karin oo bishii May ay Dowladda Imaaraadka carabta ugu deeqday DF-ka.

Tuuryare ayaa hada waxaa la siiyay EEYO amnigiisa suga,waxaana  soo siiyay laamaha Sirdoonka oo Xalane degan,waxaana Eyahaas ku howl gala wiilal Soomaaliiyeed “Ardaal”.

Liibaan Jeexoow.

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DHAGEYSO:-Sayid Maxamed “Dawo kama heshaan faranji aad, daawo dhigataan,Dabinbuu idiin qoolayaa, waydin dagayaay,Dirhamkuu idiin qubahayaad, dib u go’aysaane”



Gaalada dirayska leh anaan, daabadda u qabane

  • Anaa diiday dagal inaan la galo, daalin ii colehe
  • Dalka ma lihid anigaa ku idhi, doora weynaha e
  • Anaa diiday nabadiisa aan, daacad noqonayne
  • Anaa diiday deeqdiisa ay, naari dabataale
  • Dahabkii uu waday waanigii, daadiyee qubaye
  • Dagaalkiisa anigow xishoo, daalib ku ahaaye
  • Durdurada Fardowsaad anaa, doortay oo rabaye
  • Anaan labada daarood tan hore, darajo moodaynin
  • Anaa diiday gaal daacufle ah, dabagalkiisiiye
  • Doofaarka eyga ah anaan, daarihiis galine
  • Sida doxorka ?# anaan, duud xamaal noqone
  • Anigaan dariiqiyo waddada, dowga sii marine
  • Anigaan dillaalkiyo arliga, duubigaw xidhane
  • Anigaan dariiqada Alliyo, diinta cassiyine
  • Daliilkii rasuulkii anaa, doonayoo helaye
  • Diinkayga anigaan ku gadan, dabaqii naareede
  • Anaan labada daarood tan hore, darajo moodayne
  • Markay duusho gaaladu anaan, daabbaddu rarine
  • Goortay dareeraan anaan, diiradda u qabane
  • Dadow maqal dabuubtaan ku idhi, ama dan haw yeelan
  • Dunjigiinba waataad kufriga, daba ordayseene
  • Waataad iigu daranteen markaan, diiday oo nacaye
  • War waatow digayseen markaan, duulan soo waco e
  • Waataad colaadii dorraad, iigu daranteene
  • Markaan diirtay waataad dushiyo, doc iga boobteene
  • Waataad markii aan dafaray, daaha galiseene
  • Waataad dushiina u rarteen, duq iyo waayeele
  • Waatowla daristeen sidii, duul walaalo ahe
  • Markaan didiyey waataad warmaha, igula duusheene
  • Gortaan digniintiyo ergada, idinka deyn waayey
  • Waataad damiin igu qirteen, dawriyoo falane
  • Dikriga iyo eedaanka waataad, ka durugteene
  • Waataad inuu dawlad yahay, dood ku bixiseene
  • Dibnihiina waataad inuu, dego ka sheegteene
  • Waa taad dariiqyada barteen, noo dadnaan jiraye
  • Goortuu dantiisii helee, idin dubaaqeeyey
  • Waataad dacluuskii Berbera, ula dawaafteene
  • Diihaalka waataad Hindiga, daal ka barideene
  • Dagaagiina waatii xeryaha, deyran loo dhigaye
  • Waatuu dareersaday fircoon, diracyadiiniiye
  • Waatuu diyaar ugu laqimay, diinta gaalada e
  • Damac beena weeyaan waxaad, nagu dilayseene
  • Waa waxaad dariiqii sharciga, uga dullaanteene
  • Dawgii Rasuulkiina waad, dabamartayseene
  • Nin dardaran iblayskii dafaa, dow ka raaridaye
  • Dallacaad jaceylbaad kurtiin, noola dirirteene
  • Dubaaqii waxaa idinka galay, daaro buuxsade e
  • Dawo kama heshaan faranji aad, daawo dhigataane
  • Dabinbuu idiin qoolayaa, waydin dagayaaye
  • Dirhamkuu idiin qubahayaad, dib u go’aysaane
  • Doodna waxaan u leeyahay dadkeer, hadalka deyn waayey
  • Nimanyahow damiinnimada waa, lagu dulloobaaye
  • Dadku wuxuu jeclaystaa waxaan, duxi ka raacayne
  • Nin ragay dardaaran u tahaye, doqon waa mooge
  • Denbi weeye Kufriga, aad u dabcaysaane
  • Marka horre dabkuu idinka dhigi, dumar sidiisiiye
  • Mugga xiga dushuu idinka rari, sida dameeraha e
  • Mugga xiga dalkuu idinku odhan, duunyo dhaafsada e
  • Mugga xigana daabaqadda wuu, idin dareensiine
  • Dunjigeeda Soomaalibaan, deyrka ka ahaaye
  • Dhaaxaan Daraawiishta idhi, doonta gaalada e
  • Dhaaxay asgaro uu dalbaday, dabada taageene
  • Dhaaxaan dabkii iyo la hadhay, duunyaduu wadaye
  • Dhaaxaan intaan janano dilay, soo dabaaldageye
  • Dhaaxaan dekado uu camiray, dumiyoo rogaye
  • Ninkiisa dirirta geya maalinbay, dunidu ciishaaye
  • Maantaan dabaaldegga iyo, darajo eegaayey
  • Ragga haatan igu diimayow, duxi ha kaa raacdo.
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PETITION:-Ka Qayb Qaado Difaacidda Badda Soomaaliya, Defend Our Territorial Sea; Stick to Law No. 37.



