Puntland oo Safiir u magacowdey Dalka Itoobiya!!

Cabdiweli Gaas ayaa warqad digreeto dad badan layaabeen oo kasoo baxday xafiiskiisa waxa uu uu ku magacaabay Safiir uu ku sheegay in Puntiland wakiil uga noqonayo dalka Itoobiya.

Warqada kasoo baxday Madaxweynaha Puntiland ayaa lagu sheegay in Dowlada Puntiland ay u magacawday Sureer Abshir Muuse in uu noqdo Safiirka Dowlada Puntilnad u fadhiya dalka Itoobiya.

Waxaa si toos ah usoo shaac baxaya in Dowlada Itoobiya aysan marnaba raali ka aheyn in Soomaaliya ay yeelato dowlad xoog leh, waxa ayna taa badalkeeda gadaal ka riixeysa in ay awood yeeshaan maamulada dalka ka jira ee amarkooda ku shaqeeya.

Itobiya ayaa ka dambeysay dhismaha maamulada dalka ka jira iyo in Soomaaliya laga dhigo Federaal, waxaana dowlada Itoobiya qorshaheedu ahaa in la waayo Soomaali isku xiran oo xoog leh, waxa ayna Dowlada Itoobiya xariir toos ah la leedahay maamulada dalka ka jira oo amaradeeda u dhaga nugul.

Voice Of Somalia-SOMALI LEAKS


DAAWO:-Dood Lagu Falanqeeyay Xaalada Mururgsan ee Itoobiya.

TV ga loo yaqaano Ann7 Johannesburg oo laga leeyahay dalka Koonfur Africa ayaa waxa uu qabtay dood aad u xiisa badan oo lagu falanqeeyay xaalada mururgsan ee ka taagan Itoobiya.

Doodan ayaa waxaa ka qaybgalay masuuliin kala matalaysa Qawmiyadaha Ogadenya, Oromiya iyo Amxaarada. Mudane Maxamad Daahir Colhaye oo kamid ah Masuuliinta Jaaliyada Somalida Ogadenya ee wadanka Koonfur Africa (JOKA) ayaa kaalin balaadhan ka qaatay doodan oo si cilmiyaysan usoo bandhigay aragtida dhabta ah ee shacabka Somalida Ogadenya ee ku wajahan xaalada maanta ka taagan Itoobiya.

Voice Of Somalia-SOMALI LEAKS

DAAWO:-Liyuu Police-kii Ugu Badnaa Oo xadka Beeneedka Soomaaliya la Dhoobay.

Xasarada colaadeed ee ka Aloosan xad beenaadka  Soomaaliya  la wadaagto Ethiopia ayaa meel xun maraysa, waxayna maamulka Kililku maleeshiyaad tira badan oo Gawaarida xamuulka ka buuxa u daabuleen deegaamadii  oo laga cabsi qabo in dagaalo ka dhacaan ama noqoto meel Soomaalido uga gudubto si ay uga dagaalamaan gudaha Ethiopia.

Ethnic cleansing and Ethiopia.

Image result for Ethnic cleansing and Ethiopia.

The TPLF Party (ህዝባዊ ወያነ ሓርነት ትግራይ) that is in charge of Ethiopia but that mostly parades around as EPRDF is currently on an apology mode and no resource is spared in spreading the well-rehearsed lie. They have activated former leaders from retirement. Old trusted and reliable Cadres are brought out to prove their worthiness in this time of crisis for the mafia group and bloggers and social media activists are on double time.

Their task is very easy in Ethiopia. There are no dissenting voices left to tell a different version to our people. Twenty-five years of systematic attack on the free press has decimated the independent media and made the country a TPLF echo chamber.

The regime controls TV, Radio, Internet and both mobile and landline phone service. Print paper is state controlled and the few allowed are Woyane approved supposedly ‘independent’ papers and magazines run by cadres of the party. Even Social Media is such a threat it is constantly blocked or attempts made to incite hate by Party controlled hacks.