Fellow countrymen and women!

President Hassan Sh. Mohamud has written to the UN on June 30th, 2014 proclaiming that our territorial waters are only 12 nautical mails contrary to our law No. 37 of September 10, 1972 which states Somalia’s territorial sea is by breadth 200 nautical miles.

For those of us with a sense of responsibility for the natural heritage, the economic and health security of both present and future generations of this great nation “Somalia”  must sign this petition, for we are today on the verge of losing 188 nautical miles of our territorial sea to international and regional opportunistic forces lead by local collaborators.

Facts on file:

a) Somalia made its territorial sea claim in 1972 submitting and depositing the relevant legislation at the United Nations.

b) United Nations Convention on the Law of Seas (UNCLOS) came well after the Somalia’s territorial sea claim.

c) Somalia signed the UNCLOS without giving up its 200nm of territorial sea.

d) Conventions are signed with reservations if state doesn’t agree to all clauses.

e) Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG) through its Minister for International Cooperation has on May 7, 2009 entered into Memorandum of Understanding with Kenya.

f) Somalia’s Omar Abdirashid, then Prime Minister has written to the UN’s Ban Ki Moon on his government’s intention to submit information on its territorial sea; part of this information formed and included the MoU with Kenya.

g) Somalia’s Transitional Federal Parliament (TFP) on August 1, 2009 unanimously rejected the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Kenya which suggested there was a disputed zone in a territorial sea belonged to Somalia. The TFP also rejected any subsequent future demarcation and delimitation talks with any state including Kenya.

h) The current President has written a proclamation letter and submitted documents to the UN which contain part of the MoU and which is more dangerous than the MoU itself: it completely bypasses Somalia’s only relevant National Legislation.

Our Country has on September 10th 1972 passed a National Legislation specifying the breadth of our Territorial Waters. The law states that “the Somali territorial sea includes the portion of the sea to the extent of 200 nautical miles within the continental and insular coasts, delimited according to the provisions of articles 2 and 3 of this law”. Till to-date, this remains applicable and as the only valid instrument governing the Somali Territorial Sea locally and internationally, and is at the UN.

When Somalia signed the UNCLOS in 1982, it signed with reservation on the articles of this law (Law No. 37 of the sea and ports). In other words Somalia owns 200nm as its territorial sea. Opportunistic forces have since 1991 being seeking to deprive substantial volume and breadth of our territorial sea.


Risks and Dangers!

Risks are as many as losing 188 nautical miles; here are few:

1) Losing our sovereign waters.

2) Losing valid legal bases to prosecute and held liable for those who have been illegally fishing from our waters for the past 24 years.

3) Losing legal bases to pursue and held liable for those who dumped our waters with toxic industrial materials.


1) Inviting for unnecessary disputes to our territorial sea hence leading to demarcation which could result losing big portion of our waters to neighboring coastal states.

2) Having no power to tell off the warships on our waters today as those waters would be recognized as international waters or an EEZ where Somalia has no sovereign authority to deny the presence and passage of these ships.

3) In case of a war in future we cannot protect our country from 12nm as this is very short distance within reach.

4) Living with diseases arising out of the already polluted waters.

If you care about the 200nm of Somalia’s Territorial Sea/Waters, please sign this petition. By signing this petition, you speak for those who are yet to be born and those who are not able to speak! Somali people will succeed Inshaa Allaah!

Somali Territorial Sease Defence Initiative




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SAWIRO:-Sida looga Ciiday Magaalada Galhareeri iyo Ceelbuur oo markii ugu horeysay aan laga Tukan Salaada Ciidul Fidriga!.


Kumanaan katirsan shacabka muslimiinta magaalada Galhareeri ee gobolka Galguduud ayaa si wanaagsan ugu damaashaadaya munaasabadda Ciidul fidriga.