So today Woyane is using Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, Fana Broadcasting, Zami FM, Walta, The Reporter, Awramba Times, Bloggers and many more clone outlets to tell the ‘Mamo Kilo’ story they have decided would work on our people. It is easy to see Woyane has decided to project their entire approach to politics and power onto all their opponents. The Ethiopian people are watching with complete puzzlement because the whole argument does not make sense unless one is willing to suspend reality.

Let’s go over the Ethiopian reality to be able to relate to Woyane logic. For twenty-five years the TPLF Party that created the satellite organizations under the umbrella EPRDF has been in charge of all aspects of our country. The Prime Minister has always been a Tigrai. The current one who is from the Wolaita region is considered a figurehead with no political base or power. His Deputy Debretsion; a TPLF Politburo member is the man behind the throne.

All the important political, economic, military positions are held by the Tigrai ethnic group. Deputy PM, Communication and Information Minister – Debretsion Gebremariam (Tigrai), Defense- General Samora Yunis (Tigrai), Foreign Minister – Dr. Tedros (Tigrai), National Bank – Newaye Christos Gebreab (Tigrai), Security – Getachew Assefa (Tigrai), EFFORT – Berhane Kidane Mariam Yihdego (Tigrai), Ethiopian Airlines – Tewelde Gebremariam (Tigrai) Federal Affairs Minister – Abbay Tsehaye (Tigrai), Orthodox Church Patriarch – Abune Matias (Tigrai). All the above offices are the nation’s bloodlines. The power of the TPLF flows from this arrangement. Nothing happens in Ethiopia without the TPLF participation, leadership and ownership.

This is the reality our leaders gloss over and try to deflect our attention away from the core question our people are currently asking at the risk of being killed. The Party that controls all of our country’s vital systems based on its ethnic origin is now complaining about wrongly being perceived to be very narrow and cliquish by the rest of Ethiopia. They are also leveling the charge of ethnic cleansing act against the Amharas.

The Woyane party is playing victim for a variety of reasons. They want to justify their trigger-happy solutions since they came to power. This last year alone close to one thousand Ethiopians have been murdered by their own government. They want to claim they are the victims for being forced to kill our family member. They are trying to convince the world that their group is in jeopardy to justify their violent response all over Ethiopia.

Listening to Abay Tsehaye and Seyoum Mesfin is an out of this world experience. One is forced to ask do these clowns really believe what they are saying? They are sitting at Fana Broadcasting studio that is owned or controlled by their group and the two individuals moronic and insane opinions are being entertained as logical and rational. They are being asked questions fit for two years old and of course they have all the time to respond since it is their private media.

It has become a good exercise figuring out how the different TPLF officials and their designated cadres approach the current mess and offer solutions. It is a mix of some remorse, stern warnings, predictions of what is to come in their absence and their willingness to correct all that has gone wrong by sacrificing few individuals from their EPRDF stable. This of course ensures blame goes to the satellite organizations and heads will roll while TPLF lives another day to kill.

Abay Tsehaye is a weird character that falls asleep in his own press conference. That is what he did while sitting at his spitting brand new Studio of Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation that displays nightclub lighting designed to make the dead look cute. He blamed it all on OLF, Ginbot 7 and Shabia. He even claimed the two groups have never won in contested elections. What country he was talking about is not clear. He predicted the Oromo and Amhara organizations are bound to fight dividing the spoils after they win over TPLF. He actually described his enemies as blinded by their thirst for power and money. You understand why I said Woyane is projecting itself. Woyanes brain is incapable of understanding sacrifice to do the right thing. Woyanes philosophy is based on personal gain as the final prize. The last twenty-two years have proved both points to be true.

Seyoum Mesfin is one character we are familiar with. He is the one that came from Algiers with the fake agreement. He had no qualms lying to the Ethiopian people about something that could not stay hidden. The Ethiopian people first real encounter with the honorable Minister was during the 2005 debate where Dr. Yacob had him at his mercy. The then Foreign Minister was brought down from his perch and humiliated. The Ethiopian people saw the kind of individuals that were in charge and rejected them overwhelmingly.

This time Minister Seyoum Mesfin raised a very interesting point. He said let us look at the Military and Security where the Narrow –Tebab (OLF) and the Temketgna (PG7) have declared war on claiming they are under the Tigrai group and want to get rid of them. Notice Woyane always have to put label on individuals and organizations to make it easy for their cadres to identify. Why are the two declared ‘anti-peace’ and ‘ anti-Ethiopian’ groups united on smashing the two Woyane Organizations he asked and answered by showing puzzlement because it is in the Military and Security where all the different Ethiopians are actually given an opportunity and are participating fully.

Minster Mesfin forgot to mention that making the Military and Security all Tigrean would have been too obvious and not sustainable. Of course he forgot to mention all the top Generals and most officers are of Tigrean origin and the Public Security is the domain of TPLF with its own private jails. Now why do you think they need to diversify? Well the military needs foot soldiers as fodder   and the security needs an ear in every household. He was most gracious with the internal security forces. It is understandable. It is a Gestapo style ruthless outfit that routinely kidnaps people from their homes and workplaces and some disappear forever. I am not being an alarmist but all Ethiopians know it to be a fact of life in Woyanes land.

In any free public forum both gentle men would be laughed off the stage. They do not seem to grasp the mere fact that what made it possible for them to sit there and lecture to us as if we have no intelligence, memory and common sense is solely due to the fact that their ethnic group is in charge and they can do whatever they damn well want. It is called Tigrean privilege or ‘ye zemenu sew’ by the locals. It is the reason we are condemned to listen to the two midget dinosaurs.

From their non-Tigrean enablers, apologists and cheerleaders Dr. Kassu Ilala is my favorite. He will make the late great leader proud. I am grateful to the Politburo for including him to show us how low we have sunk. A mother was forced to sit on the dead body of her son by Agazi solders and it was reported all over our independent media. Those that serve the fascist system and apologize for Woyane crimes against humanity are dancing on the dead body of thousands of our people. It is a strong charge but well deserved.

The good doctor said the days where one ethnic group dominated others is long gone. We are over it he swore with a smile on his face. He condemned the current talk of Tigrai domination as useless and not true at all. Tigreans have not received any special treatment in their Kilil; furthermore he opined the Tigreans have suffered the most under the Derg and today even send their children to die in Gambella, South Omo and Somalia. It is not clear if service in the name of the Party is the same as service for Ethiopia. The Mention of Gambella and South Omo is not a slip.

I knew he will gravitate towards a central theme and he did not disappoint us. Looks like the bosses are worried about the situation in the Military because like Seyoum Mesfin he was eager to mention the diversity of the security forces. He did not bother to tell us what happened to diversity when it comes to vital sectors of the economy. I am sure the Doctor will print a retraction after he is given the diversity figures in Ethiopian Airlines, Communications and the media and all Federal offices. Of course as the intellectual among the group he went on his ‘rent collector’ rant that Berket dismissed as nonsense. Dear Dr. Kassu the premier ‘rent seeker’ in Ethiopia is the ruling TPLF party that uses its monopoly of power to pass laws favoring the few, restricts competition, create barriers and earns income without producing anything. It all boils down to the rule of law, level playing field and fair justice.

The Woyane TPLF party is beating the drums of war against non Tigrean Ethiopians. The Mafia group is hiding behind the Tigrai people that are victims as the rest of us. The last thirty years they have been fed very hateful information regarding their own cousins. Like it or not unlike the rest of Ethiopia Tigrai is a closed society. Interaction with other Ethiopians has not been well developed. It makes evil Woyanes job easy in raising fear and doubt in the population. Until the advent of TPLF the Tigrai people have moved all over Ethiopia freely and lived in peace with others. TPLF brought this division and unhealthy competition for meager resources. Today TPLF is cornered due to the failure of its policies. It is that failure it is trying to rescue by setting our people against each other.

Ethiopians warn Woyane about this loose talk about ‘ethnic cleansing’. The rest of Ethiopians ask their Tigrean cousins to speak out against this crazy policy of creating a wedge between the Amhara and Tigrai. A few Woyane bred cadres are convinced the sky will fall without Woyane. That cannot be helped. Stupidity is no excuse for recklessness.