Carruur farxad ka muuqato wajiyadooda ayaa isugusoo baxay waddooyinka magaalada inta aan salaadda latukan ka hor ayaa dadka fuqarada ah lasiiyay zakaatul fidriga.


Sawiradan Hoose waa fagaaraha salaadda ciidul fidriga magaalada Galhareeri

DHAGEYSO:-Sheekh Cali jabal oo Odayaal kula kulmay gudaha Muqdisho.


Kulankan oo ka dhacay gudaha xaafada Suuqa xoolaha degmada Hiliwaa waxa uu waaliga wilaayada Islaamiga ah ee Banaadir Sheekh Cali Maxamed Xuseen Cali Jabal la qaatay odayaasha dhaqanka ee ku nool xaafadaha kala duwan ee degmadaasi.

Sheekh Cali jabal waxa uu odayaashaasi ka dhageystay dhibaatooyin iyo culeyska ay ka cabanaayaan odayaasha taasi oo ay kala kulmaan dhanka Maleeshiyaadka dowladda Fadhida Viila Somalia waxeyna odayaasha ka codsadeen Sheekh Cali jabal  iney wax ka qabtaan  dhibaatooyinkaasi oo ay si gaar ah u beegsadaan Maleeshiyo Beeleedka Araxanka daran  ee  caadeystay dhibaateynta dadka shacabka ah ee ku dhaqan gudaha degmadaasi.


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DHAGEYSO:-Sheekh Xasan Takar oo ka hadlay Xeriirka ka dhaxeeya Yahuuda iyo Itoobiya.


Sheekh Xasan Maxamuud Takar oo nagu soo booqday idaacadda alfurqaan ayaa si qiirad leh kaga hadlay xasuuqa yahuudu kawado Magaalada Gaza oo lagu dilay dad badan oo falastiiniyiin ah.

Sheekha waxa uu sheegay in imtixaanka heysta shacabka dulman ee falastiin ay daawanayaan xukaamta carbeed.

wuxuu xusay in yahuudu ay cagta saartay wadadii burburka iyadoo haatan wajahayso iska caabin xoogan islamarkaana jihaadiyiin ay kasoo baxeen Suuriya iyo Lubnaan.

Wareysiga sheekh Xasan Takar aynu ka qaadnay ayuu sidoo kale kaga hadlay xeriirka udhaxeeya Yahuuda iyo Itoobiya.




Voice Of Somalia-Banaadir Post


Safarkeygii raaxada iyo silica deriskeyga,Qore Wariye Cabdullaahi Soomaali


Iyadoo aanuu jirin werwar ama cabsi dhanka amaanka ah ayaan ku safar ku maray dhul masaafadiisu dheer tahay oo ka tirsan deegaanada ay ka taliso Xarakada Shabaabul Mujaahidiin ha yeeshee Muslimiintu hal jir ayay dhigan yihiine goortaas waxaan niyadda ku hayay in ay jiraan walaalahay dablayda arxanka daran ee shaatiga ciidan qaran loo geliyay dhibaatooyin wejiyo badan u geysanayaan.

Xilli fiid ah ayaan aniga iyo koox saaxiibaday ah anagoo wadana gaari Homy ka soo baxnay degmada saakow ee Gobalka Jubada dhexe iyadoo hadafkeennu yahay in aan soo gaarno degmadaan Baraawe ee Gobalka Shabeelaha hoose waxaase xusid mudan in dhulka labada magaaalo u dhexeeyaa yahay mid aad u ballaaran qasabna ay tahay in waqti badan aan socono.

Kalsoonadi lagu qabo nabad gelyadu waa mid aad u heer sarreysa waxaana deegaanada Shareecada islaamka looga taliyo looga diimaa burcad jidgooyo u taal sidaas aawgeed waxaad soco kartaa xilli kasta.

Deegaanadaanu Mujaahidiinta ka hor waxay ka mid ahaayeen kuwa dhiigga Muslimiinta si sharrci darro ah loogu daadiyo waxana adkeyd in qaarkood la isaga socdaalo laakiin hadda taasu meesha ayay ka baxday.

Anagoo ku faraxsan guusha lagu tilaabsaday iyo horumarkaan Nabad gelyada la xariira ayaan dheelmad ku marnay wadada xariirisa Saakow iyo degmada kale ee jilib oo isla Gobalka Jubada dhexe ka tirsan halkaasoo aanu gaarnay saacad hor xilliga salaadda subax.

Barqadii ayaanu cagta soo saarnay wadada laamiga ah inagoo u soo jahayesanay dhanka Baraawe caqabadda keliya ee aan dareemeynayna waxay ahayd in wadada laamiga ah oo aad u bur burtay dhowr iyo labatankii sano ee la soo dhaafay taasoo keeneysa in xawaaraha gaari u socdo la dhimo.