No matter what the policy of divide and rule is laid to rest. It is nice to see in our lifetime that the spirit of being an Ethiopian is a quality we have inherit and no amount of hate and ugly talk will find a lasting audience. As I wrote earlier Woyane is projecting. Because they hate they do not understand the meaning of love. Because they steal they they do not grasp the concept of selfless act. Because they emerged from a harsh and violent past being brutal is their preferred response to any threat real or imagined.

It is sad that Woyane leaders do not try to know us the rest of their cousins. The leadership of the organization including Meles and Abay went to the University in Addis. It is sad they did not use that opportunity to appreciate the rainbow nature of our country. Instead of building on that and making it more harmonious and beautiful they wasted over thirty years tearing it apart. Today they look at their work and I am sure they wonder what went wrong. No matter what they say officially there is no escaping the hateful stare, the fear permeating every place they are, the lack of close friend and the knowledge that it can all fall apart without notice.

We have a problem in Ethiopia. The regime is not the kind to appreciate peace. Our people today are showing what they are made of with their death defying determination to be free. The economic boycott is the latest effective tool. A government cannot survive without income. If the economic activity continues revenues will dry up. Our people have found Woyanes Achilles heel.

We in the outside have to follow their example and do our share for national salvation. Boycott of all good and products from Ethiopia is a noble idea. Remember nothing happens without Woyane getting even a penny. We should resolve to deny him even a penny. We in the outside have to find ways of forcing our Ethiopian businesses not to deal with Woyane. We have to find a way of publicizing those businesses that do not deal with Woyane. We should have a hall of fame for those that stood for Freedom and Democracy. We should get our activists to go to the Airport and take video and pictures of those standing on line at Ethiopian (Woyane) Airlines and post it on our independent websites and Facebook. This is what peaceful struggle is all about and it is taking shape in Ethiopia. Let us contribute our share and make our fighter’s job a little bit easier.  Let us come up with simple effective creative ways to drive Woyane out of our life.

DHAGEYSO:-Korneyl Cabdulqaadir “Haddii maxkamad la aadayo waxay ahayd in dhulka NFD la doono”


Dad badan waxay la yaaban yihiin dowladda federaalka ah oo sheegeysa in ay badda qeyb ka mid ah oo Kenya boobeyso ka hor tegeyso iyadoon ka doodeyn dalka iyo dadka soomalaiyeed ee Kenya haysato.

Korneyl cabdulqaadir axmed nuur oo horay uga tirsanaa ciidankii xoogga dalka ayaa wareysi ay la yeelatay idaacadda islaamiga ah ee alfurqaan waxa uu ku sheegay in ay nasiib darro tahay in kenya soomalida soo hunguryeyso.

Cabdulqaadir waxa uu dhaliilay siyaasadda dowladda federaalka ah ee la xariirta dacwada badda ee ka socata maxkamadda heeg asigoo yiri haddii maxkamad la aadayo waxay ahayd in dhulka NFD la doono”.

Wuxuu soomaalida ugu baaqay in ay dagaalamaan si ay xornimo u helaan maadaama dalkooda lagu soo duulay.

Dhageyso Codka Kornayl-Cabdulqaadir-axmed-nuur

Dagaalka u dhaxeeya Cumar Cabdirashiid iyo kooxda Xasan Sheekh oo Muqdisho ka qarxay.

pizap.com14744740043101.jpgAfhayeenka gobolka Banaadir ayaa barta oo ku leeyahay Facebook sidan ku soo qoray!
Cumar Cabdirashiid ayaa ololaha doorashadiisa u wareejiyay Puntland oo asal ahaan ka soo jeedo.
Waxaa soo baxaya in lagu  kala cararay wixii la dhihi jiray dowladda federaalka ee fadhigeedo ahaa Villa Somalia.
Banaanbixii maanta lagu qabtay  Muqdisho ayaa ahaa mid shacbiyad loogu abuurayay Xasan Sheekh, laguna hoos yeelayay Cumar Cabdirashiid,waxaa dadka banaanbaxaya maanta ku dhawaaqeeyn ereyo caay ah oo Cumar ku socday.
Maalmo ka hor ayay ahayd markii  ragii aadka loo isticmaalay suuqa lagu dilay,waxaana ragaas ka mid Cabdicasiis Afrika oo ah saraakiisha ugu sareysa  NISA, ay xabadeeyeen ciidamada dowladda,isaguna sheegay in hab qabiil loo dili lahaa.
Waxaa la ogyahay in kala cararkii ugu danbeeyay lagu jiro,waxaa daliil  u ah la xaday Bankiga taalay,loona qeybsaday qabiil iyo urur.
Dadka Muqdisho ayaa la daaldhacaya dhibka Damuljadiid,waxaana hoos u sii dhacaya ganacsiga gabi ahaan.
Voice Of Somalia-SOMALI LEAKS.

Waa Gabayga DHOWS Oo Ku Saabsan Tilaabadii XASAN SHEEKH ku Dhiibay Dhulka Soomaali Galbeed

Maansada dhudunkeeda waa dhigi aqaanaaye
Waa hibo igu dheehanoo la iga dhowraaye
Aan dhagaatiguu xiro in ay dheelisaa daran’e

Ula booco ruux ugu dhutiya inuu ku dhuun gooyo
Dhankaaga fursadduu ka helo waanow dhumineyne
Ujeedkana hadaan soo dhiftee dhab uga faaleeyo
Dhirtoo bixi dharqa iyo caleen leysku wada dheehay
Xeraadoo dhubub iyo god iyo meel dhabbe ah taalla

Dhiinjar ubaxa dhoorey shimbara dhawaq rahoo yeera
Geeloo dhalay dhakal xoor ku taal dhoqosyadoo buuxa

Awrka dhibadu saameysayoo dhirimbiyoo guuxa

Arigoo dhamaantii cayilay subaga oo dhooban

Dhamcasiyo galleydoo baxee dhigaalka oo yaalla

Dhufaan xuukihiisi iyo dheegga iyo beerka
Dhalinyariyo waayeel dadkoo dhaay qur qurinaaya
Barwaaqadaa waxaa iga dhabjiyay igana dhooqeeyay

oo abaar I dhowriiriyoo dhaahin iga soonshay

Gumeysi igu dhirirsan een dhinacna ii deyne

Dhibka iyo rafaadkaan wax badan aan dhan ula jiifay

Dhafoorkeya diifaha ku yaal ee i dhalan doorshay

Waxa dhabaneydaa sidii dhuxul madoobeeyay

Sida geel dhukaan qaba waxaa dhogor xun yeelay
Faceygoo dhexduu weyn waxaa dhuubne iga yeelay
Oo dheray inaan buuxsadoo dherega ii diiday

Gumeysi igu dhirirsan een dhinacna ii deyne

Inbtaasi xaqiiqada dhabiyo dhumucda weeyaane

Murti aan dharaandhiriyiyo dhamalo weeyaane
Dhambaal kalena aan raaciyoon laga dhamaneynin

Saliibigaan dhulkeygii degee dhaamay sharafteydi

Markastoon ka dhiidhiyo amaan aad dhabanaansho

Dhememiyo xildoon kuwa ahaa dhaadka ii gala’e
Dhawaqooda waa necebiyo dhaayo aragoode
Dhalyay ila wadaagaan kufrina ways dhex galayaane

Sida ay isugu dhafmeen waan la dheygagaye
Abeesiyo dhasheedii iyo waa dhig iyo loole

Sida dhirindhir weeyaan iyo dhaah ka soo duxa’e

Shisheeyaha ninkii dhuux u shubay amase dhiigsiiyay

Inuu dhaqanka diineed ka tegay oo dhalan guuray

Midki dhiifle waa garanayaa oon dhabcaal noqone

Dhuunkaal siinayaa iyo rasaas lagu dhalaalshaaba

Waa in dhuubka loo daro wuxuu dhimasho gaaraaye

Inbtaasi xaqiiqada dhabiyo dhumucda weeyaane
Murti aan dharaandhiriyiyo dhamalo weeyaane

Dhambaal kalena aan raaciyoon laga dhamaneynin

Dhaxalkii awoowii nin raga dhiibi malahayne
Cadawgana intuu dhiil u culo uma dhiteeyeene
Dhulkiisana ma siiyeen iyo dhaqayadiisiiye
Habliisa dheemanana muu ugu dhawaadeene
Iska dhurana muu oran laheyn wixii dhaqaalaaye