Waxaa da’aya roobkii xagaayga dhirtuna waa doog wadada xareeraheeduna waa dhir keyn ah oo ay adag tahay in aad dhex marto ilaa aad ka soo gaareysid deegaanka Xaranka oo u dhaw hallka Jubada dhexe iyo Shabeelaha hoose iska saaran yihiin.


Xaranka waa mid ka mid ah goobihii ay bulshada ku dhici jireen malaayiin lacaga ah oo baad ahna gaadiidleyda uga qaad jreen dablay hubeysan muddo labaatan sano ku dhaw shaqadaas dhiig miiradka ahna waxay soo geba gebowday lix sano ka hor waqtigaasoo ku beegneyd markii Xarakada Shabaabul Mujaahidiin si rasmi ah Maamulada u hirgelisay.

Habeenkii dambe ayaan u soo hoyanay baraawe intii aanu jidka ku soo jirnayna inkastoo aan soo marnay meelo ay yaalaan koontaroolo oo rag xisbiyada Mujaahidiinta ka tirsanu joogaan hadana ma jirin wax haba yaraatee aan dhibsanahay oo aan la kulannay balse waxaanu ku faraxsaneyn hab dhaqankooda iyo sida ay u kala fog yihiin iyaga iyo kuwa Maamulada cadawga ku xiran ficilada xanuunka badanna kula kacaya dadka shacabka ah.


Askarrta Dowladda federaalka ah iyo maamulada kale ee gaaladu dhisatay kana jira Gobalada Koofurta Soomaaliya qaarkood ayaa ku caan baxay daadinta dhiigga Musaafurka iyo in wixii ay wataan ay ka dhacaan laakiin ciidamada Xarakada Shabaabul Mujaahidiin ayaa arintaas lidkeeda waxaa lagu yaqaan in lagala kulmo wejji wanaagsan oo ku bilaamanaya Salaanta Islaamka.

Waxay sida cawo iyo maalin oo kale u kala duwan yihiin kuwa astaantaamaha ama sumamadaha lagu yaqaan noqdeen kufsiga hablaha iyo daadinta dhiigga dadka marrasta u badan ee socdaalka ah.

Iminka arimahaas waxay ka dhacaan wadada isku xirta marka iyo Muqdisho iyo tan isku xirta leego iyo muqdisho iyo wadada jowhar iyo muqdisho isku xirta iyo kuwa kale oo badan.

Labada ciidan ayaa midkasta ka turjumayaa sifaha io wejjiga dhabta ah ee ay eedahay cidda uu metello.


Warkaani ma ahan mid aan qolo ku weerarayo mid kalena ku ammaanayo ee laakiin xaqiiqada ayaa tabtaas ah.


Reer miyiga ayaa laga yaabaa in ay ka baqaan in duunyadooda qaar dugaagu ka cuno laakiin dhulkaan shareeecada Isaamka lagu Maamulayo kama jirto cabsi kale marka tan Allaah laga soo tago.


Qore: Cabdulaahi Yaasiin Jaamac {Cabdullaahi Soomaali}


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Weerar khasaara badan dhaliyay oo markale lagu qaaday dalka Kenya.


Booliska Kenya ayaa faah faahin ka bixiyay weerar hor leh oo xoogag hubeysan ay ka geysteen deegaan hoos yimaad magaalada Lamu ee xeebta saaran.

Wararka ka imaanaya Kenya ayaa sheegaya in weerar khasaara badan dhaliyay markale lagu qaaday gudaha Kenya xilli ammaanka wadankaasi uu faraha kasii baxayay bilihii lasoo dhaafay.

Xoogag hubeysan ayaa gaari bas ah ku leexsaday dhulka howdka ah ee deegaanka Witu, Njenga Merri oo ah taliyaha booliska ee degmada Lamu ayaa waregeyska Daily Nation u sheegay in 5 qof oo lamid ah ay yihiin booliska lagu dilay weerarka cusub ee xoogaga hubeysan ku qaadeen Witu.

“Kooxo hubeysan ayaa gaari bas ah ku leexsaday dhulka howdka ah ee Witu durbadiiba booliska ayaa dabagal ku sameeyay kadibna 3 qof ayay toogteen 2 booliska katirsana way dileen”ayuu yiri Njenga Merri.

Bishii lasoo dhaafay Lamu waxaa ka dhacayay weeraro ay ku dhinteen inkabadan 100 qof oo Kenyan ah waxaana weeraradaasi sheegtay xarakada Shabaabul Mujaahidiin oo Soomaaliya kula dagaalamaysa soo duulayaasha Kenya iyo kuwa dahsoon oo dagaalka kula jira.

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