Ha yeeshee dhameys kaan ahayn dhidiradoow looge

Dhurwaagii xasan sheekh ahaa wuu na dhaawacaye
Dhugxumaanta waa lagu yaqiin amase dhoohnaane

Weligiiba dhows buu ahaa iduhu dhaamaane
Dhamac lagu ridkaa waa hubow dhiilo galay weyne
Dherebtii in kaa lagu maroo aanu dhimir haynin
Oo dhaandhaana uu yahay waxba anan dhowrseynin
Dhaantada markii loo tumee looga dhagacsiiyay
Oo gabdhuhu u dheeleen tigree dhaqanka uu seegay
Dhooluhuu cadeeyo islulay dhaaw in uu qaba’e
Wayaanuhu wuxuu ii dheh yiri dhooq la soo yiriye
Nacaskaa dhaguugane bukkaa dhiiqa nagu seyre
Ha yeeshii rag baa dhaarsan oo dharas ka muuqdaaye
Dhantaalkiiye ceebtuu na baday waa la dhaqayaaye
Gaalo iyo ninkey dhaansataa lagu dhilaa maare
Dhoombir iyo dhashiikiyo shilkaa lagu dhufaayaaye

Dhadhabkiyo dhalenteedka jaan waa la dhiciseyne

Inbtaasi xaqiiqada dhabiyo dhumucda weeyaane
Murti aan dharaandhiriyiyo dhamalo weeyaane

Dhambaal kalena aan raaciyoon laga dhamaneynin

Aduunyada midkii dhool u qaba aan dhibcaha joojin
Wirwirkeedu kuu dhagaryiyo dhalalac beenaadku
Dhacadiid u jiifaha intii dhimatay aan doorin
Dhuq dhuq iyo qosol badan iyo dhararaq mooyaane
Dadnimada midkii laga dhuftee lagana dheereeyay

Dhadigood midkaan gaari hayn iyo dhaalaankooda
Dhexdiisu midkii ay bugtee weliba dheecaantay
Muslim dhaajis waa laga tegaa dhoobo quruntaahe

Dharaartii lugeyniyo habeen dheelmad socanaaba
Dhaxan seexana iyo harkii dhidid na qooyaaba
Dhagax lagu cagaagyaa iyo xanan dhex qaadnaaba
Cidiyuhu dhilqeenaa iyo dheecaan galayaaba

Dhiidhiitii nagu mariqyayaa amase dhiigtaarba
Dharkeyn iyo dhay dhay baxay iyo dhuyaca jiirnaaba

dhilmaayanyadu na dhuuqdaa iyo dhuug na cunayaaba

Dhedheduba marbay nolol tahoo laguna dhaataaye

Si aan dhibic biyaa aan u dhelo dharab majuujaaba

Dhadoobada ontorada iyo dhuundhus xabagtiisa
Dhafaruur cunaa iyo mareer dhuunta marinaaba
Hohob dhefsanaa iyo jinaw dhunux la siiyaaba

Nin jihaad dhabtii doonayaa dhiiran weligiiye
Dhal dhalaal aduunyiyo ma rabo dhaashi iyo nuure
Dhakashana ma yeelaayiyo inuu is dhiibaaye
Sida yurub kuwuu dhoofayay dhuumo laga waaye

Insha alllaah sidaan dhowrayoo aan ku dhigay maanka
Dhagax buur warkeed daa iyo dhinacyadii howde
Adis ababa wow dhaansanaa subaxaan dheereyne

Kaniisada dhidibkeeda waan kala dhilqaayaaye
Dhusuqley amxaaradana waa dhabar jebaabaaye

Dhardhaarada wayaanahana waa kala dhaqaajaaye
Itoobiya waxay dhaha hayaan waan dhambalayaaye

Shareecadana waa lagu dhaqaa ay dhibsanayeene.


Waxaa tiriyay Abwaan “Wariye” Cabdulaahi Yaasiin Jaamac (Cabdulaahi-Soomaali)